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Christmas Candy

Checking out the 2021 Sweets & Treats Expo and Previewing New Christmas Candy

Hello from Indianapolis! Where we’re spending a few days at the 2021 Sweets & Snacks Expo where hundreds of the world’s leading candy makers are showing off all their new confectionery delights to get our mouths watering.

Walking from booth to booth it’s hard not to sample some of the new candy and snacks that these manufacturers will be rolling out soon. It’s safe to say that we’re probably going to gain a pound or two from “booth grazing” while we’re here!

In addition to showing off some new candy and snacks, many vendors are showcasing some of their seasonal creations that will be arriving just in time for Halloween and Christmas – two really big candy holidays.

Hershey’s introduced new M&M’s White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs that sound as good as they taste. After all, chocolate and pretzels are the perfect combination and when you put them together in an M&M you can’t go wrong.

They also teased Dove Milk Chocolate Toffee Almond Crunch Promises. Individually holiday-themed wrapped pieces of smooth, delicious Dove chocolate with special messages inside the wrapper.

Both of these are expected to arrive in September / October and we can’t wait to have them join our lineup of delicious Christmas candy.

And speaking of Christmas candy…. We’re just a few weeks away from having loads and loads of seasonal sweets start arriving in our huge candy warehouse. Halloween candy should be arriving very soon and we’re sure to share some of the new spooky sweets as soon as they’re in stock. Of course, Christmas candy won’t be far behind!

To make sure you never miss out on new arrivals or special deals, visit our website and sign up for our candy newsletter. It’s the only place where you’ll receive special discounts and a “heads up” on all our new candy as it comes in.

Brach’s Christmas Candy: A Taste of Nostalgia

There’s still time to grab some of your favorite Christmas candy, and if you’re like us, we like to have some nostalgic treats around for the holidays. Thinking back, we bet you can remember and still recall the taste of some old fashioned candy your parents or grandparents had around the house when you would visit.

Brach’s is best known for their wide assortment of holiday candy, whether it be Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, many of your childhood candy memories probably center around a piece of Brach’s candy.

Let’s take a look at our most popular classic Brach’s Christmas candy:

Brach’s Jelly Bells
Brach’s is best known for their jelly and hard candy and each holiday they grace us with a selection of each. For Christmas, the Jelly Bells are among the most popular. The festive red and green jelly candies have that delightful coating of sugar that adds to the delicious lime and cherry flavor. Everyone loves these, and we’re sure you do too!

Brach’s Milk Chocolate Stars
Now here’s a chocolate treat that can be used in many different ways. These festive-looking milk chocolate treats can be enjoyed by themselves, used in baking (think one on top of a giant peanut butter cookie!), or stirred into a hot mug of milk for a delicious hot chocolate treat.

Brach’s Peppermint Christmas Nougats
We bet that everyone reading this has had one of these Brach’s treats at some point! They’ve been around for quite a while, and these Peppermint Nougats are still handmade and feature a Christmas tree smack dab in the middle of the nougat. These are one of those “must have” Christmas candies that returns year after year and for that we are thankful!

Of course, everyone knows that the hands-down most popular Brach’s candy is one that you either love or hate – Candy Corn! Available just for the Halloween / Fall season, Brach’s Candy Corn is a fan favorite and a treat that many wait for every year. But alas, you’ll have to wait till next Halloween to grab a bag.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our complete selection of nostalgic candy that is available year-round. We’re sure you’ll find some favorites that bring back sweet memories.

Decorate Your Gingerbread House with these Colorful Candies

A holiday tradition for many is building gingerbread houses and including them as part of holiday decorations. A few days ago we shared some of our favorite Gingerbread House Kits that are always big sellers this time of year. They contain everything you need to build a gingerbread house and you don’t have to even turn on the oven!

For those of you who prefer to make everything from scratch, building a gingerbread house is a labor of love. Once you have your gingerbread baked and icing ready to go, it’s time to let your creativity fly by decorating your creation.

But where can you find the perfect candy to adorn your house?

Right here of course!

One of the most popular candies that are used for decorating gingerbread houses are Starlight Mints. These round, red and white peppermint candies are a favorite nostalgic candy that’s popular year round, but are perfect for adding a bit of flair to your creation.

Bells are a traditional symbol of the holidays and Brach’s Jelly Bells Gummy Candies are not only a yummy seasonal treat, they’re also perfect for use as a decoration on or around your gingerbread house.

Here’s a cool candy that you can use to decorate the edge of your gingerbread house roof – Gummy Licorice Candy Canes! Just pipe some icing along the edge and press these gummy sticks in place and voila!

No gingerbread house would be complete without a Christmas tree or two, right? So we can’t forget to mention these Gummy Christmas Trees that you can place around the perimeter of the house or out on the “lawn.”

Once you have all the flair added to your gingerbread house, don’t forget a few lawn decorations! We can’t think of anything better to put out front than these gummy characters from everyone’s favorite Christmas movie, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Gummy version of Rudolph, Santa and the Abominable Snowman will certainly be the ‘icing on the cake.”

Of course, there’s a lot more candy to choose from that you can use to give your house a unique, festive look. Check out the entire selection here and let your creativity run wild! Of course, we’re also stocked to the rafters with plenty of Christmas Candy that’s perfect for stocking stuffers, candy buffets, or baking.

Decorate Your Own Christmas Cookies With These Popular Kits

There’s no other time of year when families spend more time together than around the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays. From parties and celebrations, to time spent decorating and creating festive feasts – this time of year is perfect for family activities. And nothing brings people together like food and sweets!

Two of the biggest traditions families take part in this time of year are building gingerbread houses and baking. Now we know that not everyone isn’t quite ready to be on one of those television baking contests, so we’ve stocked some items to help out!

We previously wrote about some of our gingerbread houses that are a huge hit every year. Our gingerbread house kits don’t require baking and include everything you need to build, decorate, and display them for your holiday visitors.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional gingerbread house, or something a little more unique like the M&Ms Gingerbread Stadium, these kits are perfect for bringing the entire family together for a holiday arts and crafts activity.

When it comes to cookies, this year we have some that are fun AND delicious! Just like our gingerbread house kits, we have holiday cookies that can be turned into individual pieces of art. These blank canvases are ready for a fun decorating challenge for the whole family. Let’s check them out:

Giant Gingerbread Pal Cookie Decorating Kit
We had to start off the list with a Christmas favorite. This gingerbread man stands 10” tall and 7” wide with plenty of space to dress him up however you want. The kit contains three tubes of sweet, delicious icing, Nerds, and Sweetarts candy that provide the colorful finishing touches. Get one for each member of your family and have a contest to see who created the “best dressed!”

Ninja Gingerbread Cookie Kit
If you’re looking to “kick” your gingerbread cookies up a notch this holiday, here’s a funny way to do it! This kit comes with the gingerbread cookie mix that makes up to a dozen cookies and cookie cutters. Trust us, you don’t need to be a master chef to whip up these cookies! Once out of the oven, let them cool then decorate these ninjas with the included icing and candy accessories.

Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit
Here’s your chance to make an edible version of that sweater Aunt Helen got you last Christmas! This Ugly Sweater Cookie kit makes about ten sugar cookies (trust us, whipping up a batch and making them is simple!) that you can decorate with all the included accessories such as icing, sprinkles, candy canes, sparkles, and more. A fun activity for the whole family to see just who comes up with the ugliest sweater.

Be sure to check out our entire selection of Christmas candy and treats or one of our nostalgic treats!

Move Over Peppermint, Check Out These Unique Christmas Candy Canes

If we were to ask you to think of a type of Christmas candy, chances are the first that will come to mind is a candy cane. In fact, next to Santa Claus a candy cane is one of the most popular images associated with the holiday.

The peppermint sticks that get handed out at parties, hung on Christmas trees, or crushed to be used in delicious desserts, trace their history to Germany in 1670. According to, “the choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany handed out sugar sticks among his young singers to keep them quiet during the Living Creche ceremony.” Eventually a hook was added to the end of the stick, and voila – the candy cane has been around every since!

Over the years, peppermint candy canes have made way for other sweet, sour, unique, and head-scratching varieties. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the more interesting types of candy canes we have in our candy warehouse:

Brach’s Peppermint Candy Canes
No article about candy canes would be complete without listing the most popular type – peppermint. In fact, out of all the Christmas candy we sell, peppermint candy canes consistently are one of our biggest sellers.

Archie McPheee Ketchup Candy Canes
These may look like a traditional candy cane, but hang on – they’re actually ketchup flavored. Yes, you read that right. Ketchup. Whether you’re a fan of the tomato-based condiment or you’re looking to play a practical joke on someone, this one is for you.

Bacon Candy Canes
Ok, now this is one candy cane that we can really get into. After all, who can resist the smoky, flavorful taste of bacon? Perfect for any bacon lover on your gift list, these candy canes are sure to please.

Starburst Candy Canes
Fans of Starburst candy will love their favorite flavors – green apple, lemon, and strawberry – turned into a festive candy cane. Now if there could only be an all pink variety!

YumEarth Organic Vegan Candy Canes
If you’re looking for a vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO holiday treat, we’re here for you! YumEarth captures the spirit of the season in these organic mini candy canes for those looking for an all-natural seasonal treat.

Of course, this is only a sampling of the more than two dozen varieties of candy canes we have available this season. You’ll also find candy canes in Oreo, Life Savers, Spree, and Swedish Fish flavors as well as Mac & Cheese and…. Pickle! Yes, pickle.

We told you there were some unique flavors available, so be sure to check them all out as well as our complete selection of Christmas candy.

Hot Chocolate Bombs: The Best Way to Warm Up this Holiday Season

It’s time for shorter days, cooler weather, and the holidays! One of our favorite things to do this time of year is light a fire in the fireplace, take in the glow of the lights on the Christmas tree as they fill the room, and sip on a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

While there are plenty of instant hot chocolate mixes available at your local grocery store, around here we tend to leave those on the shelf. Why? Because this time of year we stock our huge candy warehouse with the most delicious type of chocolate you will ever taste – it’s so good, “it’s da bomb!”


Our Hot Chocolate Bombs will change the way you make hot chocolate forever. Each one is made with rich, delicious Belgian chocolate with mini marshmallows tucked inside.

Now, here’s where the magic happens!

First things first. Get the fireplace ready, turn on the tree lights, and get into your favorite pair of comfortable PJs. Now that you’re settled, grab your favorite mug and heat up 8oz of milk. Place the Hot Chocolate Bomb into the mug and pour the hot milk over it. Stir until the chocolate is completely melted and, voila! The most delicious hot chocolate you’ll ever have is ready to enjoy.

Hot Chocolate Bombs are perfect for holiday gatherings, sleepovers, cold nights… well, just about anytime you want to warm the body and soul with chocolatey goodness.

They also make a great stocking stuffer as do many of the Christmas Candy we have available for those on both the naughty AND nice list! Be sure to shop our wholesale candy store early to get the best selection.

Gingerbread House Kits: A Perfect Holiday Activity for the Whole Family

There are so many different traditions that come with the Christmas and Hanukkah season. The other day we wrote about one of them, Advent Calendars, and how quickly they sell out each year.

Another holiday favorite that everyone in the family can take part in is the annual construction of a gingerbread house. This tradition dates back to Germany in the early 1800s when very elaborate gingerbread house displays were created, many of which adorned with gold leaf.

Still today, families, businesses, and tourist destinations around the globe continue to keep this tradition alive. Many holiday displays in commercial establishments take weeks to put together and attract hundreds of visitors.

Days are spent backing gingerbread sheets for the walls of the homes and gingerbread “shingles” for the roof. Countless hours are then spent “gluing” the pieces together using icing before artisans begin decorating the exterior.

It’s a lot of work to put together a large gingerbread house display and we’re here to give you a big high-five if you’re ready to whip up a big batch of gingerbread and all the other components from scratch.

But if you’re looking for a simpler alternative that doesn’t involve baking, you’ve come to the right place! Each year we work with our candy suppliers to bring you new and unique gingerbread house kits that contain pre-baked gingerbread and all the “tools” you need to begin construction – and this year is no different!

Like our Advent Calendars, gingerbread house kits are one of those items that sell out quickly, so we encourage you to order early to avoid disappointment as we get closer to the holiday.

Whether crafting a gingerbread house is something you do every year, or you’re ready to start a new tradition, we can’t think of a better holiday activity that brings the entire family together. In fact, our gingerbread house kits are perfect for giving to each family member so they can create their own and you can use them in one large display!

Here are just a few of the gingerbread house kits we have available:

Santa’s Workshop Gingerbread Kit
There’s a magical place way up at the North Pole where Santa’s elves work all year round creating all the toys and gadgets that are loaded in his sleigh for that Christmas Eve trip around the world. This gingerbread house kit features characters from the holiday classic, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, working at Santa’s workshop!

M&M’s Gingerbread Stadium Kit
If you have sports fans in your family, forget a gingerbread house… pick up one of these gingerbread stadiums instead! A fun and unique take from M&M’s that will certainly make for a unique addition to your holiday display.

Polar Express Chocolate Cookie Kit
While not gingerbread, our Polar Express Chocolate Cookie Kit is put together just like a gingerbread house, but with delicious cookies. Your kids will love building one of the most famous locomotives that will look great as part of your holiday decorations.


We have more gingerbread house kits arriving weekly so be sure to check our new items page frequently. In addition, our huge candy warehouse is starting to fill up with all sorts of delicious Christmas candy and treats including fresh popcorn balls, candy canes, Holiday baking supplies and more!

Start a New Tradition with an Advent Calendar this Christmas

There’s no holiday that brings more excitement to young ones than Christmas. From the decorations that adorn homes and neighborhoods to the anticipation of the annual visit from Saint Nick, kids love counting down the days to the big celebration.

One tradition that has been around for generations, and remains popular today, is the Advent Calendar. Used to track the 24 days from the start of Advent to Christmas day, these calendars feature “doors” that you open each day to reveal a special treat inside.

We know it’s hard to resist opening all 24 days at once, but patience is a must!

Our Advent Calendars are always a big hit with our customers and they tend to sell out very quickly. Since they’re seasonal, they’re only available once so when they’re gone, they’re gone until next year.

Check out some of these Advent Calendars for 2020 and get ready to continue the tradition or start a new one with your family.

Toy Story 4 Advent Calendar
Buzz, Woody, Forky, Slinky Dog and the whole gang from Disney / Pixar’s Toy Story 4 are here to help count down the days leading up to Christmas! This Advent Calendar features 24 pieces of Andy’s favorite milk chocolate.

Mickey Mouse Advent Calendar
Oh Boy! Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and friends are here to help you little one get all excited for the big day! Countdown the days leading up to Santa’s visit with our Disney friends and 24 pieces of milk chocolate.

Elf on the Shelf Advent Calendar
Look out, the mischievous little elf dressed in red and white is here! But this time he’s behaving and ready to capture the spirit of the season this Christmas as the star of his very own Advent Calendar complete with 24 pieces of candy.

Frozen 2 Advent Calendar
Christmas and snow are synonymous and we can’t think of a better place to celebrate the holiday than in the kingdom of Arendelle. Anna, Elsa, Olaf and our friends from Disney’s Frozen 2 are all set to help you count down the days to the big celebration!

This is just a sampling of some of this year’s Advent Calendars so be sure to check out the complete selection! If you’re looking for Christmas candy, you’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger selection than what we have in our huge candy warehouse. Be sure to check back often to see what’s new and grab some of your favorites before they’re gone!

Marshmallow PEEPS Won’t be Available for Christmas 2020

Fans of Marshmallow PEEPS were disappointed to learn that the usual assortment of Halloween treats would not be available this year due to COVID-19. We here at Blair Candy were the first to break the news to die-hard fans of the sweet confectionary around the world.

Many were holding out hope that PEEPS would be available for the Christmas season, but we’re here to tell you they won’t be. Like the Grinch, the monster known as COVID, has taken away hopes that Marshmallow PEEPS would be found stuffed in stockings on Christmas morning.

No, this year there won’t be any Marshmallow PEEPS Christmas Trees all decked out with garland and a star on top…

The smiling faces of PEEPS Gingerbread Men will be absent from dessert tables…


Santa will have to rely on Rudolph and the team to pull his sleigh as PEEPS Chocolate Mousse Marshmallow Reindeer will be enjoying an extended vacation this year…

Frosty will have a few less friends to enjoy the holiday with, as Marshmallow PEEPS Snowmen will have to stay way up north until 2021…

…and this year candy cane flavored Marshmallow PEEPS will have to make way for the more traditional candy cane.

Yes, our favorite Christmas PEEPS will be taking this season off, but have no fear, PEEPS will be available just in time for the Easter holiday – and we can’t wait!

In the meantime, there’s still plenty of Christmas candy to choose from and we have plenty of it arriving daily. Be sure to check back often to see what’s new and who knows, while PEEPS are away, you may find a new favorite candy to start a holiday tradition with.

Christmas is Coming and Holiday Treats are Arriving Daily!

Just when all our Halloween candy is about to sold out for the season, our huge candy warehouse is starting to fill up with… you guessed it… Christmas candy!

The most wonderful time of the year is also the sweetest when it comes to seasonal treats. Just like Halloween and Easter, candy manufacturers produce special versions of some of their best sellers as well as holiday staples.

Today we’re going to spotlight some of our new soon-to-be best sellers.

NEW! Bob Ross Ugly Christmas Sweater Sour Candies
Bob Ross invites you to don your best ugly sweater, sit down in front of the television, and chill. After all, the holidays are stressful enough, so watching him paint a merry scene will bring some calm. Oh, and by the way, while you’re chillin’ be sure to pop one of these deliciously sour apple hard candies that are tucked away into this Bob-tastic tin that’s perfect as a stocking stuffer, office gift, or just for fun.

NEW! Mickey and Minnie Disney PEZ Christmas Set
Whether you have a PEZ collector on your list, or a Disney fan, this limited edition Mickey and Minnie PEZ dispenser set is certainly going to be a hit. The world’s most beloved mouse and his best pal Minnie are featured in their festive attire atop a dispenser that comes with six refills. Since this is a limited edition, they will sell out quickly, so don’t miss out!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Gummies
Who can resist a delicious gummy candy? Nobody, right? Any we guarantee you nobody can resist a pack of these cute (and delicious) gummies featuring characters from the timeless Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Rudolph, Santa, and the Abominable Snow Monster. Grab a box for everyone in the family – they’re perfect for snacking on while enjoying the movie.

Christmas candy will be arriving weekly now as the season starts to ramp up. One thing to note for 2020, just like there were no PEEPS Marshmallow candies available for Halloween due to COVID-19, there won’t be any for Christmas either. But have no fear, they will be available for Easter.

To keep up with the latest additions, be sure to check our Christmas Candy page regularly as there’s plenty of sweet treats arriving soon!

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