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We “Heart” Lollipops!

This Valentine’s Day, why not show some love with heart-shaped lollipops? At Blair Candy, we have quite the selection of heart lollipops for people of all ages to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to purchase treats for co-workers, a classroom of students, or anything in between, we have several types to choose from! Valentine's Day Lollipops

Show your love with Jolly Rancher heart-shaped lollipops. Just as tasty as the original hard candies, these Jolly Rancher lollipops will warm the hearts of those who receive them. Available in pink lemonade, cherry, watermelon and apple flavors, there are 20 pops per bag. Each lollipop is individually-wrapped. Additionally, every wrapper is printed with a heart-shaped blank space for conveniently writing the name of your crush, or recipient, right on it!

Next on the list of heart-shaped lollipops are cherry-flavored and made by Charms! Each bag contains 21 individually-wrapped suckers, all sporting a small white heart with an arrow through it on one side. Perfect for treating a class during a Valentine’s Day celebration or any time of year, as a staple of any wedding candy buffet!

Another heart-shaped favorite are Albert’s Sweet Swirly Suckers. Designed with pink, red and white swirls, these pretty pops taste even sweeter than they look. Each box of Sweet Swirly pops comes with 24 sticks of lovely, swirly goodness. To maintain freshness, each pop is individually wrapped. Did we mention the wrapper comes with a removable Valentine’s Day sticker, too? Sweet to eat and treat others, these pops are sure to please!

This year, Cupid’s got nothing on Blair Candy! Shop today for the Valentine’s Day candy that will have you falling in love all over again!

Show Teachers Your Appreciation this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so once again it’s time to think about what kind of sweet treats your children should take to school for classroom celebrations. From Valentine’s cards to candy, the students exchange it all. But what about the teachers? Don’t forget about your child’s teacher or instructor; they like to receive goodies, too! chocolate heart lollipops

This Valentine’s Day, R.M. Palmer Company makes it easy for you to show appreciation to teachers. Their 18-count foil-wrapped chocolate heart lollipops are a sweet gift, in more ways than one! Each wrapper comes with a cute and memorable expression to show them how much you and your child care about what they do. Some are even humorous teacher-specific puns, sure to brighten any teacher’s day.

These multi-pack chocolate treats are perfect if you have several teachers on your list. They’re great for teachers at any education level, not just pre-school or elementary instructors! Each lollipop is generously sized, to further serve as a token of appreciation, as if to say, “We don’t just appreciate you; we appreciate you THIS much!”

Place your Valentine’s Day candy order now and beat the last-minute rush! And most importantly, don’t forget to spoil teachers on February 14th. They like a sugary reprieve from their everyday routine as much as their students do!

Say I Love You with Creative Valentines Day Candy Creations!

Valentines Day is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what delectable sweets you’re going to give your sweetheart. Whether you’re looking for a special treat for your significant other or creative Valentine’s for children, we have the perfect idea for you!

Cupcakes are sweet, but you can make them even sweeter with Necco Conversation Hearts candy!  After creating and icing your sensational cupcakes, cover them with Conversation Hearts. Everyone will love reading the heartfelt sayings while they enjoy these tasty treats!

Grab some skewers and use Valentine’s Day gummy candy to create a red hot treat that no one will be able to resist. We have tons of gummy candies that you can use including cherry gummy bears, hot cinnamon gummy bears, gummy raspberries, mini Swedish Red Gummy Fish and more! For a surprising touch, add some Marshmallow Peep Hearts to your Valentine’s Day skewers.

You can even tell someone that you think they’re hot hot hot with fire-ful candy like Atomic Fireballs, Hot Tamales or Hot Tamales Sugar Free Gum! Who could resist such a romantic message? If none of these ideas strike your fancy you can always go with a more traditional Valentine and give the one you love a kiss – a Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss that is! Make sure you visit for more fun filled Valentines Day candy ideas!

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