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Go Crazy for Salt Water Taffy in Bulk

Taffy Town Assorted Saltwater Taffy |

Salt Water Taffy originated in Atlantic City in the late 19th century. Since then it has become a favorite treat of countless people!

Even if you can’t venture to the New Jersey boardwalk where this treat originated, you can still enjoy salt water taffy at its finest this summer. Get a pack to keep in your desk at work when you need a pick-me-up. Buy some to share with friends on a road trip. Set them out at a party for guests to snack on in between the activities. The possibilities are endless! We have all the salt water taffy in bulk that you need to make it through the summer.

Taffy Town

Enjoy a 5 lb. bag of assorted taffy from Taffy Town! This comes with 325 wrapped pieces of candy that can be thrown out at a parade or hoarded to enjoy when the craving strikes.

Orthodox Chews

This “chewish” tradition among Salt Water taffy lovers is a delicious and gourmet treat that also happens to be certified kosher. The assorted flavors in this bag include chocolate, watermelon, and caramel. Each 1 lb. bag carries 60 pieces to enjoy with friends and family!

Laffy Taffy

These might not be the traditional Salt Water Taffy, but these kid-friendly treats come in a variety of flavors that are great to have in the pantry or at every concession stand. Head to to find your favorite Salt Water Taffy to keep on hand.

Wildlife Themed Candy Makes Great Party Favors

Pink Flamingo Pool Party Tin of Mints |

Go wild this summer with a crowd-pleasing theme! Whether you are planning a birthday party for your little one, or a pool party for all ages, we have a variety of novelty candy to set your party apart. Animal lovers especially will delight in the wildlife theme these treats lend to your celebration. Plus they make excellent party favors for guests to enjoy on the ride home!

Narwhal Wild Berry Sours

The narwhal is the unicorn of the sea. Did you know? The long tusk the narwhal is so well known for is actually a tooth! You and your guests can satisfy your sweet tooth with the wild berry sour candies that fill these adorable tins.

Sloth Spirit Animal Candies

No one wants a sleepy party, but everyone deserves a good rest after celebrating! Embrace your inner sloth with these sour strawberry candies. Everyone will love them!

Flamingo Pool Party Mints

Perfect for a pool party or a gender reveal party to announce a baby girl, these Flamingo Pool Party Mints are filled with flip-flop shaped treats. Enjoy them by the pool and relax with your friends!  Regardless of the theme of your party, your guests are sure to have a wild time. Find these cute treats and more at!

Find Watermelon Flavored Candy to Sweeten Your Summer

Watermelon is in peak season from May to September, but even then choosing the most flavorful watermelon can be tricky. Enjoy this fruity flavor in candy form year round with these tasty sweets!

Watermelon Tootsie Frooties

This summery sweet treat is perfect to fill up a candy bowl or throw at a parade! They are individually wrapped which keeps things fresh and clean and easy to travel with. Each bag comes with 360 Tootsie Frooties each as delicious as the one before!

Watermelon Giant Gum Balls

Bubble gum is a must have for a summer afternoon. Out of all the chewing gum in bulk we carry, this one might be the most beautiful. These gum balls are not only delicious, but they are designed to look just like a watermelon!

Giant Gummy Watermelon Slice

Have you ever wanted to eat the whole watermelon including the seeds and rind? Probably not, but you WILL want to in this case. This Giant Gummy Watermelon Slice 100% made in the USA and 100% edible!

Sour Patch Watermelon

Your favorite treat that starts out sour and finishes sweet comes in watermelon! These half-moon shaped gummies are perfect to share at the movies.

This is just a sampling of the watermelon candies currently available at Discover more today!

Fun Facts about Dubble Bubble Gum

Box of Dubble Bubble Gum |

With so many options available in 2019, it is crazy to think there was a time when bubble gum did not exist at all. Dubble Bubble is the world’s first bubble gum. Since then the options have more than dubbled (pun intended) but we will always have a place in our heart for this original.

When was it invented?

Walter E. Diemer invented this chewy treat in 1928 after retiring as an accountant from the Fleer Company. The recipe was discovered by accident because Mr. Diemer enjoyed experimenting. He stumbled onto this unique recipe that was less sticky and easier to chew.

Why is it pink?

Dubble Bubble has been pink since the beginning. The reason for this is because the factory only had pink food coloring available. This ended up setting the trend for most of the bubble gums that appeared in the wake of this original.

How big was the largest Dubble Bubble Gum bubble?

Using 3 pieces of Dubble Bubble Gum, Chad Fell blew a bubblegum bubble that had a diameter of 50.8 cm or 20 in. This occurred on April 24, 2004, at Double Springs High School in Winston County, Alabama. He did all this without using his hands! This information can all be found in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Where can I find Dubble Bubble Gum?

At of course!

Plenty of Bulk Candy Options for Your Child’s Birthday Party

When you’re planning your child’s birthday party, figuring out how to entertain and feed your kid and their friends can be challenging, but there is one thing that all kids love – candy! Here are four ways you can use candy to make your kid’s birthday party extra special.

group of kids playing with a piñata |

Create a Candy Buffet – A candy buffet is a great way to ensure that there is something for everyone. The kids will also have a great time filling their candy bags to eat at the party or take home! Blair Candy has a ton of bulk wrapped candy, wholesale lollipops, gummy candy and more to make a fantastic candy buffet.

Make Cute Party Favors – Party favors are a great way for your child’s friends to take the fun home with them and to thank them for making your little one’s day extra special. Include candy and even some small toys. Choose decorative bags that match the theme of your party for a special touch.

Fill a Piñata – Who doesn’t love a good piñata? Fill one up with loads of bulk candy from our store and watch the kids have fun trying to crack it open. Be sure to supervise the event – swinging bats with blindfolds on can get dangerous!

Use Candy to Decorate the Cake or Cupcakes – The birthday cake or cupcakes are the star attraction at any birthday party. Make something original for your child’s special day by decorating them with small pieces of candy.

When you need bulk candy at low prices, shop at We have everything you need to make a one-of-a-kind kid’s birthday party.

Number 1 Bible School Snacks!

Enabling children to attend vacation bible school is an excellent way to introduce them to church and the teachings of God. That might sound serious, but it can still be fun and entertaining! Having the right bible school snacks on hand to keep their minds and hearts hungry for more!

Haribo Gold-Bears Gummi Candy |

Haribo Gummi Bears are a small and simple treat to encourage kids to participate! Giving one at a time as a reward is not only encouraging but also makes it so no one is overindulging on too much sugar. With over 60 gummi bears per bag, this should last at least one day!

Teddy Grahams continue with the bear theme, although big bags are perfect for sharing. As an added bonus, they are made with 8 grams of whole grains per serving! We really like the cinnamon flavor and we know all the kids will too.

Nutter Butter Bites are delightful peanut butter cookie sandwichesthat are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Obviously you should triple check for any peanut allergies before serving these up. That said, they are great to have on hand for a quick and tasty snack.

We are always adding new items, so be sure to check out the bible school snacks and other scrumptious treats we have at!

You Don’t Have to Give Up Chocolate to Go Vegan!

Whether you are going vegan for ethical reasons, health reasons, or a combination of the two, it’s going to require sacrifice on your part. Not being able to eat any animal products, including dairy and eggs can be extremely challenging – especially for chocolate-lovers. Luckily for you, when you shop at Blair Candy, you can find vegan candy bars to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your lifestyle choice.

Dark Chocolate |

Thumbs Up Vegan Candy Bars – If you sad to give up your favorite Butterfinger bars, these are a fantastic vegan substitute. These candy bars have a rice milk chocolate coating over crunchy peanut butter.

Jokers Vegan Candy Bards – This delicious vegan candy bar has peanuts, caramel, and nougat with a rice milk chocolate. It’s just like Snickers, but vegan and naturally cholesterol-free.

Twilight Vegan Candy Bars – If you have been looking for a good substitute for Milky Way bars, Twilight Vegan Candy Bars are perfect for you. The fluffy chocolate nougat topped with caramel and rice milk chocolate gives you everything you crave without animal products.

Mahalo Vegan Candy Bars – Almond Joy fans will fall head over heels for Mahalo bars. These delectable coconut, almond, and chocolate bars are just as delicious as Almond Joy, but they are not made with animal products, trans fats, or artificial ingredients!

Cleo’s Vegan Peanut Butter Cups – A peanut butter cup with no trans fats, artificial ingredients, animal products, or gluten? Are we dreaming? Cleo’s Vegan Peanut Butter Cups are perfect for Reese’s fans who have adopted a vegan diet.

Shop for delicious vegan candy at today!

Make Your Ice Cream Social a Hit with Toppings from Blair Candy

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream social? Whether it’s a fundraiser or a celebration, an ice cream social is a great time for everyone to get together and enjoy a delicious treat. You can make your ice cream social even more delicious with ice cream toppings from Blair Candy. We have everything you need to create an amazing ice cream buffet. We have something for everyone!

ice cream cones with toppings |

At Blair Candy, we have a wide variety of delicious toppings like:

  • Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Bites
  • Cheesecake Pieces
  • Honey Granola
  • Praline Pecan Pieces
  • Coconut Flakes
  • Peanut Brittle Crunch
  • A Wide Variety of Chocolate Chips
  • Butterfinger, Heath Bar, Kit Kat, Take 5, Reese’s, Snickers, Twix, and Whoppers Chopped Toppings
  • Charms Marshmallow Bits
  • M&M’s Baking Bits
  • Reese’s Pieces
  • Oreo Pieces
  • Maraschino Cherries
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Fruit Sundae Toppings
  • Caramel and Butterscotch Sundae Toppings
  • And much more!

Our wide variety of ice cream toppings will put a smile on everyone’s face and make your event a smashing success. We offer the best bulk options at the best prices.

If you need supplies, we also carry banana split boats, ice cream cups, disposable gloves, long soda spoons, and more. When you are planning an ice cream party for any occasion, shop for toppings and serving items at

Fun Activities for the 4th of July using Patriotic Candy

The next big excuse for a celebration approaches in the form of our nation’s independence! Food, fireworks, and fun are meant to be had. Here are a few ideas for the kids:

Red, White, and Blue Candy Corn |

Hide Candy in a Hay Bale

The amount of hay you need might vary depending on how many people want to participate. Mark out a 10’x10’ area. Spread out the hay so it is easy for children to maneuver. Hide small prizes and candy like patriotic Tootsie Pops for children to search for. Limit the number of children who can go at a time so it is not too crowded. Kids will have a blast searching through the hay to find a prize!

Water Balloon Fight

It goes without saying the celebrating the 4th of July is usually hot. If you don’t have access to a pool, you can set up a sprinkler for kids to play in. If you want to make it more of a competition with yummy candy prizes, divide the kids in teams and prepare for a water balloon fights!

Relay Race

The type of relay race is up to you, but it could include balancing candy on a spoon (instead of the classic egg), a dress up relay, crab walking, or a combination of all three! Have candy bags filled with patriotic candy at the ready for the winners and keep some extra treats on hand for everyone so it is more about the fun instead of the competition.

However you decided to celebrate, remember that this is a day to appreciate all of our freedoms.  Find all the patriotic candy you need at!

Create an Awesome Candy Buffet for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding reception can be as stressful as it is fun. There are so many interesting trends floating around that it can be hard to pin down exactly what you want to do to make the event memorable and exciting. A candy buffet is a great way to entertain guests and give them a little something to take home at the end of the night.

Sixlets Wedding Candy |

Sweet Treats for Everyone

Each guest will have different candy preferences, so having a buffet means that there will be something sweet for everyone. And, if anyone fancies all the candy on the buffet, they get to enjoy a bit of everything.  A candy buffet is a crowd-pleaser and ensures that no one will be left out.

Perfect for Kid-Friendly Weddings

If kids are attending your wedding, a candy buffet is sure to be a huge hit. It’s difficult to keep kids entertained at adult functions, but the candy provides a fun distraction for them. It might even prevent tantrums if you’re lucky!

Wedding Sixlets

Sixlets make the perfect wedding candy because they come in a massive array of colors. You can get them in bulk to coordinate with your décor’s color scheme or choose a contrasting color. If you want an entire rainbow of Sixlets, you can do that too! They are also a delicious, chocolate treat that everyone will love. 

Where to Buy the Best Wedding Candy When you need delicious bulk candy at affordable prices for your candy buffet, shop at! We have all the sweet treats you need for your reception, and also offer candy buffet bags and other party supplies.

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