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Fill Your Employee’s Holiday Stockings With Thanks And Good Will

As a business owner or manager, it’s your responsibility to lay the framework for your employees’ success. Yet, it’s your employees’ hard work and dedication to the end goals that not only allows them to reach your vision but to exceed it. It’s important to express your gratitude to your employees throughout the year, but especially during the holidays.

We understand that most companies simply don’t have the money to purchase elaborate holiday gifts for their employees, so that’s where bulk Christmas Candy comes in! Our creative minds are always coming up with fun bulk Christmas candy ideas, so read on for our latest corporate holiday candy gift idea.

Bulk Christmas Candy Stockings
This holiday gift idea is very easy on your business’s wallet but requires a bit of time and creativity on your part (and some fun as well!). Get the rest of your executives and managers together for a few hours to help – it’ll turn into a much-needed light-hearted bonding experience.

Gather up all your supplies, which should include:

Now it’s time to get crafting!

Use the red and green glitter pens to write the employee’s name on the stocking, or just “Thanks!” to express your gratitude. Then, once the glitter paint is dry, fill each stocking with your Bulk Christmas Candy selections.

You may also want to add a little something special, such as a “coupon” in each stocking for a few hours of paid time off. Your employees will love the time your executive and management team took to create the Christmas candy stockings, and it’ll surely increase employee morale, as well!


New Candy Roundup – Gummies, Gum, Tootsies and More!

One of the perks of working at a huge candy warehouse is being able to sample all the new candy when it arrives.  It certainly is a “sweet” benefit!

Today we’re excited about a few new additions, one of which we’re sure is going to be a big seller so let’s start our new candy roundup with that one.

Pop Tart Bites
Can I have a big “woo hoo” for this one?  Everyone’s favorite on-the-go breakfast item is now available in bite-size treats packaged for maximum portability.  Now they’re the perfect size to enjoy as a snack anytime you’re craving that frosted strawberry goodness. Each box contains 20 1.4oz pouches.  

Pop Tarts Bites

Pop Tarts Bites



Candy Coated Tootsie Roll Chews
Just when you thought a Tootsie Roll couldn’t get any better, along comes this new treat.  The Tootsie flavor we all know and love is now available in a gumball size treat coated in a colorful candy shell.  A tasty twist on one of our favorite classic candies.  

Tootsie Roll Candy Coated Candy

Tootsie Roll Candy Coated Chews


AirHeads Bites Paradise Blend
Send your tastebuds on a trip to a tropical paradise by opening a package of the new AirHeads Bites Paradise Blend.  These bite-sized taffy-like chews feature four all-new tropical flavors including Cherry Pineapple Blast, Raspberry Lemonade, Citrus Rush, and Blue Hawaiian, along with a special White Mystery bar which you will have to figure out the flavor for yourself… no spoilers here!

AirHeads Paradise Blend Bites

AirHeads Paradise Blend Bites


Sugar-Free AirHeads Paradise Blend Gum
Now you can make the flavors of paradise last longer than just a bite with the new AirHeads Paradise Blend Gum that comes in a sweet and tart Raspberry Lemonade flavor with added micro-candies for bursts of flavor.  For those looking for a flavorful sugar-free chewing gum, this one is for you.  

Sugar-Free AirHeads Gum

Sugar-Free AirHeads Gum


Haribo Watermelon Soft & Sweet Chews
When it comes to chewy, gummy candy the name Haribo comes to mind.  The candy company that brought us gummy bears now brings us soft and sweet watermelon chews that look and taste like the real thing.  We do have to warn you… you can’t stop at just one of these, so order a few bags.

Haribo Watermelon Soft & Sweet Chews

Haribo Watermelon Soft & Sweet Chews


Slush Puppie Giant Gummy
Ok, so hands up if you can’t resist ordering a Slush Puppie every time you see them in a store.  Well, now you can have that cherry or blue raspberry treat anytime without the brain freeze with the new Giant Slush Puppie Gummy.  Each gummy is really giant – weighing in at over 2 ounces each. We know this is quickly going to be one of your new favorite candies so they come 12 per box!

Slush Puppie Giant Gummy

Slush Puppie Giant Gummy


That’s all for today’s new candy roundup, be sure to keep up to date with new and nostalgic candy as it arrives by checking our new candy page frequently.

Candy Filled Canes for Christmas

When you think of candy cane, you probably think of peppermint. It turns out that there are many other flavors as well as many other forms of candy canes. Give these candy-filled canes a try!

Skittles Candy Filled Canes |

Skittles Filled Cane
Taste the rainbow even during the holidays! Skittles came to the USA in 1979 and we are super glad that this sweet treat decided to stick around. Each candy-filled cane has 1.7 oz. of candy. Treat yourself to one of these cute canes or order a whole bunch to give out as gifts! 

Mike & Ike Christmas Cane
Since 1953, Mike & Ike has been a sweet and fruity staple. They definitely deserve a holiday makeover when the season rolls around! Red and green candies dazzle from inside of this festive candy cane. Each cane carries 4 oz. of Mike & Ike treats. They are fabulous stocking stuffers!

Chocolate Lentil Filled Canes
Don’t forget the chocolate! These chocolate lentils are candy-coated chocolates with a bright red and green exterior. Kids will love to open them up on Christmas morning to enjoy a chocolatey treat while they open gifts. Each contains 1.6 oz. of candy, so there is plenty to share – although everyone deserves their own!

Explore more holiday treats and novelty candy at!

Holiday Treats that are Cute Enough to Eat!

If you love candy that is also cute, then we have some adorable treats for you. Here are a few holiday-themed sweets that make wonderful gifts and will definitely get everyone in the mood to celebrate!

Brach’s Marshmallow Santas |

Brach’s Marshmallow Santa’s

Emil J. Brach founded this wonderful candy company and opened “Brach’s Palace of Sweets” in 1904. Brach’s continues to roll out both year-round and seasonal favorites. These marshmallow Santas are coated in rich chocolate and wrapped in a delightful green wrapper featuring jolly Santa Clause. This is a fantastic old-fashioned holiday candy!

Puddles White Chocolate Snowman

If you love Frosty or Olaf, then allow us to introduce you to Puddles! This adorable snowman is a fun friend to have. Made from white and milk chocolate, he is also a delicious snack that melts in your mouth. There are four different designs so order a bunch as gifts and stocking stuffers.

Peeps Peppermint & Chocolate Bark

Classic peeps get a holiday makeover! These marshmallow chicks are flavored like peppermint bark, plus they are dipped in dark chocolate. Each box comes with 3, but you will not want to share because they are too delicious.

Holiday treats can sell out fast, so if you see something you will want to be sure to snap it up. Head to to start shopping!

Holiday Themed Movie Theater Candy

The movies are an experience that is not complete without the right snacks including popcorn, soda, and candy. In addition to taking these treats to the movies, this holiday-themed movie theater candy also makes wonderful stocking stuffers. Delight in the merry nature of these sweet treats!

Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch |

Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch

Junior Mints were introduced in 1949 by the James O. Welch company. They were named after the founder’s favorite play, Junior Miss. After polishing off a bucket of popcorn, something sweet and minty is just the ticket to keep you going until the end of the movie! The peppermint crunch version is perfect for the holidays. Each chocolate is coated in peppermint pieces, giving it a refreshing candy cane crunch.

Christmas Dots

If all the snowdrops were cherry, lime, and vanilla drops oh what a snow that would be! We love Dots and this Christmas version is flavorful and festive. The bright box is just the beginning because the gumdrops inside are so scrumptious!

WarHeads Chewy Cubes

Do you prefer a sour treat during a cinematic experience? WarHeads Chewy Cubes are mildly sour and wildly sweet. Each 4 oz. box is filled with red and green sour gummi cubes that definitely hit the spot.

Gobstopper Snowballs

This colorful jawbreaker enables you to enjoy layers of delicious flavors! It starts out as cherry, followed by watermelon, then fruit punch and the fun continues. Each box contains about 80 Gobstopper Snowballs so this is perfect for sharing.

Stock up at!

Enjoy Twix this Holiday Season

Creamy milk chocolate, decadent caramel, and crispy cookie: all of these are great on their own but when combined they become a magnanimous treat we all know as a Twix. Enjoy the full-size bars, or take advantage of these other ways to get your Twix fix!

Twix Santas |

Twix Santas

He’s making a list and checking it Twix – err, we mean twice! But when you have Santa-themed Twix, it’s ok to change the words a bit. These delightful Twix temporarily put an end to the left or right Twix debate and bring everyone together to enjoy a jolly ol’ treat. Each box comes with 24, 1.06 oz. holiday Twix Santas. They are 100% made in the USA and as an added bonus they are Kosher certified

Twix Fun Size

If you prefer bite size Twix, then give these a try! Keep a couple in your purse for an on-the-go-pick-me-up, put them in a bowl of candy on your desk, or use them to decorate a gingerbread house during the holiday season.

Twix Nostalgic Holiday Gift Tin

One Twix is a fantastic treat, but a whole tin of Twix is even better! Mini Twix fill this gift tin that can be easily presented to any Twix fan. As an added bonus, when all the Twix are gone the tin can be used to store more Twix or whatever treasures the owner can think of.

Rely on as your source for your favorite chocolate bars!

Find the Perfect Hostess Gift for the Holidays

Some people love to throw parties and others just love to attend. If you fall into the second category, don’t forget to show your appreciation to the hosts by bringing a little something.

Mars Candy Celebration Bottle |

Mars Candy Celebration Gift Bottle

This clear plastic champagne bottle does not contain champagne, but it is far from empty. Standing at a foot tall, it is filled with snack-size candy bars including Snickers, Bounty, Milky Way, and Twix. It is the perfect Mars candy variety pack. This will be a hit with the host or hostess at your next holiday party!

Toblerone Chocolate Snow Top

Creamy Swiss milk and white chocolate featuring a honey and almond nougat resemble an enticing, snow-topped mountain. Each box comes with 20 wrapped bars, so you have plenty to last you through the holidays. This limited edition bar is a unique present to someone who loves Toblerone.

Dove Truffles

Choose pleasure when it comes to your chocolate choices and make it even more special with Dove Truffles. Smooth Dove chocolate encircles a soft and creamy center to create a bite of pure indulgence. This will make any hostess happy! Dove Truffles comes in the following:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate Mint
  • Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter

We’ve got all your hostess gift-giving needs covered. Visit to find scrumptious chocolate gifts!

Unique Candy Cane Flavors

Red and white peppermint candy canes are a hard Christmas candy tradition. Use them as stocking stuffers, tree decorations, or little treats for friends and family. These candy canes put a twist on the classic that is too fun to resist.

Mac & Cheese Candy Canes |

Mac & Cheese

Everyone has their go-to macaroni and cheese recipe that definitely deserves a prime spot on any holiday dinner table. Can the same be said about these Mac & Cheese candy canes from Archie McPhee? There is only one way to find out!

Pickle Flavor

Hear us out on this one… while dill pickles are amazing, bread and butter combine sweet and sour in a seamless way. Enjoy that in candy-cane form with these brilliant pickle-flavored candy canes! It could also be a great Christmas prank if you are a practical joker.


Everything is better with bacon. Period.


You don’t need to dip these in milk, but they would come in handy to stir your hot chocolate or other hot coffee beverage. We love the contrast of black and white and can’t want for you to give these Oreo Candy Canes a try!

Pixy Stix Filled

Fruity candy canes are filled with tasty and classic Pixy Stix powder. It is basically two treats in one!

Find these delicious or perhaps bizarre candy cane flavors at!

Shop Smart for Smarties Candy

When it comes to the holiday season, it turns out that Smarties are a smart choice. We love the Smarties Original candy from this family-owned business, but we also adore their novelty items like the following:

Smarties Large Gift Bank |

Mini Smarties

Fat-free, gluten-free, and peanut-free makes these all Smarties safe for anyone with specific food allergies. The mini size is perfect to keep in your pocket or purse for a sweet pick-me-up. Each bag comes with 30 mini rolls that are carefully wrapped for freshness!

Mega Smarties

Bigger is not always better, but sometimes bigger is the way to go! Each box of Mega Smarties features 24 wrapped treats and each pack contains approximately 19 discs. They make an excellent stocking stuffer!

Smarties Squeeze Candy

This novelty treat features the same flavor as the little hard candies you know and love, but in gel form! With 12, 2.25 oz. tubes of fruit flavor, this can go with you and your kids on a plane (and in a car, of course) if you are doing any holiday travel.

Smarties Large Candy Gift Bank

Teach your kids to be SMART with their money with this adorable gift bank! It is filled with Smarties Original Candy and stands at 8” tall. Once all the treats are gone it is the perfect bank for your kids to store their allowance.

Do yourself a favor and head to to start shopping smart!

Ideas for a Winter Wedding

Do you plan to say “I do” in the cooler months? Here are a few quick ideas to inspire your final plans!

Bouquet of Flowers for a Winter Wedding |

Indulge in a Candy Buffet

A candy buffet is a good idea for any wedding any time of year; however, when it comes to a winter wedding you can take that idea over the top. Seasonal treats like Tree-Shaped Reese’s, Hot Cocoa Hershey’s Kisses, Christmas Popcorn Balls, and Peppermint Bark are available to come together in a sweet display. We also have buffet candy that comes in specific colors to match the palette of your wedding. Decorate the table in whites and silvers to resemble snow and don’t forget the candles!

Carry a Beautiful Winter Bouquet

Even though springtime appears to have a monopoly on flowers, you can still ensure the flowers at your winter wedding are gorgeous and on-theme. Whether you want a winter white collection, jewel tones, or deep blues, you can have it. Adding in some sprigs of rosemary adds a warm and festive scent to your bouquet. Give it a try!

Add Accessories to Stay Warm

If a strapless wedding dress is your dream, that does not have to be sacrificed in the winter. Accessorize with a faux fur covering or a luxuriously soft stole that will add nuance to your wedding photos and allow you to stay cozy or can be removed to cool down if you hit up the dance floor!

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