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Offbeat Candy Ideas

Bring on the Sweet, Sour, and Heat with Crazy TikTok Candy

If you or your kids are a fan of TikTok, you know there are plenty of funny videos on the app of people doing some crazy stuff for laughs.  But did you know there are plenty of videos on there featuring some of our unique candy?

It’s true!  After all, there’s no sweeter way to rack up the likes than to create some videos using super sour, insanely sweet, or totally outrageous candy to prank your friends or just do a taste test.

One of our most popular TikTok candies has a strange enough name – Toxic Waste Slime Licker.  While the name itself may have you scratching your head, the taste will have you puckering up!

Slime Licker Sour Candy Squeeze
If you prefer to squeeze your sour, slimy candy from a toothpaste-like tube right onto your tongue, this is option is a perfect choice!  Grab a tube of the blue raspberry, cherry, and green apple and either enjoy it yourself or have one of your unsuspecting friends give it a taste and be sure to have your phone ready to record their reaction… trust us, it’s sour!


Mega Toxic Waste Slime Licker
For those who just can’t get enough and *really* enjoy the pucker-up sour taste of Slime Licker, we’ve got the mother load… the Mega Slime Licker!  These super-sized bottles of sour liquid candy roll on your tongue for the maximum sour-to-tongue coverage ratio.  Fun for kids as well as adults who want a LOT of sour candy in their life!  Again, don’t forget to have the camera ready to capture those reactions and share the video of your favorite sourpuss on TikTok.


Toe of Satan Lollipop
If sour isn’t your thing and you’re looking for something that will bring on the heat, hang on!  Our Toe of Satan isn’t just an ordinary lollipop.  This is one red-hot sucker!  Just how hot is it?  Well, this lolli turns up the heat that’s equivalent to 900, yes 900!, jalapeno peppers.  We’re sweating just thinking about it!  Now here’s the deal.  This lollipop is not for those under the age of 14 and comes with a warning about just how hot it is.  While it’s great for a TikTok video to see just how many licks you can take, it’s not a prank lollipop!


When you’re ready to take your TikTok videos to the next level, be sure to check out all our TikTok candy for some sweet, sour, hot, and spicy surprises!


Chewing Gum in Bulk Makes this Science Project Easy!

If you’re a teacher that’s looking for a fun science class project, let Blair candy help with our selection of chewing gum in bulk! Have you ever wondered which brand of bubble gum makes the biggest or strongest bubble? Test it with your class by ordering a selection of our chewing gum in bulk and then measuring. Here’s how this project works:

Which Gum Blows the Biggest Bubble?

girl with bubble gum bubble

-You’ll need: a variety of bubble gums (3 brands will do!), a ruler for measuring the bubble size, a piece of paper, and pen or pencil. Blair Candy can help with the 3 brands of chewing gum in bulk!

-Start by making a table on the sheet of paper that lists the bubble gum brand and then has open spots for at least 3 trials. You’ll be measuring each gum bubble size 3 times and then finding the average to see which one produces the best average.

-Once you have your data table, make a hypothesis or prediction as to which gum may produce the biggest bubble and why.

-Chew each brand of bubble gum individually for a few minutes ot soften it. Blow a bubble and when you think it’s at its biggest size without popping, have a friend measure the diameter of the bubble. Record your findings in the table.

-Repeat each brand of gum 2 more times until each brand has been tested a total of 3 times and the bubble sizes are all recorded. Take an average from each brand of gum and then see if the gum with the largest average matches your hypothesis.

As you do the project, talk about ingredients in gum that make it stretchy and how different types of gum (chewing gum vs. bubble gum) may produce different results. No matter which brand does the best, your students will have a fun activity to explore.

Take Your Tastebuds Abroad with European Candy Bars & More!

Traveling to a new destination can be so very exciting, but sometimes our budgets or our busy schedules can keep us from hopping on a plane whenever we get the urge to explore. Thank goodness for foods that can transport us to a completely new country!

travel the world

At Blair Candy, we stock snacks and candies from around the globe, making it easy to travel to a far off destination without ever leaving your front doorstep. For example, if you’re looking to jet set to Paris or London, let us make the journey for your tastebuds possible with our selection of European candy bars. Found in markets throughout Europe, these sweet treats are enjoyed by people of all ages.

Whether you’re looking to recapture the taste of your last visit to Europe or even prepare yourself for your first trip across the pond, our selection of European candy bars makes for a sweet introduction.

In addition to European candy bars, you can also feel free to get creative with other foods by making plans for an International dinner party with friends and family, or having country-themed picnics to showcase regional cuisines. No matter which foods you choose to enjoy, know that’ll be a trip in and of itself!

Bulk Nerds Candy is a Teacher’s Secret Weapon!

Bulk Nerds CandyThe school day can be a whole lot of fun when you have the right activities or lessons planned. But keeping things interesting can be a challenge. Luckily, we have a fun and yummy option for teachers who might want to spice things up with a sweet experiment or art project!

To start off, grab bulk Nerds candy to use in your classroom in one of these two exercises. Make sure to have extra on hand for your students to enjoy once the experiment is finished!

Inflate a Balloon Experiment: Grab 12 oz. bottles of soda, bulk Nerds candy, and balloons. Pour some of the Nerds candy into the balloon. Play with varying amounts of Nerds in each balloon to gauge different reactions. Next, attach the balloons to soda bottles. Don’t let any of the candy spill into the soda – yet. Then, when you’re ready, tip the balloon so that the candy falls out of the balloon and into the soda. It’ll produce a reaction that will inflate the balloons. See how big each balloon gets in relation to the amount of candy you put in!

Painting with Candy: separate your Nerds candy by color and place some into separated paper cups or water glasses. Fill with a little bit of water and let the outer coating of the candy dissolve and color the water to make a sort of watercolor paint. From there, use paintbrushes to dip into the color and create your masterpiece! Let dry fully before displaying.

And of course, after these projects, enjoy a handful (or two!) of Nerds with your class.

Have Even More Fun with Gummy Candy in Bulk!

Gummy Candy in Bulk | BlairCandy.comFrom classic and sour to unusual and fruity, we carry a wide selection of gummy candy in bulk so you can ensure the fun never runs out!

Classic Gummies: Gummy bears, Swedish Fish, and gumdrops are longtime gummy favorites. Satisfy adults and children alike with our selection of classic gummy candies available in bulk sizes.

Sour Gummies: Looking for a twist on the classic gummy varieties? Check out our selection of bulk sour cherry cola bottles, sour rolled belts, sour peach slices, and more!

Unusual Gummies: Surprise and delight with gummies shaped like Ju Ju coins, Mexican hats, and worms. Whether you need candy for a theme party or just for fun, these gummies in unusual shapes will be a hit!

Fruity Gummies: Not to be mistaken – or used as a replacement – for the real thing, fruity gummies offer a fun candy experience inspired by nature! With raspberry, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, and more fruit flavors available in bulk, your customers or party guests can mix and match their favorites to create their own unique blend.

There’s much more gummy candy in bulk to be found at, visit us to order your favorites!

Save Time This Easter with our Easter Egg Hunt Candy!

Pre-Made Easter Egg Hunt Candy Eggs | Easter, like any holiday, can be a busy time for your family. Between religious services, family gatherings, and visiting with friends, you may feel like you don’t have a lot of time to prepare. Blair Candy knows the struggle to balance entertaining and enjoying the holiday, so that’s why we have plenty of treats you can use to save time this Easter. Here are a few different products we have to make Easter more fun for everyone:

Pre-Filled Eggs (pictured): Do you have a big Easter egg hunt to plan? Filing eggs can take up a ton of time and money. We have quite a few different types of pre-filled eggs that can save you time, along with mixes of Easter egg hunt candy for you to bolster those eggs with. All you have to do is hide them!

Easter Gifts: Don’t have time to build and send an Easter basket? We have a can of Easter candy that has everything from jelly beans to chocolate in this reusable can.  This makes a perfect gift for both kids and adults alike. All you have to do is click the gift icon and you’re ready to send.

Retro Candy: Finding a specific Easter candy can be extremely difficult. Don’t spend extra time searching the isles of the grocery store and just order the retro candy you need from us! We have everything from Lerro Eggs, Gardner’s Eggs, to Peeps for you to stock up on before the big day.

Save time this Easter by ordering all of your Easter egg hunt candy and gifts from Blair Candy! Check out all of our Easter candy today by visiting us at

How to Create a Candy Buffet for a Themed Party


Themed Candy in Bulk |

If your child is having a themed party, you may be wondering how to pull off a candy buffet to match. Luckily, Blair Candy has plenty of themed and non-themed candy in bulk to help you create a memorable experience! These are a couple helpful things to help you start building your buffet.

Everything doesn’t have to match.

It’s a common misconception that everything on the buffet has to match. In reality, this will make things very boring! Just have a couple candy options that have the main character or side characters on the buffet. These should be unique and have another function to them, like a candy toy or a mint tin. These also bonus as a party favor, so choose wisely


Plain colored candy in bulk is your friend.

Take the colors of the theme and match them to plain colored candy, like Sixlets, lollipops, and gumballs. These will fill in your buffet and add a bit of interest to your table. You can print out themed place cards and rename candy to fit the theme to make it more fun! Guests will definitely enjoy looking at the different candies and the cleverness of your place cards


It doesn’t have to be just candy.

Baked goods can also be a delicious addition to your candy buffet. We recommend to sticking to smaller items, like mini cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops. Fit them into the theme by using themed plates and by decorating them with the theme’s colors.

Get started on planning a spectacular candy buffet with the help of today! We have a variety of TV, movie, sports-themed candy to make your child’s special day even more special.

Ways to Use Bulk Holiday Candy

Jar with Candy |

Is your family particular about their candy? Have they eaten through their Christmas and Valentine’s Candy, and now your pantry is taken up by things they’ll never eat? If you have bulk holiday candy and you’re ready to get rid of it to make room for your family’s favorites, here are three ways you can without it going to waste:

Share It: Every office has a candy dish. Put a dish in the break room and fill it with the unopened candy. Or, if you’re ok with visitors at your desk, bring a pretty dish to work and keep it stocked. Everyone has a sweet tooth, so you’ll be able to get rid of the surplus in a snap. Fair warning though, you may be expected to keep up with the dish once your original candy is gone!

Make Something Sweet: Speaking of the office, need something for the next potluck? There are tons of dessert recipes that use candy as an ingredient! This is a great way to get rid of candy and bring a show-stopping dessert to a school event, book club, or to a neighborhood party.

Donate It: Don’t want to fuss with baking or bringing candy to work? You can donate your candy! There are tons of organizations that will gladly accept your unopened candy. Check out this blog post from Mommy Poppins on organizations that will take your candy or on how you can donate it to your local community!

When you’ve gotten rid of that candy and are looking for something sweet your family will love, visit us at We have plenty of treats that everyone will love and won’t sit in your pantry!

How to Set Up a Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot Chocolate with Candy in Bulk |

With the temperatures quickly dropping, Hot Chocolate is a staple for friends and family to enjoy. Spice up a get together with a Hot Chocolate Bar! Everyone will love that they can customize their own beverage to their liking. Here are a few things you should have for a successful Hot Chocolate bar:

A Crockpot. Keep your Hot Chocolate warm with a crockpot. Use a ladle and a good sized mug to enjoy this beverage. By using a crockpot, you minimize any injuries touching hot lids and cut down on clean up afterward.

Candy. Chopped up candy makes a delicious topping on a cup of hot cocoa. Peppermint, M&M’s, and marshmallows are the standards, but you can get as creative as you’d like here!

Whipped Cream & Marshmallows. Can you even have cocoa without whipped cream or marshmallows? We didn’t think so! Bonus points if you use flavored whipped cream or colored shaped marshmallows.

Are you ready to add a Hot Chocolate bar to your festivities? Visit us at for all of the candy in bulk you need for a successful hot cocoa bar. Stay warm and cozy with your custom cup of cocoa today!

It’s Almost National Candy Cane Day!

National Candy Cane Day |

Did you know that December 26th is National Candy Cane Day? Whether you love the classic, peppermint candy cane or one of the crazy new flavors that appears every year, you have to celebrate this iconic candy. But how much do you know about this traditional holiday treat? Here are a few things you may not have known:

Legend has it that these treats have been spreading Christmas cheer since 1670! Apparently, a German church patron shaped the candy to look like shepherd hooks and handed them out to children during the church service. Why? To keep them quiet and occupied during the long service!

These treats didn’t make it to the United States until the mid 1800’s! They also didn’t add the red stripe until the 1900’s. Overall, over 1.2 billion candy canes make it to shelves in the U.S. during the holiday season every year.

The world’s largest candy cane probably won’t fit in your home! The Guinness World Record goes to a Geneva pastry chef who made a candy cane that measured over 51 feet long and made with over 900 pounds of sugar.

If these facts have you wanting a candy cane, head over to! There you’ll find all of the classic and contemporary candy canes in bulk you need to celebrate National Candy Cane Day. Shop now for a festive, holiday treat or two.

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