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Snack Time!

Jim Beam Homemade Fudge – Made with Bourbon Whiskey

Calling all fudge lovers!  We have a real unique treat for you – Jim Beam Homemade Fudge.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Gardiners of Scotland have taken their famous fudge recipe, that’s been handed down for three generations, and created a delicious fudge made with Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey.

Gardiners makes all of their fudge in Scotland by hand in small batches using traditional methods that have made it one of the most sought after treats around the world.

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey is carefully infused in the fudge to retain the unique flavor and vanilla and honey aroma of the whiskey that has been around for over 200 years.

The rich, delicious fudge is perfect as a snack, with an after-dinner coffee, or for enjoying along with a bit of Jim Beam, of course.

Each piece of fudge is individually wrapped and comes in a decorative tin that’s perfect as a gift for any fudge or whiskey lover.  Contains no hydrogenated oils or fats.

Looking for a more traditional type of fudge?  Have no fear!  We have a whopping 6-pound box of old fashioned homemade fudge that is fresh and delicious.

Top 5 Candy Purchased on Cyber Monday

Like you, all of us at Blair Candy are busy buying gifts and getting ready for the holidays. Many of our team members here at our candy warehouse scooped up some great deals on Cyber Monday. But over lunch, someone asked, “what did we sell the most of?”

So we dug in and came up with a list of the Top 5 Biggest Selling Candy on Cyber Monday. (We filtered out Christmas Candy to come up with our list of traditional faves.)

#5 – Jumbo Rainbow Swirly Lollipops
Let’s admit it, we’re a sucker for these too! In fact, these are the first we think of whenever someone mentions the word lollipop. Colorful, big, and classic it’s no wonder these were one of our best selling items. We’re pretty sure there’s going to be plenty of smiles on kids’ faces when they find one of these in their stocking.

Rainbow Swirly Lollipop

Rainbow Swirly Lollipop

#4 – Junior Mints
Junior Mints are a favorite any time of the year but more so this time of year when their minty flavor evokes holiday memories. These creamy mints covered in delicious milk chocolate are the perfect candy to snack on while curling up next to the fire while watching some classic holiday movies.

Junior Mints

Junior Mints

#3 – Candy Cigarettes… or Candy Sticks
Whenever someone mentions nostalgic candy, this one always comes to mind. Think back to when you were a kid with a pocketful of change heading to the corner store – what did you buy? Penny candy and some Candy Cigarettes, of course! While these sugary treats can no longer be called Candy Cigarettes, fear not! Today’s Candy Sticks have the same flavor you remember as a youngster.

Candy Cigarettes

Candy Cigarettes

#2 – M & M’s Peanut
The candy that melts in your mouth, not in your hands made our list and it’s no surprise. A favorite of many, M & M’s are great for an afternoon snack, a lunchtime treat or anytime you want to get some of that great peanut and milk chocolate flavor you crave.

M & M Peanut

M & M Peanut

And here it is, the #1 selling candy on Cyber Monday was…

Candy Buttons
Another classic candy made our list and for good reason – everyone loves them! Candy Buttons have been around since the 1950’s and each year nearly a billion of these sweet treats are made. The lemon, lime, and cherry flavors of these candy dots have been a favorite for generations and it looks like they’ll be a favorite for many more.

Candy Buttons

Candy Buttons


There you have it!  Our list of the top-selling candy on Cyber Monday.  If you noticed that nostalgic candy made the list quite a bit, it’s no surprise.  We are the top destination for classic candy, so if you or someone you know is looking for hard-to-find nostalgic candy, just direct them to!

We Encourage Playing With Your Food When It Comes To These Candies!

Mini Milk Chocolate Tool Kit | BlairCandy.comYou often don’t hear “Be sure to play with your food!” when it comes to having a snack, but these candies will make you think otherwise! When adding new treats to our wholesale candy and snacks inventory, we added a few that you have to play with in order to eat. Check out what we mean below:

Need some extra help with ABC’s and spelling? These milk chocolate ABC tiles are a fun way to get some practice in. Check out these Milk Chocolate Mini ABC’s here.

Can you fix it? Probably not, but attempting to will be delicious! This Milk Chocolate Tool Kit has all of the basics inside for pretend play. See the kit here.

Speaking of kits, get ready for the day in a sweet way with this beauty kit. Every kit has the essentials, from mirrors, to bows, to lipstick and everything in between. Get ready with this kit here.

Are you ready to play with your food? We are! Check out all of these fun treats and more today at

Get Ready for Back to School with Hershey Candy Bars!

Box of Hershey's Candy Bars | BlairCandy.comIt’s almost time for back to school, and what’s a better lunch surprise than a Hershey’s candy bar! Kids of all ages will be delighted to find a candy bar in their lunch. Whether you add a full sized bar or a couple fun sized bars to snack on throughout the day, Hershey’s has something for every lunch box. These are the candies you definitely have to stock up on:

Milk Chocolate Bar: A timeless candy bar. Just be sure you have an ice pack in the lunchbox to keep it from melting!

Cookies & Cream Bar: This white chocolate candy bar is packed with cookies and is ready for snack time. We also recommend an ice cold milk box to go with this one.

Hershey’s Kisses: Is your child one for sharing their lunch? A handful of Hershey’s Kisses can make a lot of friends at the lunch table!

Kit Kat Bars: Crispy, crunchy, and very chocolatey, this bar is a lunch time staple. You’ll really make your child’s day if you throw a full sized Kit Kat bar in their lunchbox!

Reese’s Cup: Just be sure your child’s classroom doesn’t have any peanut allergies! If it isn’t, a Reese’s Big Cup will be a welcomed addition to lunchtime.

Stock up on all of your family’s favorite Hershey’s Bars with our wholesale program! See how you can qualify for wholesale Hershey candy bars today at

Three Sugar Free Candies The Whole Family Will Love!

Pile of Sugar-Free Gumballs | BlairCandy.comLooking to get the family to eat a little better this year? While you can substitute fats and carbs for healthier alternatives, it’s sometime hard to find a swap for things that cure a sweet tooth. That’s where our sugar free candy selection comes in! We have a huge selection of sugar free treats, from chocolate to gummies, that are sugar free and make you feel a little better when indulging.

There’s something for the whole family when you check out our sugar free candy page! Not sure where to start? Here are three sugar free options that we think your family will love:

– Go Lightly Fruit Chews: If fruity candies are your family’s favorites, these fruit chews are a perfect fit. Each bag has a selection of chewy candies with either orange, lemon lime, and strawberry flavors.
– Sugar Free Gummy Fish: Fun to play with and eat, these gummy fish will be a hit! Choose from either a 20oz or a 5lb bag filled with colorful gummy fish.
– Sugar Free Hershey Chocolates: We totally understand that sometimes all you want is chocolate. That’s why Hershey’s made a milk chocolate and special dark, sugar free chocolate for you to enjoy without guilt.

This is only a small selection of our sugar free candy! Shop all sugar free candy today at

Do You Know About Our Wholesale Candy Program?

Assorted Jelly Beans in Bulk | BlairCandy.comFor over 75 years, we’ve been the candy experts for both wholesale and retail customers! But how much do you know about our wholesale candy program and retail location? Here’s some fast facts about us:

– We’re not just online! We have a retail location in Pennsylvania! There you can stock up on your favorites and learn more about our wholesale program in person.

– It isn’t all candy and snacks! We also have a variety of party supplies, paper products, bar and restaurant supplies, and fundraising supplies for your business or organization.

– Don’t see your favorite candy or snacks online? Give us a call! Our website only has a small portion of our inventory, so we may have what you’re looking for!

– You won’t believe our wholesale prices! Unlike some companies who give you a coupon, we’re a true wholesale program that provides big savings for those looking to buy in bulk. Whether you’re a wholesale customer or someone looking to buy a big volume of supplies, we have you covered.

– Our wholesale program lets you order online and it’s easy to register! Just be sure your product total is over $150 and register on our website! We’ll let you know if you qualify and work with you to begin your account.

Learn more about our family owned and operated company today by visiting us at!

New Arrivals for Summer and Fall!

Box of Regular Vanilla Cow Tales | BlairCandy.comNeed to change up snacktime? We have you covered! We’re the experts in candy, so we always are bringing in new items to give you something new. Here’s a few new items that we think you should add to your shopping cart next time around:

– Assorted Pez Dispensers: Feel like adding to your Pez collection? We have new dispensers with the Incredibles, Jurassic World, and sports. Don’t forget to stock up on refill candy!

– Gummy Watermelon and Cherries: Vidal has come out with more gummy fruit candy that’s perfect for the season. Try a box of delicious watermelon slices or cherries with an ice cold drink for the ultimate relaxing treat.

– Fini Licorice: Fini has a ton of colorful licorice candy that ranges from colorful fizzy sticks to delicious gummy bears. You should also try Kollisions, which are both sweet and sour.

– Bulk Candy: In the mood for a lot of candy? Then we recommend one of these new bags of candy in bulk. Try a box of Cow Tales, Nerds Gumballs, or Milk Chocolate Peanut Chews for a delicious snack that will last you all summer long!

Be sure to check out all of our new arrivals at! We add new candy every week, so there is always something new to try.

Can You Taste The Difference Between These Sugar Free Candies?

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Pecans | BlairCandy.comMany think that sugar free candies usually mean that they taste drastically different from their full sugar counterparts. This definitely isn’t the case! Sugar free candies taste incredibly similar, if not exactly like the originals. Want to find out for yourself? Here’s three we recommend when making the switch to sugar free candy:

Dubble Bubble Gum: We guarantee you won’t be able to tell the difference between regular bubble gum and Dubble Bubble Gum! This gum is a classic that has that bubble gum taste, just without all of the sugar.

Gummy Candies: From gummy fish to gummy bears, the sugar free versions taste remarkably close to their full sugar family members. We also have sugar free peach rings for another sugar free take on a fan favorite candy.

Jolly Ranchers: What Jolly Rancher flavor is your favorite? Chances are your favorite tastes just as good as a sugar free version. Put these in your candy dish at work and we’re sure that your coworkers will love these as much as the others.

What’s your favorite sugar free candy? Find it and other sugar free options today at

Gummy Candy: Fun to Play With and Eat!

 Gummi Play Mouse Candy | BlairCandy.comDuring the summer, kids can get bored pretty easily. Entertain them with some fun gummy candy snacks! Kids will have fun playing with stringy, gooey gummies made of all shapes and sizes. Whether you use them in other snacks or eat them alone, there’s always a flavor and shape for someone. Here’s some ideas for gummy candy activities:

– Gummy Jewelry: Have you ever noticed how pretty some candies look? All you have to do is grab some string and candie and make your own necklaces! We recommend candy like gummy peach rings, apple rings, and gummy bears to make a custom look.

– Educational Games: Gummies are perfect for counting exercises and simple math problems! Learning is only made more fun when there’s a sweet treat waiting as a reward. There’s also alphabet gummy candies, perfect for learning those ABC’s or simple spelling.

– Free Play: One of the great things about gummies is that there are so many shapes and sizes to choose from! From dinosaurs to sea creatures, butterflies to burgers, there are so many kinds to choose from. Just give them a few different types and let their imaginations run wild!

What gummy candy will you choose for summer fun? Shop all gummy candy today at!

Lollipops in Bulk: The Perfect Classroom Treat

Dum-Dum Lollipops in Bulk | BlairCandy.comWhat’s a candy that’s peanut-free, has plenty of flavors, and is something that kids of all ages love? Lollipops! They’re the perfect individualized candy for the classroom. Whether you’re looking to reward a job well done or to celebrate a big accomplishment, your students will love lollipops. Here are a couple different options that we think can help classroom participation:

– Dum Dums: A classic. Each bag ranges from 120 to 1,800 lollipops, ensuring that you have plenty of lollipops for every class. Plus, students love trying to figure out the flavor of the Mystery Lollipops.

– Chupa Chups: These lollipops will be a hit with your class! Chupa Chups have delicious flavors and cool, colorful wrappers. Plus, these come in a nice, reusable tin that you can use in the classroom later.

– Tootsie Pops: Chocolate plus fruit flavors? Who doesn’t love a good Tootsie Pop! These are also a common lollipop used in candy crafts, so a box of lollipops in bulk can do double duty.

Make learning more fun with some lollipops! See more options of lollipops in bulk today at

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