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Recipes that Use Halloween Parade Candy

Recipes that Use Halloween Parade Candy | Halloween parade candy is great for candy crafts and desserts! It’s small, bite sized pieces make it great to use, place, and snack on while prepping for your Halloween desserts. Here are a few recipes that use some of your favorite parade candies:

Bite sized Reese’s cups make great spiders! These Halloween peanut butter spider cookies are too cute to eat. See the recipe on Mommy Musings here.







You can’t drink witches’ brew without a cupcake. These Witch Hat cupcakes make the perfect pairing. Oreos, icing, and Hershey’s kisses make a perfect pointed hat. Check out the recipe on Tastes Better from Scratch here.

S’mores are always a delicious treat! Make Halloween brownie s’mores with these Ghost Peeps.  They make a great topping for these spooky treats. See the recipe on Home is Where the Boat Is here.

Piñata cookies are a super cool treat to surprise your guests with. These filled caldron cookies are sure to do the same. This recipe may take a little longer than the others, but it’s perfect for all of that super small candy. See the recipe on Hungry Happenings here.

What will you make out of Halloween parade candy? Be sure to tag us on social media when you’re done with your creation. Happy candy crafting!

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