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Easter Candy

Create Fun Springtime Party Favors with Classic Just Born Candies

Peeps Marshmallow Candy | BlairCandy.comWe already love eating the tasty candy treats that come around every Easter. If you’re having an Easter party or springtime dinner with your family and friends, impress them with these fun party favors using classic Just Born candy.

Jelly Bean Carrots

When have you ever experienced springtime without jelly beans? These brightly-colored sweets are easy to make into a carrot-shaped favor if you pour them into a triangle bag. Tie them off with green string and your party will soon be hopping!

A Game & A Favor in One!

You can also hold some friendly springtime competition by pouring jelly beans into a jar. Have your party-goers guess how many jellybeans are in the jar, and the closest number wins the whole batch! Just Born has a number of flavors to choose from like their fruit mix, spice mix, and black licorice. Have guests fill their own treat bags from the jar as a favor if the winner cares to share!

Peep S’mores

Just Born is also known for their Marshmallow Peeps, another Easter candy tradition. These candies can be used to adorn any spring cake. Or, keep those curious tummies at bay until dinner is ready with Peep s’mores! Pair these candies with graham crackers and chocolate in a favor bag, and you’ll have a perfect treat to share with guests

How will you be celebrating springtime with some of these Just Born candy favorites?

Spice Up Your Tastebuds with Cinnamon Jelly Beans!

Cinnamon Jelly Beans | Jelly beans are one of our absolute favorite movie treats. When you settle in with a big bowl of popcorn, it’s nice to compliment the crunch with something sweet. At Blair Candy, we carry a huge selection of jelly beans to wow anyone on movie night. From cinnamon jelly beans to fruity flavors you’ve come to love since childhood, you can find just about any jelly bean to satisfy your craving!

If you’re looking for a flavorful and unexpected treat, whip up a batch of our marshmallow jelly bean popcorn. It’s a real crowd pleaser that will delight everyone joining you for the film – even if they’re not a big movie fan!

Marshmallow Jelly Bean Popcorn

Start by popping 10 cups of popcorn (use an air popper or any other popping method you prefer) and placing it into a large bowl. Add a bit of salt.

Then, in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat, melt 3 tablespoons of butter and add 3 cups of mini marshmallows. Stir until the marshmallows have melted. Turn off the heat and pour ¾ of the marshmallow over the popcorn, folding together gently until the popcorn has been coated.

Pour the popcorn onto a prepared cookie sheet and drizzle with the remaining marshmallow mixture. Sprinkle on a handful of jelly beans (we love spicy cinnamon jelly beans for a little kick!) and allow for the popcorn to cool. Break apart to serve and enjoy!

Shop all jelly beans, movie candy and more at today!

At Easter, Lerro’s Candy is a Family Tradition

Lerro's Easter Eggs | BlairCandy.comEaster is a wonderful time to share with family. So many of us grew up making lasting memories together at Easter, whether it was expressing our gratitude at the dinner table or having some fun with an Easter egg hunt. Lerro Candy also shares a family history surrounding the founding of their business and heritage.

In the late 1800’s, John Lerro’s great-grandfather started making candy and ice cream as part of the family business. In 1916, he moved the business into a Philadelphia storefront and it was there the first Lerro’s candy made its debut. As a family affair, even John Lerro’s great-grandmother coated candy each and every chocolate by hand.

John Lerro’s father and uncle continued the family passion for many years after. They relocated the candy production outside of Philadelphia, and another generation later, their candies are still being produced there today for families to enjoy!

Celebrate in three generations of candy-making with some of Lerro’s candy this Easter. Place some of their chocolate eggs in your Easter baskets like their Pecan Nut Egg or Coconut Easter Egg for a sweet treat with tradition. We also offer their peanut butter option in an 8oz Easter Egg or in a 12 count package.

Enjoy these traditional Easter candies knowing an entire family’s history and heritage was dedicated to perfecting them!

Share the Meaning of Easter with Something Sweet

Easter is a time for gratitude, but we all can enjoy a little chocolate, too! Share this sacred time of year and some yummy treats with the children in your life.

Easter Basket with Eggs | A Perfect Prize

These religious Easter gifts for kids will fit into any basket or be an excellent prize for the annual egg hunt!

Treat Your Sunday School Class

Does your religious organization hold Easter festivities? Order these candies in bulk to add an easy sweet gift for your banquet or Sunday school classes.

A Special Easter Basket Gift

Friends and family of any age will love the joy a solid chocolate cross can bring. We also offer solid chocolate bars in the shape of prayer hands. These gifts will bring a smile to their taste buds and remind them of the guidance, safety, and love their faith provides.

Grocery stores are filled with a variety of candies, but if you’re looking for religious Easter candy it can be tough to find the right sweet treat. Why try to sort through the sea of sugar?

Save time by ordering these religious Easter candies for kids online! We’ll deliver them right to your doorstep, so you can avoid the Easter basket rush.

We know you will love these chocolate candies and the religious meaning they embrace this Easter holiday!

Put a New Spin on Marshmallow Peeps this Easter

We all grew up loving squishy, sugary, and sweet Peeps marshmallow candy. They’re a classic every Easter, but what something different? Don’t worry – we have a few ideas that are sure to make your holiday while still letting you enjoy your favorite Peeps marshmallow candy!

Peeps Marshmallow Candy |

Peeps Cereal Treats

Do you need a kid-friendly Easter treat? Try our Peeps cereal treats! In this easy to make, kid-friendly recipe, you’ll replace the traditional bagged marshmallows with Peeps.

To make, melt your Peeps marshmallow candy in a small saucepan over low heat. Mix in a little bit of butter (just a bit!) and crispy rice cereal. Once mixed, pour the hot treat mixture into cupcake liners. This is such a fun and colorful twist on a classic dessert. Once the treats are set, you’re ready to party! We love classic pink Peeps in this twist on classic cereal treats – they add a pop of color to any Easter table.

Dress Up Peeps

If your kids love being creative, you can also use Peeps in a fun Easter party craft. Start by grabbing a package of Peeps and some popsicle sticks. Place a Peep at the top of each stick and set aside. Then, mix up a batch of icing (or you can shortcut by buying an icing writer at your local market). Make sure the icing is nice and stiff – we’ll be using it to decorate!

Use your set icing to draw hats, dresses, or patterns on each Peep. You can even make tiny paper party hats and attach them to toothpicks to be added to each Peep candy. These yellow rabbit Peeps are great for this craft.

In preparing for these recipes and crafts, make sure to buy your Peeps marshmallow candy in bulk, so you’ll have plenty of fun to go around this Easter!

Easter Desserts Everyone will Love!

Easter is almost here and while the kids will be snacking on the treats from their Easter baskets, the adults will be looking for a sweet treat as well. Avoid having accusations of theft from baskets and be sure to have something sweet on hand. Here are four ideas that adults will love and that kids will want in on too:

Desserts Using Bulk Easter Candy |

Brownie Nests: Use a few festive Whoppers or Cadbury Mini eggs for these Brownie Nests. They are super simple to make and include everyone’s favorite flavor: chocolate! Check out how to make them on the blog Kid Friendly Things to Do here.

Peeps Easter Garden Cake: If you enjoy decorating, especially for Easter, then you will really love this cake. Made with Peeps, icing, and crushed cookie, this spring garden cake really comes alive. See how it’s made on the Betty Crocker blog here.

Peeps Trifle: Speaking of Peeps, if you’re looking to break out your trifle dish, this is the recipe to do it with! This trifle features colorful cake, cream, and Peeps galore! See the recipe on the Shake and Bake Party blog here.

Easter Oreo Bark: A surefire dessert that adults of all ages will love is a chocolate bark. Use spring candies like pastel M&M’s and sprinkles, along with crushed Oreo to make this deliciously simple treat. Learn how to make it on the Lil Luna blog here.

Visit to get all of the bulk Easter candy you need for baskets, decorating, and desserts today!

Easter Candy Trivia You May Not Have Known

How much do you know about your favorite Easter candies? We’ve talked about the history of Peeps in our previous blog, but let’s check out some other fun facts about classic Easter treats:

Bulk Easter Candy | -Sorry, Christmas;  the second most candy-selling holiday is Easter. Halloween is the most selling candy holiday.

-In addition to 700 million Peeps, 1.5 million Cadbury Eggs, 90 million chocolate Easter Bunnies, and 16 billion jelly beans are made for the Easter holiday.

-Speaking of jelly beans, these candy treats were first introduced during the Civil War. They didn’t become an Easter treat until the 1930’s.

-Over 75% of Americans say they eat their chocolate bunnies ‘ears first.’ Also, many prefer solid chocolate bunnies over hollow chocolate bunnies.

-The famous White House Easter Egg Roll made its debut in 1878. Rutherford B Hayes was the president in office.

-M&M’s joined in the Easter fun in the 1980’s with pastel-colored shells.

-In 2011, the record for the largest Easter egg was recorded. This egg weighed nearly 16,000 lbs and was 34ft high!

Did those Easter candy facts make you hungry? Order your bulk Easter candy today on! You’ll find all of your favorites, both classic and new, to celebrate the holiday season.

Three Easter Gifts for Reese’s Candy Lovers

Whether you’re snacking on a Reese’s Cup or a handful of Reese’s Pieces, there is no mistaking that classic peanut butter flavor. That’s why many look forward to finding some Reese’s candy in their Easter Baskets. Instead of just going with the classic cups or pieces, consider adding these to your Reese’s lover’s baskets:

Reese’s Candy | Easter Candy | Reese’s Pieces Eggs: What’s more adorable and delicious than a carton of Reese’s Eggs? Each carton has candy coated eggs with Reese’s Pieces filling. These also make great toppings for Easter cupcakes or trail mixes.

Giant Eggs: We’ve all wanted more than just one, small Reese’s Egg in our baskets. This pack delivers on that peanut buttery goodness. Each package has two giant Reese’s Eggs inside. We won’t judge if you keep them all to yourself!

Reese’s 1lb Bunny: No other chocolate bunny will do once you take a bite of this bunny! Each bunny weighs around 1lb and is packed with peanut butter filling. We recommend getting one per basket because there is no way the recipient is going to share once they get their hands on this bunny!

Find these and plenty of other Reese’s candy treats for Easter on Just be sure to get all of your treats in time for Easter!

Crazy Facts about Peeps Marshmallow Candy

Peeps Marshmallow Candy |

Who doesn’t love Peeps Marshmallow Candy? This once-a-year Easter candy has expanded to be available for every major holiday. It has also expanded to flavored Peeps that can be found at certain times of the year. Regardless of favorite flavors or shapes, this classic candy has been around since 1953. Here are more fun facts about this iconic candy:

– It used to take over 24 hours to create just one marshmallow chick! Thankfully, the process now takes six minutes.

– Peep chicks used to have wings! They were removed from the candy in the late 1950’s.

– The yellow and white colors were the original colors, while pink, lavender, green, and blue colors.

– There are contests to see who can make the coolest creations with Peeps around the country.

– Every year, Just Born (the creator of Peeps) makes enough Peeps candies to circle the year twice every season.

If these facts have you hungry for Peeps, go to Blair! There you can find all of your favorite shapes, flavors, and colors of Peeps in one place. Shop today and enjoy your Easter Peeps all season long.

Check Out these New Easter Bunnies!

Chocolate Easter Bunnies | Every Easter basket should have a chocolate bunny! Everyone loves to find these friendly little treats and usually save them for last when eating their candy. If you think that you need to change it up from the classic chocolate bunny, Blair Candy has plenty of choices to do so. Whether you eat the ears first or break it apart, here are three new bunnies that everyone will love!

If you know someone who is trying to up their Easter selfie game, this bunny is for them! There are two selfie bunnies to choose from, each striking a pose for the perfect photo. Plus, the company R.M. Palmer has a contest for the best selfie! (Pictured)

Easter Bunnies can be mischievous and this bunny shows it! Hoppy’s Hideout has a silly bunny hiding crispy, chocolate carrots in a tree. Kids and adults will find this bunny adorable, so make sure you have one hidden in every basket!

Finally, if you have a basket to fill with Reese’s candy, this bunny has to be a part of it. These Reese’s Giant Bunnies are 1lb of delicious, chocolate and peanut butter filling. There will be no issue breaking apart this bunny!

Check out all of our classic and new bunnies today at! We have plenty of candy for you to fill your baskets and have some for you left over. Plus, we have wholesale Easter Candy, so if you’re organizing an event, you can get plenty to go around. Shop now and try these bunnies today!

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