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Summer Candy

Sunflower Seeds – A Popular Baseball Snack

Sunflower seeds are a popular summertime snack and remain a big seller at little league and other outdoor sports concession stands. The seeds sold in snack packs are still in the shell and are eaten by grabbing a few, popping them in your mouth, chewing, and spitting out the shell.

The most popular brand of sunflower seeds is DAVID and their slogan is “Eat. Spit. Be Happy!” In fact, according to the company, DAVID Seeds are the official seed of baseball because “baseball and spittin’ go hand and hand!”

While not the most dainty of snacks to eat, they remain a popular and healthy choice!

Sunflower seeds are roasted and then salted or flavored depending on what variety you’re purchasing. Most of us are familiar with the old standby, the original flavor, which is a fan favorite for its robust, salty flavor that you can taste with just your imagination.

Over the years, additional flavors of DAVID Sunflower Seeds have blossomed. Are you a fan of pickles? Then their vlasic Dill Pickle flavor may be just what you’re craving. Like BBQ? Don’t worry, there are a few different varieties of BBQ flavored sunflower seeds that you may want to check out.

Even some of the trendy flavors, like bacon, ranch, and even Old Bay have made their way into the DAVID line of flavored sunflower seeds. But at the end of the day, you just can’t beat an original!

Whether you’re looking for a summertime snack for yourself or looking to stock your league’s concession stand, we have all the popular flavors of sunflower seeds to satisfy you and your fan’s craving.

Our Favorite Sour Gummy Candy

The combination of sweet and sour results in some fantastic candy options that we are so excited to share with you! Sour gummy candy also features that beloved chewy texture that we find irresistible.

Sour Prosecco Flavored Gummy Bears |

eFrutti offers a fun twist on a  gummy with their Sour Gecko treats. Measuring at 7 inches long, these gluten-free and fat-free gummies pack a sour punch and are fun to eat with friends.

If worms and geckos don’t entice the appetite even in gummy form, you can get your sour apple fix with Sour Green Apples from Vidal. Share a pack with a buddy or enjoy each bite all to yourself.

Warheads are better known as that hard and sour candy you and your friends have competitions with to see who can withstand the intense sour flavor the longest. Warheads Hothead Worms come with the same overwhelming flavor you know and love. Sour, sweet, and then the heat is how these roll! 

Gummy Bears get a makeover when infused with a sour prosecco flavor. These yummy gummy bears are perfect for weddings or bridal showers!

This is just a sampling of some of our favorite sour gummy candy currently at Find these and more before they sell out!

Come Together for your Country with Patriotic Candy

Memorial Day is approaching on May 27th followed by the 4th of July. We love our country and we love candy so it only makes sense to bring the two together! All of our patriotic candy features a USA theme that showcases the pride you feel inside. In addition to these holidays, showing off your love for your country can take place at any time!

Tootsie Roll Midgees wrapped in Red, White, and Blue |

The brilliant red, white, and blue comes together through stars and stripes that stand out on these patriotic flag wrapped Tootsie Rolls. Inside are the classic chewy and chocolatey candies we all know and love. These are perfect to give out at a patriotic parade!

The USA flag wrapped mints feature yummy Buttermint Creams. These are a great addition for favor bags, candy buffets, and table confetti. Speaking of a candy buffet table, we have mini chocolate Sixlets in solid colors – red, white, and blue of course!

Color Splash lollipops come in cherry and blue raspberry featuring a red and white or blue and white swirl, respectively. These are as flavorful as they are beautiful!

All of this patriotic candy looks beautiful on display and adults and kids alike will not be able to resist. Find more great options at!

Build the Perfect Ice Cream Bar

Bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Chips | BlairCandy.comSummer is coming to an end and what’s a better way to celebrate all of the fun than with an ice cream sundae bar! Friends and family of all ages will love creating a sweet treat that’s just for them during the festivities. But what do you need to create the ultimate sundae bar?

1. Cone or Bowl? Give your guests the option to build a sky high cone or a packed sundae bowl. Leave out waffle cones, cake cones, and disposable sturdy bowls for your guests to choose from. (Or build a second treat!)

2. Ice Cream. Obviously you have to have chocolate and vanilla, but will you add other flavors? We recommend sticking with the two classics and adding a wild card flavor like cookies n’ cream, rocky road, or mint chocolate chip.

3. Candy. Here’s where things get fun. Save time and energy by buying pre-chopped chopped ice cream toppings like Reese’s, Butterfinger, Snickers, and more! Also, you can easily add baking pieces.

4. Other Toppings. Chocolate Sauce? Marshmallow Fluff? There’s other toppings besides candy that you can add to a buffet. Crushed up cookies, brownie pieces, and fruit are all things that make ice cream even better.

Ready to build your own Sundae Bar? Head over to to start building your perfect ice cream sundae. Don’t forget the sprinkles!

Summer Dessert Recipes Everyone Will Love!

Galaxy Rocks Gum Candy | BlairCandy.comSummer is in full swing and we’re guessing that your social calendar is packed! Luckily for you, we have you covered if you have to bring something to the neighborhood cookout! Here are a few recipes we’re loving this summer! All you need is your baking supplies, some great summer candy, and maybe a few other classic candies to make these delicious treats.

Summer and ice cream sandwiches go hand in hand. This easy ice cream cake is just that…super easy! All you need is some pre-packaged ice cream sandwiches, whipped cream, and some chopped up candy bar of your choice for toppings. Check out the recipe on the Hip 2 Save blog here.

Keeping with the ice cream theme, this recipe is great when you have a little more time on your hands. This ice cream pie is made of sprinkle covered ice cream and has a rice krispy crust. Bonus points if you add some candy garnish. See this recipe on the Rachel Cooks blog here.

Finally, moving from ice cream to popsicles, these popsicles are a unicorn, mermaid dream. Cotton Candy popsicles are going to be a big hit this year. See how you can make your own today by visiting the When Is Dinner? blog here.

Visit today to see all of our new summer candy and stock up on your favorites to make summer even sweeter!

Gummy Candy: Fun to Play With and Eat!

 Gummi Play Mouse Candy | BlairCandy.comDuring the summer, kids can get bored pretty easily. Entertain them with some fun gummy candy snacks! Kids will have fun playing with stringy, gooey gummies made of all shapes and sizes. Whether you use them in other snacks or eat them alone, there’s always a flavor and shape for someone. Here’s some ideas for gummy candy activities:

– Gummy Jewelry: Have you ever noticed how pretty some candies look? All you have to do is grab some string and candie and make your own necklaces! We recommend candy like gummy peach rings, apple rings, and gummy bears to make a custom look.

– Educational Games: Gummies are perfect for counting exercises and simple math problems! Learning is only made more fun when there’s a sweet treat waiting as a reward. There’s also alphabet gummy candies, perfect for learning those ABC’s or simple spelling.

– Free Play: One of the great things about gummies is that there are so many shapes and sizes to choose from! From dinosaurs to sea creatures, butterflies to burgers, there are so many kinds to choose from. Just give them a few different types and let their imaginations run wild!

What gummy candy will you choose for summer fun? Shop all gummy candy today at!

Fall is Almost Here! Stock Up on Bulk Holiday Candy!

Baseball Bat Dubble Bubble Gum | BlairCandy.comFall is around the corner, meaning that Halloween is on the way! From handing out candy at home to stocking up on treats for your Halloween Party, we have everything you need for the fall season.

Back to School is almost here, so that means you need to make sure the pantry is ready to pack lunches. Get a mix of favorites and new treats to surprise your kids. Don’t forget to leave a note to wish them good luck on the first day!

If you’re planning on throwing the Halloween party of the season, be sure to check out our bulk party candy! Stock up on purple, orange, green, and black solid color candies. Also, be sure to add some novelty candies, such as creepy gummy candies or fun lollipops.

Also, don’t forget to see what classic candies have fall makeovers! See what brands have new fall flavors and stock up on your favorites. We’re thinking pumpkin spice and caramel apple flavors are the way to go this year.

Check out all of our bulk holiday candy today at!

Add Sweet Patriotic Touches to Independence Day with 4th of July Candy!

Patriotic Candy | BlairCandy.comMake your Independence Day even sweeter with patriotic treats from Blair Candy! We carry a selection of candies in red, white, and blue wrappers, along with candy that’s great for creating a festive buffet or goodie bags at your 4th of July party.

Add a star-spangled touch to your Independence Day barbecue with a candy buffet displaying red, white, and blue Sixlets, lollipops, M&M’s, and gumballs. Then, as a thank you to your guests, create goodie bags with fruit punch, blue raspberry, and cherry limeade Frooties along with mints in American Flag wrappers.

At the end of the day, pack a picnic basket before you head out to see the fireworks, and include some packs of America Mix Skittles to snack on while watching the show!

Blair Candy offers lots of ways for you to add sweet patriotic details to your day with 4th of July candy, so get creative with showing your USA pride!

Save by Purchasing Summer Camp Supplies at Wholesale Prices

Summer is nearly here, and your camp will need snacks, paper supplies, and candy to get through the season! Save on all of the supplies you need with our wholesale summer camp supplies.

We offer wholesale rates that are more competitive than the promotions and coupons offered to our general shoppers! Once you register for our program, orders over $150 will qualify for wholesale prices.

When you sign up for our wholesale program:

  1. Summer Camp Supplies at Wholesale Prices | BlairCandy.comYou will receive an email to begin placing orders once your registration is approved.
  2. You will not be charged sales tax on your order.
  3. You will be able to view past orders and place new ones using your wholesale login.
  4. You will be able to view both wholesale and online prices when signed in to your wholesale account.

Are you ready to start stocking up on summer camp supplies at wholesale prices? Visit our Wholesale page to register for our program!

Patriotic Candy to Celebrate America

Patriotic Candy | BlairCandy.comFlag Day and Independence Day are coming up, which means you’ll need patriotic candy for your parades, barbecues, and special patriotic events!

Prizes for Parades: You’ve already got a fantastic float and fun costumes, but how can you delight parade spectators even more? With candy, of course! Many of our USA-themed candy selections come in individually wrapped packages with festive red, white, and blue wrappers, making them great for tossing to people in the crowd as your float rolls by.

Candy for Barbecues and Parties: Create a sweet treat buffet at your party with our bulk candies available in festive USA colors! Sort lollipops, Sixlets, Hershey’s Kisses, or M&M’s into individual containers by color to create the ultimate patriotic treats display.

Sweet Snacks for Watching Fireworks: Make watching Flag Day or 4th of July fireworks even more fun by bringing along some treats in fun patriotic packaging! We even have Air Heads wrapped in festive red and blue wrappers with a sparkler design.

Shop with us to stock up on patriotic candy to sweeten all of your celebrations this summer!

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