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Santa Claus Candy Gift Boxes Will Hold Old-Fashioned Christmas Candy Perfectly

A Thin Cardboard Santa Claus Candy Gift Box | BlairCandy.comSometimes you just want to do things your own way. No one else can tell you how to do it; you just know how you want it done, and that settles it. That’s how we feel sometimes about old-fashioned Christmas candy. This type of candy has real character, bringing us back mentally to older, simpler times, maybe to our childhoods, when certain candies were made that aren’t really made or well known anymore. Washburn’s old-fashioned hard candies. Pink and white sugar popcorn. Gilliam candy sticks. Cella’s chocolate-covered cherries. These all ring a nostalgic bell for us.

Here at Blair Candy, we wanted to provide you with a means to present that old-fashioned Christmas candy this season. Our cardboard candy boxes are one and 7/8 inches deep, three inches tall, and four inches wide. The boxes feature a classic illustration of Santa Claus being borne along in his sleigh by his reindeer, a truly traditional Christmas image. Or, if you prefer religious themes, we have another cardboard candy box featuring Mary and the baby Jesus. These boxes are intentionally non-commercial, inviting you to fill them with all kinds of nostalgic holiday candy treats and gift them to your family and friends.

Give the gift of old-fashioned Christmas candy this year, and do it the way you want. Build your own Christmas candy boxes at!

Christmas Candy in Bulk Can Be a Complement Rather than the Main Affair

A Pile of Chopped Snickers Pieces for Toppings | BlairCandy.comEvery time of year kind of has its own candy themes. On St. Patrick’s Day you’ll see chocolate coins everywhere. Easter’s got all kinds of sweet bunnies, chicks, and eggs. Halloween’s known for creepy chocolate and gummy candy, and Christmas has delicious chocolates, candy canes, and so much more. But don’t forget that candy is also well equipped to take a back seat to larger sweets like pies, cakes, and ice cream. The combinations of candy and baked goods that you can make are nearly endless.

For instance, suppose you wanted to prepare some ice cream sundaes for yourself and others and wanted an unusual topping that you were fairly certain everyone would love. For that, we’d suggest Snickers chopped topping, a lovely Christmas candy in bulk that basically consists of Snickers bars chopped up into nugget pieces that are just perfect for dropping over a pile of chocolate syrupy ice cream as a nice extra touch.

Or how about the same idea, but for a cake topping? This time, we’ll make that topping some chopped Reese’s peanut butter cups, little nuggets of scrumptious Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter. How could you say no to that? Seriously.

Christmas candy in bulk is so much more than it appears. Whether as a main dessert dish or simply as a topping to an equally sweet baked concoction, this candy works either way. Check out your bulk candy at!

Let Hershey Holiday Candy Warm Up Your Kitchen this Season

Bag of Hershey’s Kitchens Special Dark Chocolate Chips | BlairCandy.comAmidst all the scattered things you have to think about during the holidays, we bet you’re a little ambivalent about baking. And think of these things you have to do: buying presents, wrapping presents, putting up your tree, decorating the tree, decorating the house, preparing dinner, maybe throw in some snow shoveling… The point is that you’re probably wondering if baking cookies on top of all that is even worth it. The answer to that is, well, of course it is.

It’s basically not the Christmas season without cookies, and even though baking does take some time and effort, it’s for a really, really good cause, which is feeding the masses of your family and friends with mouthwateringly delicious holiday cookies. So here’s some help with that to make things a bit easier this winter. First get some Hershey holiday candy as a base for your cookies. Then follow this easy recipe. You’ll need: two sticks of butter, 3/4 cup granulated sugar, 3/4 cup light brown sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, two eggs, 2 and 1/4 cups of all-purpose flour, one teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and two cups of Hershey’s chocolate chips (any kind you want!)!

First, heat your oven to 375 degrees F. Use a mixer to beat the butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, and vanilla in a large bowl until it’s all creamy. Then add eggs and continue to mix. Separately, combine the flour, baking soda, and salt and then add it to the buttery mixture. Then add in your Hershey’s chocolate chips. Use a teaspoon to form cookies on a cookie sheet.

Then just bake them all for 8 to 10 minutes until the cookies are lightly browned. Oh, and enjoy the roughly 60 cookies this recipe makes! For all Hershey holiday candy, shop

For Wholesale Christmas Candy, Check Out Bulk Christmas Pez Dispensers

A Box of Bulk Christmas Pez Dispensers | BlairCandy.comCome on, who doesn’t love a cute little Pez dispenser, especially when it’s themed as some of your favorite fictional characters or for the holidays? The thing that’s always made Pez dispensers special is their good old uniqueness. The dispensers themselves are like toys, and you lift their heads up and take delicious sugar candy tablets from their necks. When the candy is gone, you can refill the dispenser or keep it as a collectible. We’ve all had a lot of fun with these over the years, and now we’re bringing to you these seasonal Pez dispensers in loveable Christmas characters!

Each box of these you order from us contains 12 individually wrapped Pez dispensers, with candy included in each dispenser. So who do you get in the packages? Well, you get a delightful snowman, reindeer, Christmas dog, and, of course, Santa Claus himself! These will all make excellent stocking stuffers or just little gifties for kids and adults alike, as no one can say no to a fun Pez dispenser, particularly during a holiday time of year.

These Christmas Pez dispensers remind people that some things don’t have to go away and be “of the past.” Pez hasn’t gone anywhere. You can still enjoy it all, right here. Get a box or two of these adorable Christmas Pez dispensers. Blair Candy is a noted retailer of wholesale Christmas candy, so you know you can depend on us for all your bulk candy needs.

For more holiday candy this season, head to!

Marshmallow Charm Bits Are the Christmas Candy in Bulk You Need for Your Gingerbread House

A Pile of Marshmallow Charm Bits Candies | BlairCandy.comHere at Blair Candy, we’re proud to offer not only delicious candies for every conceivable occasion year round, but also fun candies. Being that we are well into the holiday season now, we want to do everything we can to make this special time of year enjoyable for you, and one of those things involves offering you supplies for your very own gingerbread houses!

You know the story on gingerbread houses, right? They’ve been part of Christmas culture since forever, are absolutely adorable, and are totally fun to make (and eat!). The gingerbread itself is of course a scrumptious delight, but what makes each gingerbread house special are the ways you decorate yours, and no two houses are exactly alike.

A gingerbread cottage kit from Wonka will get you all set up with your house, but regarding the decorating: why not try some marshmallow charm bits? These aren’t big, fluffy marshmallows like you would use for s’mores. Instead, they’re small marshmallow pieces like you find in cereals. The bits come in an assortment of bright colors, perfect for attaching to your gingerbread house with icing. Don’t be afraid of going overboard with them: these marshmallow bits are small, and you’ll want a bunch of them on there so you can eat them all later on!

Marshmallow charm bits are a great Christmas candy in bulk to get this season for your cute little gingerbread house. For all our bulk holiday candy, visit

Christmas M&M’s in Bulk Have the Holiday Colors You Need for Your House

A Bag of Red and Green Christmas M&M’s in Bulk | BlairCandy.comStarting usually sometime in November, you can find red and green, the traditional colors of Christmas, pretty much everywhere. They’ll generally be in the form of decorations or lights on people’s houses, small trinkets inside the house, or on ugly Christmas sweaters.

But have you ever thought of decorating your house with color using candy? Hey, candy has plenty of colors to go around, too (we’ll get to the lovely bright colors of marshmallow Easter Peeps next spring!). For this particular post, we’re recommending you go with red and green M&M’s in bulk, perfect for Christmas! Pour a bunch of these into bowls and place them strategically around the house so they catch the eye as being much more than just a candy: they’re also a decoration!

But of course, you won’t want to go through these delicious milk chocolate M&M’s too fast. That means you’ll also have to bake them into cookies for enjoying later! Who doesn’t love a good M&M cookie, especially at the holidays? Imagine red and green M&M’s sitting inside a golden-browned sugar cookie. We’re getting ourselves hungry!

So let red and green M&M’s in bulk handle your interior decorating this year. And for more Christmas-colored candies, visit!

Pink & White Sugar Corn Is Your Perfect Old-Fashioned Christmas Candy

Old-Fashioned Sugar Corn Christmas Candy | BlairCandy.comWhen you’re looking to be different with your holiday enjoyment, you have a lot you can try. Old-timey decorations for the house are always nice. Classic older ornaments on your Christmas tree will work, too. But how about for your holiday snacking? How can there be old-time food, you ask? We know all about that!

If you want old-fashioned Christmas candy, look no further than Blair Candy! One item we’d like to highlight here is old-fashioned sugar corn by Molstoller’s. This pink and white popcorn isn’t like the normal snack you’re used to. It’s covered with a thick layer of sugar and is harder than standard popcorn. These features make it a most unique holiday snack and definitely one you could qualify as “old fashioned.” After all, this snack belongs to a simpler time, before people started eating all the massively commercial candies of today.

If you’re looking to stand out this Christmas, or even if you just want to chow down on some different snacks this year, check out old-fashioned Christmas candy like the pink and white sugar corn we mentioned. This absolutely delicious treat is just waiting to be added into your candy rotation. For more nostalgic Christmas sweets, visit!

Use Halloween Snickers Leftovers in this Yummy Apple Dip!

Green Apple Slices Sitting on Wooden Table | BlairCandy.comWhen it comes time to use the leftover Halloween candy, we’ve got the perfect recipe for you to try. This yummy apple dip uses Halloween Snickers Candy Bars to give you a little taste of chocolate and caramel. It’s perfect for enjoying as a special treat after school or for serving up at a party. Here’s how to make it – it’s so easy!

Halloween Snickers Caramel Apple Dip
Start by taking two 8 ounce packages of cream cheese and letting them soften gently. Beat the cream cheese until creamy with about 1 teaspoon of vanilla, 3/4 cup of brown sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, and 1/4 cup of caramel sauce or ice cream topping. Set aside.

Then take your leftover Snickers bars (2 full-sized bars should work!) and chop up roughly so that you have some bite-sized pieces. Fold gently into the cream cheese dip. Save a few of the fun size for topping your dip. Drizzle the top with a bit more caramel sauce.

Then, slice up your favorite apple varieties (we love this with tart green ones!) and enjoy by dipping the slices into the dip. This sweet treat can also work great with graham crackers and pretzels if you’re looking for a bit more crunch! always has you covered with delicious candy recipes!

Cool Halloween Candy Jokes Your Kids Will Love!

Cool Halloween Candy Buckets Carried by Trick-or-Treaters | BlairCandy.comWhen trick or treating, it’s not uncommon for your friends and neighbors to ask for a joke, a song, a dance, or something fun from your little one before handing out candy. Not to worry! Blair Candy is here to save the day with a few cute Halloween candy jokes you can use while trick or treating this Halloween.

What’s a chocolate covered pretzel’s favorite dance? The Twist!

Why are ghosts so clever? Because they eat lots of Smarties!

What do you call candy that was stolen? Hot chocolate!

What do you call a cow that can’t moo? A Milk Dud!

What Halloween candy is never on time for trick or treating? Choco-LATE!

What did the Starburst say to the Mars Bar when they first met? Going my Milky Way

And of course, we can also help with our selection of cool Halloween candy, perfect for handing out to visitors of all ages as they reach your door in costume! For all your Halloween candy and joke needs, visit!

How to Prepare Your Home for Trick-or-Treaters

Trick-or-Treater Holding Orange Plastic Pumpkin Bowl | BlairCandy.comYou may have a big bowl of wrapped Halloween candy ready to go, but are you REALLY ready for those trick-or-treaters? If not, you’re not alone! Sometimes, it’s a bit of a last-minute rush to get everything in place for your neighborhood visitors, but don’t worry – we’re here to help! Be sure to follow this checklist to make your home a hotspot for Halloween activity!

● Clear your walkway from the sidewalk to your home so that it’s safe for trick-or-treaters to get to your door. Walking in masks and costumes is tough enough!

● Pick the best spot for handing out candy. Most people choose their doorway or porch, but if you’ve got a long driveway or a tricky path to the patio, think about setting up a candy stop closer to the sidewalk. Make it fun by turning it into a whole display, complete with spooky decorations!

● Let there be light! Houses that are well-lit are favorites for trick-or-treaters, so make sure your pathways and home are illuminated to let everyone know that you’re accepting knocks (and knock-knock jokes if they have any to tell!).

Finally, offer a variety of Halloween candy to suit every taste. Some kids may not like chocolate while others may prefer gummies. A variety can make for some very happy kids in your neighborhood! We’ve got you covered there with our huge selection of Halloween candies to choose from on!

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