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Fun Fair Foods You Can Have at Home

It’s time to head to the fair! Yes, it’s that time of the year and we can’t be more excited. Of course, one of the biggest reasons people visit fairs is for the food. After all, where can you get giant pieces of bacon on a stick or just about anything battered and deep-fried?

Along with food, fairs are famous for sweets, treats, and of course candy. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite fun fair treats that we stock and supply to many of the stands you may be visiting when you hit the fair.

No visit to a fair or carnival is complete without stopping for popcorn. But skip the plain variety and go for some of the more delicious (and weird) flavors that are offered. Some of our favorite types of flavored popcorn include milk chocolate and caramel sea salt and… believe it or not… dill pickle! Popcorn is perfect for snacking, so if you can’t make it to the fair, be sure to pick up a bag or two from our great selection.


Cotton Candy
If you asked us years ago if there would ever be cotton candy flavors such as bacon, beer, or churro, we’d give you a crazy look! But this is 2021 and not only are those flavors of cotton candy available but you’ll also find unique ones such as jalapeno, pizza, and once again… dill pickle! Just in case you can’t find all of these flavors at your county fair, we have them ready to ship right to your door including the standard flavors you grew up with.


Sunflower Seeds
While popular at little league baseball games, believe it or not, sunflower seeds are also a popular fair treat. Many vendors roast and salt them right before your eyes and serve them up still warm. Now that we have your mouth watering for this salty treat, you can grab a few bags of DAVID Sunflower Seeds in the original flavor, ranch and even BBQ! But guess what? We also have sunflower seeds in… dill pickle flavor!


You knew we couldn’t end this without having actual pickles to talk about! Many vendors at fairs have barrels and barrels of pickles in many different flavors besides your standard dill pickle. You don’t have to head to the fair to get your pickle fix. We have individually packaged pickles in traditional dill, hot, and Kosher garlic. Keep them nice and cold in the fridge and break them out for a healthy snack.

Of course, no visit to the fair would be complete without coming home without some vendor’s homemade candy, so be sure to support your local family-owned businesses and grab some fudge or taffy on the way out!

Make Summer Fun with these Candy Drinks, Games, and More!

Summer is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about keeping cool, keeping the kids busy, planning some fun family activities, and for parents – surviving until school starts again! But fear not – we’ve come up with some sweet ways to accomplish all those goals and have some fun along the way.

Let’s start off with one of our favorite ways to cool off on a hot summer day. Whether you’re hanging out at the pool, kicking back on the front porch, or staying inside with the air conditioning, nothing refreshes more than an ice-cold glass of Jolly Rancher Lemonade.

To make this cool summer beverage all you need is Jolly Rancher candies and your favorite fresh-squeezed or store-bought lemonade. Take a few Jolly Ranchers, approximately two or three for each cup of lemonade, and place them unwrapped in a microwave-safe glass measuring cup.

Fill the cup with just enough lemonade to cover the candies and microwave on high for 60 – 90 seconds. When the cycle is complete, give them a stir. If the candies didn’t fully dissolve, give them more time in the microwave until they do. Just make sure you stir them up after each heating.

Once they are fully dissolved, transfer them to your favorite glass, add additional lemonade and serve chilled or on ice. Experiment with different flavors of Jolly Ranchers to make a unique flavored lemonade each time!

If the kids are looking for a game to play, we’ve got one that’s fun to play and can be eaten when they’re all played out.

To make a Candy Tic-Tac-Toe game, start off with everyone’s favorite licorice treat, TWIZZLERS. Cut the TWIZZLERS Twists into equal lengths and arrange them into a tic-tac-toe grid.

Then give each player five HERSHEYS KISSES of the same color. Players take turns putting their candy KISSES on the grid until one gets three in a row and is declared the winner. By the way, this is a perfect game for birthday parties!

One of our favorite things to do on a summer night is to sit around a fire and make S’mores! These three-ingredient bites of bliss are so simple to make and are so sinfully delicious. To make smores, gather up graham crackers, marshmallows, and HERSHEYS Chocolate Bars.

To make S’mores, simply place a marshmallow on the end of a stick and heat it over the fire until it’s golden brown. Place the marshmallow between two pieces of graham cracker with a piece of HERSHEYS chocolate. The heat from the marshmallow will melt the chocolate just enough to make it soft.

If you want to make this treat even more delicious, skip the graham cracker and just sandwich the marshmallow between two pieces of chocolate!

Now, one final note! If you’re sending the kids off to summer camp, you’ll want to make sure they have everything they will need to survive their adventure. Socks, underwear, plenty of shirts and shorts, and… candy!

No good explorer ever discovered anything without having a supply of snacks and sweets to get the adventure started. Our Camp Survival Kit is packed with more than 50 pieces of candy and snacks that will satisfy when the craving hits and a convenience store is an hour away!

Fun Candy Kits Imported from Japan

Whoever said you shouldn’t play with your food has never seen these candy treats imported from Japan. We recently wrote about how creative Japanese candy makers are and highlighted some of our favorite candy from Japan. Today we’re going to share some sweets that are fun to play with and even more fun to eat!

Let’s start off with one that is taking social media by storm…

Kracie Popin Cookin Ramen Noodle Candy Set
This Japanese candy set allows you to “cook” up a whole meal! You start off with a mango “pudding,” then move on to making ramen toppings. But it doesn’t stop there! You then get to put your creativity to the test by making dumplings and a spring roll. But the fun begins when you start to make the ramen noodles. As the video shows below, this is a fun process and something that your whole family can be involved with.


Kracie Popin Cookin Sushi Candy Set
No Japanese meal would be complete without sushi and this is one sweet version! There’s nothing fishy about this sushi even tho you get to make tuna, salmon roe, and egg varieties. Just follow the instructions and in no time you’ll have delicious candy sushi that may be better than the real thing!

Kracie Popin Cookin Tanoshii Burger
Straight from Tokyo, Japan is… an American burger! Japan does have McDonald’s so it makes sense that one popular Japanese candy would be this American classic. This candy kit has everything you need to create a sweet (and fun) version of our favorite meal – a burger, fries, and a cola!

Kracie Popin Cookin Cake Dessert Set
What meal is complete without dessert? None that we can think of, so it’s time to whip some up! This Japanese candy kit allows you to make soft ice cream, a tarte, and a cake! Of course, all the instructions are included, it only takes a few minutes, and your creation will look almost too good to eat.

All of these candy kits are perfect family night. They’re inexpensive and so much fun that you’ll want to buy several and give each family member one of their own.

Best Parade Candy 2021 Edition!

With COVID-19 restrictions easing up around the country, this summer is shaping up to be one full of fun, surprises, and plenty of outdoor activities. There’s one activity we’re all looking forward to – neighborhood festivals and bazaars! These events usually kick off with a big parade to get everyone hyped up and in a festive mood.

If you’re planning a parade for your fire company, church, neighborhood association, or other organization, you already know that engaging spectators along the parade route is a must. The sweetest way to do it is to toss candy into the crowd.

Think about how exciting it was for you, as a child, to try to catch a piece of bubble gum or a Tootsie Roll as they were thrown from fire engines. Of course, you always sought out the Mayor as he was the one who handed out giant lollipops!

Candy and parades go hand-in-hand and this year everyone in the neighborhood is even more deserving of a sweet treat, so we’re highlighting some of our favorite parade candy that you can purchase in bulk to toss on your route.

Tootsie Frooties
Here’s a giant 4lb bag of everyone’s favorite chewy candy. Just how many Tootsies are there? How about more than 550! This bag contains an assortment of the most popular flavors which include green apple, strawberry, grape, pink lemonade, passion fruit, blue raspberry, fruit punch and lemon lime.



Sweetarts Twists
It doesn’t get any bigger than this! 30 whopping pounds of Sweetarts are in this mega box that is perfect for tossing at your parade. In fact, one of our customers reviewed this item and said, “We bought these for a parade. They worked great. Good quality. It is amazing how heavy 30lb of Sweetarts are.” Now you can’t go wrong with a review like that!

Jolly Rancher
Nobody can resist the delicious flavors of Jolly Rancher hard candies and they’re perfect for parades. This 5lb bag contains more than 375 pieces in an assortment of flavors that include watermelon, apple, cherry, grape, and blue raspberry.

Double Bubble Bubble Gum
No article about parade candy would be complete without talking about bubble gum. Our favorite for parades is Double Bubble and we have it in a big tub that contains 300 pieces of gum in the original Double Bubble flavor as well as watermelon, apple, and grape.

Now here’s a hint when it comes to selecting parade candy. Chocolate melts! You’re going to want to avoid tossing out miniature candy bars or any type of candy that can melt in the heat. While our huge candy warehouse is climate controlled, once orders leave our warehouse they are transported in non-airconditioned delivery trucks. Chocolate and the summer heat aren’t really the best of friends. So choose your parade candy wisely and feel free to contact us for suggestions and how we can make your parade a huge success!

International Candy Spotlight: Favorites from Japan

Hey candy lovers, are you ready to embark on yet another adventure to check up on some different treats from around the world? We are! So today we’re going to take a trip to a country that brings us fun, unique, and downright tasty sweets – Japan.

It’s no secret that Japan is known for its creative spin on food and candy is no exception. Unique combinations, bright colors, and strong flavors are hallmarks of Japanese candy and many brands have a cult following here in the United States. Here are a few favorites that we stock in our candy warehouse:

Puchao Gummy Soft Candy
If you’re looking for one of the more unique Japanese candies, look no further than Puchao. Known as Japan’s favorite gummy candy, one bite and you’ll know why! Each one of these gummy candies hides a burst of fizz of flavor inside that create a taste explosion. For example, the Cola flavored Puchao features cola gummies inside the center of the gummy along with “fizzy tablets” that when combined make this candy taste just like you opened up a bottle of pop.

Kasugai Gummy Candy
Once you try these Japanese gummy candies you may not snack on any other. Yes, they are that good! Available in several flavors including mango, grape, apple, and more. Plus, they are all gluten-free and some contain real fruit juice. What makes them unique is that each one is individually wrapped and slightly larger than gummy candy we’re familiar with here in the United States.

From gummy, we move to chewy and there’s no chewier candy than a Hi-Chew. In fact, this Japanese candy bills itself as being “intensely chewy” and it sure is, but along with being chewy these have an incredible amount of flavor which makes them one of our favorites. Available in multiple flavors such as grape, apple, mango, and more.


Shrimp Chips
Let’s end our trip by having a snack and we have a truly unique one for you – Shrimp Chips! Yes, you heard that right. These imported Japanese snacks are puffed wheat which is baked then garlic shrimp flavored. These chips have been around for more than 50 years and are one of the most popular snacks in Japan. In addition to shrimp and garlic flavored chips we also shrimp and wasabi if you want to kick it up a little bit!

We hope you enjoyed taking a virtual trip with us to check out some of our favorite imported snacks from Japan. If you missed our favorites from the UK, be sure to check them out as well. Remember, if you’re looking for imported candy, we have a great selection from around the world that we stock in our warehouse and are in stock and ready to ship without delay!

International Candy Spotlight: Favorites from the United Kingdom

Are you ready for a vacation? I know all of us here in our huge candy warehouse are ready to travel now that summer is here. But in case your vacation plans are still on hold or aren’t finalized yet, we’re here to take you on an international journey via candy!

Besides stocking all of the brands of candy you know and love that are available here in the United States, we carry a whole selection of candy and snacks from around the world.

Today, we’re going to travel virtually to the United Kingdom and explore some of their delicious, not to mention unique, candy and snacks.

You’re probably familiar with the United States version of Smarties – the sugary, sweet, tablet-like candy that comes in a roll. Stateside they are one of the most popular candies, especially at Halloween. However, the UK version of Smarties is far different! These candies come in a tube and feature a chocolate center covered in a candy shell. Sound familiar? Of course… these Smarties are pretty similar to M&Ms.

Flake Chocolate Bar
Every now and then someone notices something weird and a lightbulb goes off! That happens to be the case with the Flake bar, which was created by chance. Back in 1920, a Cadbury candy maker noticed excess chocolate falling from molds during a manufacturing process. This excess chocolate was piling up into thin layers and when cooled turned into a unique, unintentional bar of delicious chocolate. The Flake bar has been around for over a century and is as sweet as ever! Now you can try this fantastic chocolate bar made in a manufacturing process so top-secret, only a few people are privy to it.

Lion Bar
Here’s a unique candy bar straight from the UK. The Lion bar combines a wafer (think something along the lines of a Kit Kat) and crisp cereal (think Rice Krispies) molded together then covered with rich, milk chocolate. This British treat has been around since 1974 and gets its name from what the candy bar looks like then you split it in half… a lion’s mane!

Rowntrees Fruit Gums
When we talk about gummy candy here in the United States we immediately think of gummy bears and gummy worms – soft, chewy candy. While the name of this candy implies “gummy,” they’re actually more like a Ju Ju Fruit. Originally introduced in 1893, the gums were round and were packaged in a tube. Since 2020, they now come in small bags and they lost their round shape. They are now shaped like each of the fruit flavors they represent. So how do they compare to our version of gummy candy? You’ll find these have a bit of a more firm texture but are packed with flavor!

There you have it! Some of our favorite candies from the UK. All of our international candy is imported directly to us and is stocked in our candy warehouse ready to ship to you without delay! Be sure to stay tuned for another trip to a foreign land to explore the sweet delights that await from overseas!

All Chocolate NECCO Wafers are now Available!

Lately, in the candy world, everything old is new again! And that’s great news for nostalgic candy fans. We recently wrote about the return of one of our favorite candy bars, the NECCO Sky Bar – and today we have news about another NECCO classic.

If you follow our blog, you probably know that in 2018 NECCO, the New England Confectionary Company closed after filing for bankruptcy. The company is best known for its candy wafers which have been produced since 1847. Like Sky Bar, the NECCO Wafers were almost lost forever when the candy company closed shop.

Shortly after NECCO closed, Spangler Candy scooped up the recipe and equipment used to make NECCO Wafers, and production resumed in 2019. Almost immediately after hitting the shelves from their short vacation, NECCO Wafers became an instant hit once again. Fans of the classic candy were delighted to have one of their favorites back, while the press and excitement surrounding their return garnered a whole batch of new fans.


NECCO Wafers come in eight delicious flavors – lemon, lime, orange, clove, cinnamon, wintergreen, licorice and chocolate. Now, can you guess which is the most popular?

If you said “chocolate,” you’re right! Spangler kept the taste of seven flavors exactly the same but tweaked the chocolate to have a richer cocoa flavor which fans instantly noticed.

In response, Spangler has introduced a roll of… you guessed it… all chocolate NECCO Wafers!

“Once we brought back the original assorted roll of Necco Wafers this past summer, the demand for the chocolate roll was almost instantaneous,” says Diana Eschhofen, Spangler director, corporate communications. “We know this has been a long-awaited return, and we’re ready to give chocolate candy lovers something they’ve been missing.”

Both the assorted roll of NECCO Wafers and the new all-chocolate roll are in stock in our huge candy warehouse, so be sure to buy a box of both! Speaking of nostalgic candy, we’ve got the largest selection of all your favorites so be sure to check out everything we have – you may just find an old-time candy favorite you forgot about!

The Classic NECCO Sky Bar is Back!

There’s a lot of excitement at our huge candy warehouse this week. Why? Well, we’re excited over the return of one of our all-time favorite nostalgic candy bars – Sky Bar!

Sky Bar was manufactured by NECCO, the New England Confectionery Company, from 1938 up until their bankruptcy in 2018. This unfortunate event also paused the production of the famous NECCO Wafers which made their return in 2019.

Production of Sky Bar has resumed using the original recipe by the Sky Bar Confectionery Company – a small candy company based in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The company began making Sky Bars in small batches and production ramped up as word got out about the famous candy bar’s return.

If you’re not familiar with Sky Bar, it is considered a “molded chocolate bar” – something pretty revolutionary for 1938. The bar is made in a mold that features four individual “compartments.” Each compartment is first layered with rich milk chocolate then infused with fudge, vanilla, peanut, and caramel. A top layer of chocolate is added to complete the bar and make it one single piece. To eat the Sky Bar, you simply break off one of the four “compartments” and enjoy this delicious 4-in-1 candy bar!

The four flavors inside Sky Bar have evolved over the years. The four original flavors were English toffee, nougat, nut butter toffee, and fudge parfait. A slight change was made in 1955 and English toffee, honey nougat, peanut whip, and fudge parfait were the four flavors. Today’s fudge, vanilla, peanut, and caramel flavors were introduced in 2001.

While we were sad to see NECCO leave the candy scene, we’re happy that companies such as Sky Bar Confectionary Company have stepped up to bring back some of this nostalgic candy that many of us love so much.

Earlier we mentioned that NECCO Wafers are back. Those are being produced by the Spangler Candy Company and are available in the original roll of assorted flavors as well as a roll of all chocolate NECCO Wafers.

If we got your taste buds watering for some old-fashioned candy, be sure to check out our selection of nostalgic candy – you may find one of your favorites is still being manufactured today!

Our Favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

What do you get when you combine chocolate and peanut butter? A scrumptiously delicious treat that’s hard to resist, of course! Being that Easter is right around the corner, there’s never a better time to find a greater selection of this irresistible combination than right now.

Indulge us for a moment as we take a stroll around our huge candy warehouse and put together a list of our favorite chocolate peanut butter Easter eggs.

Gardner’s Peanut Butter Meltaway Egg
This happens to be one of our all-time favorites – and for good reason! Gardner’s has been making chocolate treats since 1897 and they are credited with making the original peanut butter meltaway egg. Always one of our best sellers and a treat that many of our customers wait patiently for every year, this chocolate egg gets its name from how it deliciously “melts” away one sweet bite after another. We sell them in a box of 24 and for good reason – you just can’t have one!

Zitner’s Peanut Butter Egg
Straight out of Philly, Zitner’s has been making chocolate for nearly a century and their selection of delicious candy Easter Eggs is a fan favorite year after year. None is more popular (and delicious) than their version of the chocolate peanut butter egg. A delicious, creamy peanut butter center is covered in their family-recipe milk chocolate. One bite and you’ll know why faithful fans wait patiently for these to arrive each spring.

Asher’s Peanut Butter Meltaway Egg
If you’re looking for a hand-made treat that contains no artificial sweeteners, trans fats, partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial colors, your search is over! These peanut butter meltaway eggs have the “smoothest peanut butter I’ve ever tasted” according to one of our satisfied customers and we tend to agree. Plus, Asher’s delicious milk chocolate has a taste that’s hard to beat.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs
Without a doubt, we could not wrap up our list of favorites without including Reese’s! After all, the makers of the world’s best selling peanut butter cup makes one of the best chocolate peanut butter Easter eggs! Plus, they make them in a wide variety to satisfy every craving. From the traditional egg-shape in milk chocolate to a decadent white chocolate variety and even a ginormous 6oz GIANT egg. Best of all, the great taste of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is found in each and every one of their Easter egg varieties.

Be sure to check out all of our chocolate Easter eggs as well as our huge selection of Easter candy. We’ve got everything to fill your baskets at home or plenty of candy in bulk to use for Easter egg hunts.

Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans for Easter

Take a moment to think about Easter morning as a child. Waking up early to see what the Easter Bunny had left for you overnight. Over in the corner is a colorful basket, complete with plastic “grass,” overflowing with all types of sugary delights including a long time favorite – jelly beans!

Jelly beans have long been associated with Easter due to their egg-like appearance, but unlike other types of Easter candy, they’re available year round. However, Easter is when the most jelly beans are sold with a great number of them being used in Easter egg hunts where plastic eggs are filled with the colorful candy beans.

While many think jelly beans are available in the standard, popular eight fruity flavors, one company has taken the jelly bean to the next level by creating dozens and dozens of unique, weird, curious, yet delicious flavors.

Jelly Belly is perhaps the world’s most popular gourmet jelly bean. In fact, they’re so popular President Ronald Reagan – a HUGE jelly bean fan – called on Jelly Belly to provide their famous beans for his presidential inauguration. During his term in office, he famously had a bowl of jelly beans in the Oval Office and had a standing order of 720 bags delivered to the White House each month.

Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans are a big seller here at Blair Candy, but even more so at Easter when everyone wants to indulge a little more! Let’s take a look at what Jelly Belly has to offer to fill up your Easter baskets:

Jelly Belly Snack Size Pack Jelly Beans
These individually packaged small bags of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans contain an assortment of their 20 most popular flavors. They’re great for Easter baskets, keeping in your desk at work for an afternoon pick-me-up, or having on hand for whenever a craving hits you.

Jelly Belly Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Parlor Mix Jelly Beans
Nobody can resist a cone of Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream and now you can have your favorite flavors (Chocolate Devotion, Strawberry Blonde, Birthday Cake, Apple Pie Ala Mode, and Mint Chocolate Chip) in jelly bean form.

Jelly Belly Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Jelly Beans
Hot Donuts Now! If you love the delicious Cinnamon Apple, Strawberry Iced, Blueberry Cake, Original Glazed and Chocolate Iced Sprinkles doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, you’re going to fall in love with these jelly beans.

Jelly Belly Sugar Free Jelly Beans
If you’re looking for sugar-free Easter candy, look no further! Jelly Belly Sugar Free Jelly Beans are made with Splenda and taste just like the original. These individual bags are packed with a selection of Buttered Popcorn, Sizzling Cinnamon, Tangerine, Green Apple, Juicy Pear, Licorice, Cherry, Lemon, Pineapple, and Strawberry jelly beans.

Of course, we have plenty more jelly beans for Easter, including big bulk 10-pound bags that are perfect for large Easter egg hunts. Be sure to check out our complete jelly bean selection as well as all of our Easter candy and order your favorites before they’re gone!

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