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Candy Party Favors

Planning a Spring Wedding? Let us help!

Wedding Candy | Did you get engaged over the holiday season? Congratulations! This means you may be spending your winter planning your spring or fall wedding. If so, let us help with the sweet parts of your ceremony! Whether you’re planning a full candy buffet or just a few party favors, Blair Candy is the place to go for your bulk wedding candy. Here are a few suggestions on candy planning to get you started:

First, if you want to put out a full candy buffet, figure out how many people you plan on inviting. Many sources suggest that you should plan to have enough candy for every guest to take home about a pound and a half of candy. This doesn’t include the big, centerpiece treats such as cupcakes, oversized lollipops, or full sized candy bars.

Second, where will your ceremony be held? If you plan on spending the majority of the reception outside, stay away from candies that will melt, like regular chocolates or gummy candy. Instead, plan for Sixlets, lollipops, or the classic Jordan almond.

Finally, check out candies in your color scheme. We have plenty of wedding candy by color, so you can find the best candy that will stay within your theme. Don’t forget to add an accent color or two to your candy selection!

Start looking at wedding candy today at!

Novelty Candy with your Favorite Characters!

Fun Novelty Candy |

What makes a delicious candy even more fun? A candy with your favorite characters! These themed candies make a great surprise for a friend, a fun party favor, or as a way to spice up a candy buffet! What’s great about these candies is you can keep the unique container long after you’ve finished the candy. Here are a few novelty candy choices we think you’ll find really cool:

Everyone remembers a video or a board game that they loved growing up. These candies take nostalgia to a whole new level. The Rubik’s Cube, Magic 8 Ball, or Nintendo Controller tins filled with either mints of candy are a great way to add a retro vibe to a typical candy surprise.

What if you’re looking for a specific character? This may be the case if you’re planning a birthday party centered around you child’s favorite TV character. We have plenty of candies that will add to the magic of a themed birthday. For example, there’s Hello Kitty, Super Mario, My Little Pony, and Star Wars are all super popular in children’s parties right now, so we have a huge selection of themed candies.

Finally, what if you need to add to a theme? For instance, Halloween is coming up, so scary themes candies would be perfect to add to the festivities. Try these OUIJA mints or these spooky zombie candies for adding to the haunted candy buffet!

There are plenty of novelty characters with well-loved characters, themes, and more at! Find these and other candy treats for the perfect party or surprise for someone you love.

Traditional Wedding Candy for Your Summer Wedding

Wedding Candy | BlairCandy.comSummer weddings usually are a little more laid back than the other seasons. However, traditional wedding candy still makes an appearance at these events. While you can really spice things up with a candy buffet, you should make sure you have the following somewhere at the event.

Jordan Almonds: These candy coated almonds are a wedding staple. Choose from a variety of colors or go with a simple white color to fill jars at the buffet or add to small bags for a take away treat.

Pastel Mints: While the colors don’t appeal to those choosing decorations, these mints are just as soft as they are sweet. Because of this, many overlook the colors and serve them anyway.

Melty Mints: These are extremely similar to pastel mints, especially when it comes to the colors. However, they melt a little faster which gives them the difference from pastel mints.

Whether you want to go traditional or a little more modern, Blair Candy has the treats you need for your candy buffet, decorations, or as treats to take away.

Lollipops in Bulk for Your Party

Lollipops in Bulk | BlairCandy.comWhat can be used as decoration and party favors for your next party? Lollipops! Blair Candy has a large selection of lollipops that can go with any party theme. But what should you choose? We have a few suggestions:

Color Splash Lollipops are the most versatile. With nine different flavors and colors, you can mix and match these lollipops in bulk to get the best combinations.

While you won’t be able to completely pick and choose the colors you need, you’ll get the most flavor from these retro lollipops. These are best for goodie bags, as they are a bit smaller than the other lollipops.

Are you basing your theme off of certain character or movie? Find lollipops that have your character on them, have toys attached, or have a crazy flavor to fit the theme.

No matter what you theme is, color scheme, or occasion, Blair Candy has the lollipops in bulk to go with it all. Shop all candy now to throw the party of the year!


Novelty Candy Perfect for Party Favors!

Novelty Candy | BlairCandy.comPlanning a birthday party can have a lot of moving parts. Ordering a cake, finding decorations, coming up with activities, and of course the party favors. Let Blair Candy help out in planning with our huge selection of novelty candy. Our candy finds make the perfect party favor! While we have a huge variety in a number of characters and flavors, here are some we really love:

Wacky Monkey Candy – This candy-filled tube is topped with a silly monkey! It’s perfect for parties at the zoo or a jungle themed event.

Pez Dispensers – Who doesn’t love a Pez Dispenser? Find the theme of your child’s party, or their favorite characters in bulk boxes. Just add them to the bag and you’re done!

Candy Blocks – Kids go crazy for this candy! Every child can have their own box and they’ll have fun playing with it.

Gummi Lunch Bag – This super fun snack will make anyone smile. It’s packed with plenty of gummy goodies for kids to share when they leave the party or keep for themselves.

This is just the beginning of the fun. Check out Blair Candy’s huge selection of novelty candy that is ready to party! Shop now to start choosing the perfect party favor.

Tips for Your Candy Buffet

Candy in Bulk | So you want to have a candy buffet for your next event? Great choice! Candy buffets are not only very visually appealing, but they also give your guests a place to mingle and snack, as well as give them a treat to take home. But what should you know before buying your candy in bulk?

Measure. There is a science to it! Experts say you should plan for about a half pound of candy per guest. The more guests you have, the more unwrapped candy in bulk you should buy. And for individually wrapped candies, plan for one full sized bar per guest.

Mix It Up. Depending on how many guests, you should have a variety of types of candy. When planning for under 80 guests, try about four to five types. For a head count over 80 plan for about seven to eight types of candy. Remember, you can also add other sweets, like cookies, macarons, and cupcakes to your candy bar, which can cut down on the types of sweets you have to get.

Visual Appeal. Mix up the type of containers you use to display your candies. Choose from apothecary jars, bowls, platters, and tiered trays to hold treats. Just make sure guests can easily access them.

Regardless of what kind of candies you choose, by taking the time to plan your buffet, you can create one that is visually appealing and appetizing! Find candy in bulk of all, shapes, sizes, and flavors at You’ll find cool candies to go with your display in no time!

Start Planning those Spring Wedding Favors with Wedding Candy!

Wedding candy favorsSpring weddings are right around the corner and you may be stumped on one last detail. Whether it’s a favor for your guest or one more feature for your reception, wedding candy is your answer. Blair Candy has a variety of candy that is perfect for your wedding.

Need wedding favors for your guests that will be memorable? Candy favors never go out of style and are extremely versatile. Choose a fun container, print a label, add your favorite candy, and you’re done! With minimal assembly, this task will be crossed off your list in no time.

Choosing décor for your reception can sometimes be challenging. Make something edible and pretty at the same time by using wedding candy. Choose fun vases, colored candy that matches your color palate, and start having some fun! All you have to do is find a combination that works and you’re set. Clean up should be a cinch as your guests will be snacking on your centerpieces!

Shop today for all of your candy needs!

Make a Candy Buffet with Bulk and Penny Candy for your Next Party!

Candy buffets are becoming such a popular addition to events like weddings, birthdays, and other large functions. Why? You have the capability of really running wild with the theme and its colors. Also, it takes care of two of the biggest headaches of party planning: decorating and takeaway gifts for the guests. Guests will love the look of the table while being able to take some delicious candy treats away for


You can stock your buffet with a mix of treats everyone will love, like candy bars, novelty treats, nostalgic candies, and penny candy to create a pretty and diverse table. To learn more on building a candy buffet, check out this article. When you’ve figured it out, visit for all of the candy you’ll need! Shop candy by color, novelty items, and penny candy for the perfect table!

Perfect Party Favors Made Easy with Candy in Bulk!

Planning parties is something we tend to do year round, not just for New Years. Most importantly, planning our children’s birthday parties is some of the most fun, but time consuming party planning we’ll do! Make life easier when planning and use candy in bulk to help out with the party favors. Plenty of our novelty candy items come in bulk quantities, so you can find what will be best and order all in one trip. blog-12%2f30-1


Find fun candy toys, like candy necklace kits, candy with your child’s favorite cartoon characters, or even candy in unique flavors. No matter what the party is, we have the fun candy in bulk to help you pull it off. Shop today for more ideas!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Gold Chocolate Coins

At Blair Candy, we’re here to help you prepare for every holiday with the right sweets; and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception! The holiday may not revolve around candy as much as others, but adding St. Patty’s Day candy to your party is still sure to make everyone feel they’re in luck.

Perhaps the most popular St. Patrick’s Day candies are gold chocolate coins. Available in bulk quarters and half-dollars, these handy and festive chocolates are the perfect addition to your party or parade. Add them to a cauldron or scatter them about for some fun décor.

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