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Candy Gift Ideas

Candy-Coated Chocolate Balls in Many Available Colors Make Great Wedding Candy

White Candy-Coated Chocolate Balls for Weddings |

Ah, weddings. They come around every once in a while in the lives of our family and friends, and of course it’s always fun (and a little stressful) to plan your own wedding. We love weddings for their elegance, the attention to every detail in that reception room. The tablecloths, the centerpieces, the lights, the food. Someone planned out all of this and likely, at some point, considered the nearly unlimited possibilities of color coordination.

You know that one, we’re sure. Sure, weddings often involve some kind of white, but the bride and groom may also want to feature a certain color scheme. And if you’d like your wedding candy buffet or other setup to fit right into your theme, Blair Candy has you covered!

As you can see from the photo above, we carry an assortment of colored candies that would be perfect to use as wedding candy. If you want bowls of candied chocolate balls scattered throughout the hall, you can choose from white, red, blue, yellow, pink, and many other colors. This vibrantly colored candy will look excellent as part of your wedding’s color theme, and all the guests will be impressed with your consideration of even little details like this.

Aside from these colored candied chocolate balls, we have a range of other color-themed sweets that would make great wedding candy. Browse them all now on!

This Football Season, Stock Up on Chocolate Footballs for the Big Game

A Pile of Bulk Chocolate Footballs Wrapped in Foil |

With football being one of the most popular sports in the United States, it’s no wonder people love to go all out on food and other snacks when the big game comes on. You know what we mean: you plan everything out days ahead. If the game starts at this time, you’ll need to get the pizza, wings, chips, dip, soda, and various other odds and ends together right before that so you can be in front of the TV before the start.

And when all those main foods are done and you’re looking for something to snack on throughout the rest of the game, what do you turn to? Well, at Blair Candy, we’re going to suggest none other than chocolate footballs!

This sounds just perfect to us. Right from the R.M. Palmer Co., our chocolate footballs are sold in bulk and come wrapped in little foil wrappers made to look like real footballs. Then unwrap them for a perfect bite-sized piece of football-shaped chocolate candy! You can get these in 2-pound or 30-pound varieties. That makes these chocolate footballs just right for some snacks at the house or for selling at your business’s candy counter.

Be sure to order up your very own scrumptious little chocolate footballs before the next game, right from!

Valentine’s Day Peeps Are a Sugary Holiday Delight You Won’t Want to Miss

Valentine’s Day Peeps in Strawberry Creme Hearts |

Peeps are that kind of candy that just doesn’t get old, especially since they’re one of those brands that reinvent themselves into fun shapes and designs for every holiday. We all know and love the Peeps chicks for Easter, monsters and cats for Halloween, and snowmen for Christmas. They’re fun, adorable, and simply delicious, the sugar-coated marshmallow candy just melting in your mouth.

Well, Just Born has done it again for the holidays with their Valentine’s Day Peeps, and we at Blair Candy are just loving every bit of them! Our own hearts melt for the holiday-themed strawberry creme-flavored marshmallow hearts. You get nine of those scrumptious little snacks in one pack, so we’re going out on a limb and calling that a fantastic deal.

Another kind of Valentine’s Day Peeps you can get is the package of light pink vanilla creme-flavored marshmallow hearts. As with the red strawberry creme Peeps, these hearts are just making our mouths water as we think about them. And if we react that way, imagine how much your valentine will love them come February 14!

Be sure to check out right now for all our Valentine’s Day Peeps and other assorted bulk Valentine’s Day candy!

A Gigantic Hershey’s Kiss Will Be Perfect Valentine’s Day Candy in Bulk

A Giant Hershey’s Kiss for Valentine’s Day |

Valentine’s Day is certainly a great day for surprising the person you love with a nice, sweet surprise. Sometimes you have to get creative with certain people because they’re good at figuring out what they’re getting, or maybe they have just come to expect the same types of candy gifts from you.

If that’s the case, we have the solution! As you’re shopping around for Valentine’s Day candy in bulk this year, look no further than the gigantic hollow Hershey’s Kiss! This beast has a shipping weight of about one pound and measures six inches wide and six and a half inches tall. It’s all wrapped in a giant silver foil wrapper and presented in a clear box.

This is a truly exquisite candy that we think deserves such treatment, and that’s why it’ll so impress your valentine on this February 14. Whoever they are, they’ll be amazed by the sheer size of this Kiss, and will surely take their time eating it, making the sweetness last as long as possible. That’ll make this Valentine’s Day gift one they won’t soon forget!

So give the gift of a Kiss this year: don’t conclude your Valentine’s Day candy in bulk shopping without picking up one of these giant Kisses, from Hershey’s and!

Get Your Lollipops in Bulk from Blair Candy for Your Children’s School Fundraisers

Three Jumbo-Sized Rainbow Swirly Lollipops |

Lollipops are a classic candy that everyone from children to adults seems to enjoy. What’s great is that lollipops come in such great varieties. There’s the traditional candy lollipops, the solid candy that sits atop a stick. There are lollipops with real insects inside of them and, of course, all kinds of chocolate lollipops of numerous shapes and designs. The reason for lollipops’ popularity is probably easy to explain: people like eating delicious candy right off the top of a stick they can conveniently hold in their hands.

This is likely why lollipops are so popular in schools for fundraisers. They’re delicious, they’re not too expensive, and the purchase of a student’s lollipops goes toward a good cause, whatever that may be. For all these reasons, Blair Candy is proud to offer our customers a huge assortment of lollipops in bulk for your perusal. You’ve certainly got a lot to browse through, including:

Charms hot chocolate pops. These are fun lollipops composed of creamy marshmallows inside of scrumptious chocolate casings. These will get you through the harsh winter for sure!
Hotlix assorted ant lollipops. Each box contains 36 individually wrapped pops, with real ants inside them! They are perfectly safe to eat, taste good, and are great for giving people a good surprise!
Rainbow swirly lollipops. These are the lollipops pictured above. These jumbo-sized lollipops measure about 12 inches long from end to end. The candy itself is a multi-flavored swirly rainbow shape. These individually wrapped pops are prime wholesale candy, meaning you can order a bunch for a low price and use them for your school fundraisers!

We carry many more lollipop varieties than just these, so we encourage you to head over to and check out our stock for all your lollipop fundraiser needs!

This Valentine’s Day, Accent Your Life with Some Colored Candy in Bulk

Miniature Red Chocolate Balls for Valentine’s Day |

One of the things you may not have noticed about the holidays is that many of them have colors or color schemes associated with them. We’re sure all the colors only add to your enjoyment of the seasons, but have you ever actually thought about the colors that at some point were assigned to each holiday? We sure have, since most holiday candy is colored to correspond to those schemes. The Fourth of July obviously has its red, white, and blue thing going on. Halloween’s got the black and orange. Thanksgiving has white, orange, and yellow. And Christmas is a red and green delight.

Now, you all know the story on Valentine’s Day colors. Red, red, pink, and more red! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, this day of love and candy, we’re drawing attention to all our themed Valentine’s candy, as well as to our colored candy in bulk that you can make into your own Valentine’s Day candy buffets.

We’ve got the holiday-themed candy: the Reese’s hearts, the jelly heart Jolly Ranchers, the red- or pink-wrapped giant Hershey Kisses. But what of the bulk colored candy? Let us tell you about them. We’ve got mini chocolate balls wrapped in either red or pink foil wrappers, red cinnamon imperials candy, red hot cinnamon gummy bears, and red or pink candy sticks, lollipops, Air Heads, and Frooties. Turn any of these into ingredients for your Valentine’s Day candy displays.

And for more colored candy in bulk, keep shopping on!

We Love when Year-Round Candies Deck Out for Special Holidays

You know what we mean by the title of this post, right? Those “year-round” candies are all those that are available in their traditional varieties throughout the year. We’re thinking of Reese’s Peanut Butter anything, Jolly Ranchers, and of course, Hershey’s Kisses!

Maybe it’s just us (but we think it’s others, too), but we really love when these regular-season candies go all out for the holidays. It’s just plain fun. And you know what we mean. Reese’s Cups transform themselves into pumpkins for Halloween, trees for Christmas, eggs for Easter, and hearts for Valentine’s Day. Hershey bars act similarly, with different seasonal wrappers and bar designs available for each major holiday.

With this post, as you can see above, we’re showcasing another delicious candy that’s gone “holiday” on us: Hershey’s Kisses. Red- and pink-wrapped Hershey’s Kisses are Valentine’s Day candy in bulk that have the same great taste you’re used to, but with red, silver, or pink foil wrappers for Valentine’s Day. These are perfect for handing out to friends and family this Valentine’s Day. That’s enough to get us excited for February 14!

So when you’re shopping for bulk Valentine’s Day candy over the next few weeks, stop by for some red or pink Hershey’s Kisses! We hope you love them as much as we do.

You Won’t Regret Picking Up Some Reese’s as Your Chocolate Valentine’s Hearts This Year

Bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Valentine’s Hearts |

When you’re looking for chocolate Valentine’s hearts this Valentine’s Day—as we know you surely will be—you have to decide exactly what kind is going to suit you and your audiences. That much is obvious, but it bears saying because you have so much available to you around this holiday.

In this particular case, we’d like to introduce you to Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts (ever hear of them?). As you’d expect, this particular candy is available in a few fun varieties, so you can pick exactly which kind you want for this Valentine’s Day. First up, we’ve got a 10-ounce bag of the little hearts. They’re wrapped in foil wrappers of red and gold, just perfect for the holiday.

Next, you’ll find a two-pack of big Reese’s peanut butter hearts. Sure, there’s only two in here, but that’s just because the hearts are so huge. We think your taste buds will be thanking you for biting into one of these large, flavorful delicacies.

Finally, it’s the classic holiday edition of the Reese’s Peanut Butter line: the standard-sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Heart, available from us in a 36-count box. And just as a little bonus: we’ve also got the super fun pink Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts in an approximately 10-ounce bag. All these sugary flavorings are exactly what everyone needs at Valentine’s Day, and we’re happy to supply you with them!

For more chocolatey goodness this Valentine’s Day, check out our inventory now at!

Gift Some Valentine’s Day Candy in Bulk to All Your Friends and Loved Ones

Brach’s Large Conversation Hearts for Valentine’s Day |

It’s that time of year again. Sure, it’s cold outside, but in just a few short weeks you’ll get to enjoy the absolutely LOVEly holiday that is Valentine’s Day, and what would that day be without some Valentine’s Day candy in bulk? If it’s options you want, that’s what we’ve got. So let’s highlight a few notables today for you:

Brach’s large conversation hearts: these are quite the classic. These conversation hearts in traditional candy flavors bear messages such as “Sweet Thing” and “Hold Me Tight.” These are a lot of fun for handing out at Valentine’s Day parties.
Valentine’s Sour Patch Kids: this is a fun candy. These classic Sour Patch Kids come in little packs with “To” and “From” inside hearts on the front. That makes them perfect to hand out individually to all your valentines this year.
Strawberry Creme Peeps Hearts: personally, we go crazy for Peeps candy, and for Valentine’s Day, we’re pleased to offer these truly excellent strawberry creme-flavored red Peeps hearts. The packages come with 9 hearts each and make great gifts for all those Easter baskets.

This is just a small sample of what we have in store for you this Valentine’s Day. Come by to check out the rest of our mouthwatering Valentine’s Day candy in bulk!

What Are the Holidays without Bulk Holiday Candy?

Bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eyeballs for Halloween | BlairCandy.comYou know the things you expect for each holiday. Valentine’s Day will bring red and pink heart decorations, St. Patrick’s Day will require lots of green, and Christmas rings in gifts and trees. But what is needed to complete the observations of these holidays? Candy seems to be the missing ingredient. Each of these holidays utilizes candy to some degree. Imagine Valentine’s Day without chocolates, or St. Patrick’s Day without chocolate coins.

Meanwhile, the celebrations of Easter and Halloween are simply built around the giving and eating of candy. Ask yourself seriously: what would Easter be without some Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs or other sugary delights? On the same token, how would you like Halloween without tons of chocolatey treats such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Eyeballs falling out of kids’ trick-or-treat bags?

So it seems that candy is just the cherry we need on top of each holiday sundae, and not just a few pieces of candy, but lots of it. Especially in the case of Halloween, bulk holiday candy is the way to go, since it’s the best way to maximize the value of your money. You can get a 24-count package of pumpkin Peeps, a bag of Charms Candy Corn Lollipops, or Halloween popcorn balls, all for reasonable prices. Buying in bulk simply makes your Halloween candy shopping easier. You really can’t go wrong with any bulk Halloween candy offerings. All are satisfying in their own ways.

Go to for all your bulk holiday candy needs.

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