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Candy Gift Ideas

Chocolate Christmas Candy Gifts For Everyone On Your Gift List

After doing all your homework and scoping out the best deals online, you’ve finally decided on the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Only problem? You’d still like to pick out an extra small gift for each of them, something extra “sweet” you know they’re going to love.  What is it?  Candy of course!

Chocolate Christmas Candy is a tasty gift that also just happens to be deliciously affordable, making it the perfect way to top off your holiday gift list. Here’s a list of our top picks:

The Grandparents: Grandma and Grandpa will love traditional Christmas candy favorites including Cella Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries and old-fashioned Thin Ribbon Candy.

Mom and Dad: Chocolate Christmas candy brings a dash of instant happiness to the stressful holidays, so be sure to gift your parent’s some chocolate favorites like delicious Candy Cane HERSHEY’S Kisses and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Santas.

Your Significant Other: The holidays are so full of magic and love, aren’t they? Shower your sweetie with some chocolate holiday sweets, including a Giant Hershey’s Kiss and Gardner’s Assorted Boxed Chocolates.

Your Little Ones: Gift your little Princes and Princesses (no matter how old they are!) with mouth-watering chocolate Christmas candy, such as Harry Potter Butterbeer Gummy Barrels, Elf on the Shelf Double Crisp Chocolate Bars, or a GIANT Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!

Your Relatives: Gifting your relatives and their families can be expensive, but you want to show them how much you care. This is where our personal size Christmas candy treat boxes come in handy!  They’re inexpensive, can be ordered in any quantity and are filled with an assortment of popular candy that everyone will love.  It’s the perfect gift when you have so many to buy for!

Chocolate Christmas Candy is that perfect “extra” gift for the holidays. After all, chocolate brings about a feeling of joy, which is something we all need during those busy holiday shopping days!

Reward Employees this Holiday with Corporate Candy Christmas Gifts!

All of your employees work so hard throughout the year and dedicate their time and energy to ensuring your business succeeds. It’s important to show your appreciation for their hard work all year round, especially throughout the holiday season.

Christmas candy and holiday chocolates make for great corporate holiday gifts. We pride ourselves on always pricing our candy affordably, so you can create delicious office candy gifts at prices that won’t break your budget. Here are just a few for you to consider:

Candy Lovers HERSHEY’S Gift Tin
The holidays can be stressful for everyone, and we bet you didn’t know that chocolate candy was been shown to be a mood booster and can also bring about feelings of relaxation!  There’s no better way to say “thank you” for working extra-hard during the busy holiday season than with one of these HERSHEY’S gift tins chock full of favorites like HERSHEY Kisses and a great assortment of delicious full-size HERSHEY candy bars.

Candy Lover’s Assorted Gift Tin
We know that chocolate isn’t everyone’s favorite (gasp!), so we’ve got the perfect gift for the non-chocolate candy fans out there.  Our Candy Lover’s Assorted Gift Tin is packed with some of our most popular candies including Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, Starburst, Twizzlers, Skittles, Dots, Gummi Fish, and more!


Jelly Belly 49 Flavor Gift Can
Who can resist a Jelly Belly Jelly Bean?  We know we can’t!  Once we see a bowl full of these flavorful beans we swoop in to grab a handful and try to figure out the flavor as we eat them one by one.  This gift can contains all of Jelly Belly’s 49 flavors so the recipient can get taste them all.  It truly is a sweet and flavorful gift for any candy lover.

After gifting each of your team members with a bit of Christmas candy, give out a raffle ticket to each person. Raffle off a few baskets perhaps filled with wine, gift certificates to local restaurants, movie rental gift certificates, and other items to create an enjoyable evening for your team members!

Browse all our Christmas candy and use your imagination to create different candy gifts that capture the spirit of your business. Your employees will surely enjoy the chocolate candy gifts, and will be all smiles at seeing how much you appreciate and care for them!

Toostie Frooties: The Fruitilicious Candy For Every Occasion!

Hands up if you’re a fan of Tootsie Rolls!  This favorite penny candy has been around since 1907 and is great for a quick snack.  But did you know about the Tootsie Roll’s not-do-distant cousin the Tootsie Frootie?

Tootsie Frooties is the fruit-flavored version of the famous chew available in ten flavors such as green apple, mango, grape, and sour cherry.  They have the same chewy consistency as the original Tootsie Roll but their flavor is what sets them apart and makes them a very versatile candy that can be used for different occasions!

Let’s share a few where Tootsie Frooties can sweeten up the event:

Baby Showers
Baby shower favors can be quite expensive, so gift your baby shower guests instead with small gift bags filled with blue and pink Tootsie Frooties in our Blue Raspberry Flavors and Watermelon Flavors. Nearly everyone loves the sweet taste of Tootsie Frooties, and it’s such a cute baby shower favor!


Bridal Showers
The same goes for bridal shower favors – they’re certainly not easy on the wallet. Buy wedding favor boxes to match your wedding colors, and choose Tootsie Frooties that also match your wedding colors! With colors ranging from green to purple, you’re sure to find the color you’re searching for. Plus, the taste isn’t too bad either!

Birthday Parties
Ice cream buffets can get very messy, so instead have a candy buffet! Choose the birthday girl or boy’s candy favorites, and we just know Toostie Frooties will be one of their candy choices. Give each guest one of our White Paper Bags, and let them fill it up to their heart’s delight!

Family Reunions and Picnics Attending a family reunion or cookout? Instead of bringing the usual pasta salad or pie, bring along Tootsie Frooties! The host will be so delighted you chose an item different from the norm, and your family will surely be huddled around the Tootsie Frooties bowl.

Cheap Bulk Candy Is Perfect For Kid’s Birthday Party Favors!

“They grow up so fast!”  That’s why it’s important to make every one of your child’s birthdays extra special by throwing a fun birthday party!   Besides the memories and photos that you can look back on once they’re grown (and out of the house), they’ll be so excited that you took the time to make their birthday an all-out celebration!

Of course, one thing that no party can be without is birthday party favors. They’re a great way to thank everyone for coming to celebrate your little one’s big day. Yet, visiting your local party supply store and choosing favors can get costly, as if hosting the party wasn’t expensive enough!

That’s where we come in to help.  Kids (and adults) absolutely love candy, so it makes perfect sense to choose affordably priced candy for your child’s birthday party favors and we have an awesome selection of bulk candy that everyone will love.

Crafting party favors from cheap bulk candy doesn’t have to involve a huge time investment. Simply purchase fun favor bags from your local craft store, and then check out the different types of penny candy we have to find your favorites.  Hot tip time!  Some best-selling cheap birthday party candy includes –  Tootsie FrootiesTwizzler Singles, and Haribo Gummy Bears.

Unsure about which cheap bulk candy favorites your child and his or her birthday guests will love? Simply involve the birthday boy or girl in the choosing, making the birthday party preparations even more special!

Once our candy arrives on your doorstep, just fill up your favor bags with the delicious cheap bulk candy, and voila – your birthday party favors are ready to go.

On the day of your child’s birthday party, have your child hand out each favor bag when his or her guests are leaving. This makes for a great “thank you” and a true show of appreciation for coming to the big celebration. Just be sure to hand out the favor bags at the end of the party, or all of your guests will be snacking away before the party even starts!

Create A Wedding Candy Buffet With Cheap Wedding Candy!

Weddings are getting more expensive and you want to ensure that you and your partner have enough money left over to have a beautiful honeymoon and a happy future together!   One way to save money on your wedding is to have a wedding candy buffet that doubles as wedding favors for your guests.

A wedding candy buffet is so much more memorable, and we’re betting that nearly all of your guests will love the sweet taste of delicious candy more than a monogrammed pack of matches or coffee mugs they may never use.

Our selection of Cheap Wedding Candy is a match made in heaven for your wedding and your wallet.  From choosing candy by color to match a theme, or just providing a great selection of bulk candy for your guests to graze, here are some top picks that you’ll want to have as part of your candy buffet.

Hershey’s Kisses are an absolute must for your wedding candy buffet.  After all, kisses shouldn’t just be limited to the happy couple!  There are so many different flavors of HERSHEY’s Kisses from Lava Cake to the original, you’ll have plenty of options and colors to choose from.

Jordan Almonds are a classic wedding favor, and there’s nothing like keeping a bit of tradition in your wedding. No matter how modern your taste buds are, Jordan almonds have been one of the most popular cheap wedding candy choices for years.  We have them available in both classic white and assorted pastels.

You and your husband will have exchanged rings by the time your guests are enjoying your wedding candy buffet, so why not treat them to their very own rings? Ring Pops, we mean! We all remember Ring Pops from our youth, and we know your guests will have so much fun with this cheap wedding candy choice, with maybe even a few faux proposals occurring during your reception!  What makes these so much fun, is that they also light up making them perfect for the dance floor.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect cheap wedding candy for your candy buffet, be sure to also purchase White Paper Bags for your guests to carry their candy in!

Three Easter Peanut Butter Eggs Dessert Ideas

You’d think we’d get a bit desensitized to candy after being around it day in and day out, but we have our favorite year-round treats as well as seasonal candies that we just go crazy for.

At Easter time, it’s Easter Peanut Butter Eggs.

You know them – from Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs to Zitner’s Peanut Butter Eggs and Gardners Peanut Butter Eggs, there’s something about the taste of an Easter peanut butter egg that hits differently. Now we could be content with just opening a pack and eating one of those Easter peanut butter eggs – but hey, it’s Easter and we want to get a bit fancy.  So we’ve whipped up some creative dessert ideas using… what else… peanut butter eggs!

Easter Peanut Butter Eggs A La Mode Ice cream tends to make just about anything taste better including a peanut butter egg. We don’t want the ice cream to overpower this delicious dessert, so it’s best to choose a mild flavor of ice cream like butter pecan or vanilla. Spoon a few scoops of ice cream into a bowl, and press the center of the ice cream in a bit. Place a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg smack dab in the middle, put some whipped cream on top, and add a maraschino cherry. Life is good.

Caramel Pecan Glaze We love the Gardners Peanut Butter Meltaway Eggs Tray it’s so convenient to just take the twelve Easter peanut butter eggs right out of the tray and place them on a dish and dig right in. Of course, around here a dozen is never enough, so we need quite a few more! Once we have them plated, we drizzle some Hershey’s Caramel Syrup over them, sprinkle some pecans and different nuts over the top, and voila, you just created a gourmet version of our favorite Easter candy.

Easter Peanut Butter Eggs, Personalized Choose a more lengthy chocolate Easter egg for this dessert idea, such as  Zitner’s Peanut Butter Eggs which are just about the perfect size. Since these are unwrapped, they’re ideal for this treat.  Pick up your favorite decorative food gels and write each family member’s name on the egg, along with a few extra designs for those who want seconds. Allow the gel to dry, package each in pastel cellophane, and close with a ribbon. Gift to each of your family members at dinner, creating an Easter gift that doubles as dessert!

From Bite Size To Giant: Getting to Know Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

When it comes to the ultimate candy flavor combination there’s no doubt that chocolate and peanut butter are the hands-down winners. These two flavors blend exceptionally well, and sure, there are other flavors that bond well with chocolate, but when it comes to our favorite Easter chocolates, Reese’s Easter Eggs have a special place in our hearts. Just ask the Easter Bunny – he has a hard enough time getting all of us at our huge candy warehouse to give them up come Easter time, but we know we have to share, too. This year, we’re sharing even more Reese’s Chocolate Easter Eggs varieties:

Snack Size Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs – Sometimes the greatest surprises come in the smallest of packages, and with each bag of Reese’s Snack Size Easter Eggs we can’t help but think it’s absolutely true.  What makes this bag “eggstra” special is that it contains a mix of traditional chocolate/peanut butter and decadent white creme/peanut butter eggs.

Traditional Reese’s Easter Eggs – There’s nothing wrong with a delicious tradition, and the regular size Reese’s Easter Eggs pack all the chocolate-peanut butter flavor we know and love.


King Size Reese’s Easter Eggs – Well, sometimes bigger can be better, especially when it comes to Reese’s! When a bite size or regular size Reese’s Egg just won’t cut it, take a step up to King Size Reeses Easter Eggs. You won’t be sorry!


Giant Reese’s Easter Egg – You mean Reese’s makes an even larger peanut butter egg? Oh yes, and it even comes in its own individual packaging, perfect for including in an Easter basket or simply putting a pastel-hued bow on it and gifting it to the biggest Reese’s fan in your household Easter morning.

We couldn’t be happier that Reese’s decided to take their traditional peanut butter cups and transform them into Reese’s Easter Eggs. Every holiday is just a little more delicious with its very own Reese’s creation, and you can bet Reese’s Eggs will find their ways into our own Easter baskets and we hope yours, too! We suppose we’ll let the Easter Bunny raid our candy shelves for Reese’s, as long as he leaves a few for us.

Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Oh How Do I Choose?!

To say that we have “a few” different types of Easter candy would be an understatement! We know you’re bouncing around like a busy bunny planning everything for Easter – from putting together a lavish Easter dinner to helping the Easter bunny with his Easter candy shopping.

When it comes to Easter treats, you’re probably thinking about jelly beans and peanut butter filled chocolate eggs, but there’s one favorite that has stood the test of time and one that every kid – young and old – looks forward to.  Yes, you guessed it – the chocolate rabbit!

Chocolate bunnies are one of those special treats that just has to be included in every Easter basket.  So to make it easy for you, we’ve listed our top-selling chocolate rabbits right here!  Oh, and don’t worry…. we won’t say anything if you put all of them in your shopping basket!

Reese’s Chocolate Easter Bunnies
Reese’s is simply the master of all things chocolate and peanut butter so we had to put these on the top of our list.  This year, Reese’s has a four-pack of individually wrapped chocolate bunnies that are filled with their famous, delicious, creamy peanut butter.  Since there are four of these in a box, they’re perfect for sharing… or not.

HERSHEY’S Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny
When it comes to chocolate, HERSHEY’S is the first brand to come to mind and their solid milk chocolate Easter bunny is a classic Easter candy tradition. You’ll likely remember their chocolate Easter bunnies from your Easter baskets growing up so be sure to fill your kid’s baskets with one of these all-time faves.

HERSHEY’S Chocolate Bunnies
If you have lots of baskets to fill, or are looking for some Easter egg hunt candy, these miniature chocolate rabbits from HERSHEY’S are just what you’re looking for.  Each is individually wrapped and guaranteed to delight.

Lindt White Chocolate Gold Bunny 
If you’re a fan of white chocolate, don’t miss out on picking up one (we really mean “a few”) of these decadent white chocolate rabbits from the chocolate masters at Lindt.  Their white chocolate is some of the best we’ve ever tasted and let’s just say we’ve had quite a bit over the years.

Lindt Dark Chocolate Gold Bunny
Easter only comes once a year and so does the Lindt Dark Chocolate Gold Bunny.  Lindt dark chocolate is rich and full of cocoa flavor and this chocolate rabbit is no exception.  If you have a dark chocolate fan on your Easter gift list, don’t pass this one up!


Now comes the hard part which Chocolate Easter Bunnies do you choose?! With our low prices on Easter candy, why not choose them all, and have your family taste test them on Easter morning to discover which one is their favorite? We’re thinking it’ll be all of them!

Create A Conversation Hearts Candy Frame This Valentine’s Day!

We just love Valentine’s Day, but let’s face it, between taking your sweetheart out for dinner and all those gifts you bought, it can get pretty pricey. But one gift you can give is one your sweetie will love.  Why?  Because it’s made by…. YOU!  This easy-to-make craft is filled with sentimental value and shows that you care enough to have taken the time to create a meaningful gift that is so very special.

Now, because we’re candy people, our gift has to include candy and for this craft, we’re using Conversation Hearts. They’re the perfect ingredients to create a super cute Valentine’s Day photo frame that’s easy to make and you’ll even have some candy leftover for snacking while you’re putting it together!

Preschool Inspirations gave us the idea to share this sweet frame, so let’s see what we need to begin creating:

  • 4 Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Conversation hearts
  • Glue Gun
  • Glossy Mod Podge (this is a sticky glue that will hold the hearts to the frame)
  • Cheap paintbrush
  • Disposable plate or something similar
  • Magnets or string to display your frame
  • A cover for your work surface to keep the mod podge off of it

Now that we have all that we need to get crafting, let’s put our Conversation Hearts Picture Frame together:

  1. Glue the craft sticks together using the glue gun
  2. Put some Mod Podge on a plate and use the paintbrush to “paint” the craft sticks with it
  3. Stick the Conversation Hearts to the frame
  4. Let the frame sit for a few minutes until the hearts are firmly in place
  5. Once the hearts are secure, paint the frame and hearts with more Mod Podge to give it a glossy finish
  6. When everything is dry, add a photo as well as some magnets or string to the back of the frame so it can be hung and displayed

Photo credit: Preschool Inspirations

If you’re not as crafty as you want to be, or just can’t seem to find any Mod Podge at your local craft store, you can simply use the hot glue from your glue gun to secure the Conversation Hearts to your picture frame.

Of course, no Valentine’s Day is complete without giving your sweetheart some sweets, so be sure to shop our Valentine’s Day candy selection to pick up some seasonal favorites.


Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Candy For Your Child’s Classmates

We love holidays that are deep in tradition – especially fun ones!  Valentine’s Day is one of them and it’s right around the corner.  Here at, we happily remember Valentine’s Day in school and giving each other those cartoon-style valentines with cute messages on them. Even better were the valentines accompanied by Valentine’s Day Candy we just couldn’t get enough of.

If you have kids, it’s time to keep that tradition alive and we’re here to help you out with our favorite affordable Valentine’s Day candy that they can pass out with their Valentines:

Conversation Hearts – Conversation Hearts are one of the most-loved Valentine’s Day candy selections. Simply have your child hand out a conversation heart box with each valentine, or write a sweet message on each box, and voila insta-valentine!

HERSHEY’S Kisses – Valentine’s Day and chocolate are a pairing made in holiday heaven, and what better chocolate to hand out than HERSHEY’S Kisses?  Specially packed and individually wrapped in red, pink, and silver foil for Valentine’s Day, Kisses are perfect for handing out, giving a bag to your child’s teacher, or placing in a bowl or basket for everyone in the class to enjoy.


Valentine Heart Lollipops  – We’re a “sucker” for a good lollipop, and we “love” themed pops for holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  World-famous Charms Heart Shaped Lollipops are gussied up and ready to be handed out with a Valentine card.  Your child can even write who they’re for and who they’re from on the wrapper.  With 25 in each bag, there’s more than enough for everyone in the class.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts – The way to win anyone’s heart is to shower them with… chocolate and peanut butter, right?  Well, maybe not, but as candy lovers we know that it’s hard to resist the combination of those two ingredients and chocolate and peanut butter is always better when it’s from Reese’s!  These individually wrapped  bite-size heart-shaped chocolates are a sweet way to show your friendship.

Traditions are meant to be kept, and we hope children are giving each other valentines for years to come. Sure, the cartoons and characters on the valentines may change, but extending friendship and goodwill to classmates only creates a wonderful tradition your child can continue to pass on. Accompanying your child’s valentines with some sweet Valentine’s Day Candy only adds an extra touch of love, and we can all use a bit of that!

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