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Candy Gift Ideas

Sweeten Up Your Gender Reveal with Candy!

Gender reveals are all the rage right now and many have been coming up with some very creative ways to make the big announcement. From smoke bombs and confetti to cakes and pinatas, we’ve seen a lot! But, when it comes to sweet occasions like this, we can’t help but think about different ways to incorporate candy, so let’s go!

First, let’s head over to our candy by color section – the perfect spot for selecting sweets in specific colors for wedding receptions, bridal showers, birthday parties, class reunions… and gender reveals!

Of course, we have a great selection of pink and blue candy perfect for the occasion, many available in bulk for satisfying the sweet tooth of a small to large gathering.

Pink and blue mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Hershey Kisses are perfect for putting into large clear pedestal jars or bowls. They come in 5lb bags so there’s great for filling up these large types of containers, and let’s be honest… nobody is going to pass up one of these classic chocolate treats.

We all know that kids just love lollipops so why not include these as part of your gender reveal to welcome in your new addition! Whirly Pops are available in, you guessed it, pink and blue. You can even tie a little tag onto the lollipop’s stick with your family name and date of the party so your guests can have a keepsake of your special day.

Another candy that goes great in clear display containers are pink and blue chocolate balls. They can also be used as small party favors. Take a small amount and put them into a small clear drawstring bag, tie the top with a pink or blue ribbon, and voila!

There’s also large gum balls and some classic candies such as pink and blue rock candy sticks and the ever popular candy sticks that bring a bit of nostalgia to your party.

Whether you’re hosting a gender reveal party or another event and you’re looking for creative ways to incorporate candy, just head over to our candy by color section to pair sweets with your company, sports team, high school, or college’s colors and wow your guests with a sweet surprise.

Patriotic Red, White and Blue Candy for Your Spring and Summer Celebrations

Let’s hear it for the red, white and blue!  The most patriotic of colors are not only a symbol of our great nation, but they remind us of spring and summer holidays that all of us celebrate – Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

With parades, neighborhood events, and backyard cookouts on the agenda to commemorate these events, you can sweeten the celebration by adding red, white and blue candy to the menu.  Of course, Blair Candy has a great selection of patriotic candy for you to choose from, including:

NEW! Patriotic Military Heroes Gummy Candy
We’re all familiar with the green Army men many of us played with as kids.  These gummy candies are a sweet take on that classic toy and a great way to add a patriotic flair to your event.  We sell these in a bulk 5lb bag which makes them perfect for including in a red, white and blue candy buffet, or putting in small gift bags to hand out at parades or even take to a VFW, Veterans home or hospital to give a tasty treat to one of our own military heroes.

Red, White and Blue Sour Patch Kids
For those who like a little sour with their sweet, Sour Patch Kids is the candy of choice!  This favorite gummy candy is available in a red, white and blue special edition that’s perfect for snacking on during your 4th of July cookout or while taking in the local Memorial Day parade.

Red, White and Blue Candy Corn
You don’t have to wait for Halloween for one of your favorite fall snacks!  We have red, white and blue Candy Corn in bulk 2.5lb bags that are also great for candy buffets and gift bags, or just for placing in a big bowl at your BBQ for all your guests to enjoy.  If you’re a Candy Corn fan, these are a great way to get your fix in before Halloween!

Red, White and Blue Chocolate Balls
No celebration would be complete without chocolate, so be sure to grab a 2lb bag of our Stars and Stripe themed chocolate balls that are all decked out in their patriotic best.  Each one is individually wrapped perfect for candy buffets and gift bags.  Each bag contains over 140 balls.

American Flag Wrapped Mints

Who doesn’t enjoy a mint after dinner?  We never say no to one, that’s for sure.  These individually American Flag wrapped mints are great not only for your own red, white and blue themed event, but for restaurants as well!  Each bag contains 56 delicious buttermints mints.

Red, White and Blue Sixlets
If your event is featuring a candy buffet, many of the candies we mentioned above are great additions, but don’t forget the Sixlets.  Available in red, white, and blue, these candy coated chocolate balls can be placed in candy dishes or on a tiered display that will definitely be a focal point of your celebration.

Whether you’re looking for cheap parade candy, candy for your candy buffet or summer picnic, let us help you choose the right selection that everyone will enjoy.  Feel free to contact one of our candy experts to help with your event.

“Everybunny” Loves our Bunny Bites Box full of Easter Candy!

There are a few holidays we celebrate each year that are closely associated with candy. The biggest, of course, is Halloween, then Christmas, and one we’re inching closer to – Easter.

Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets are two traditions that have been around for centuries and are a part of nearly every Easter celebration. Just like children waking on Christmas morning to find gifts under the tree from St. Nick, Easter has them hunting for eggs and searching for an Easter basket left by Petter Cottontail.

Easter baskets are typically filled with all sorts of delicious candy including jelly beans, foil-wrapped chocolate “eggs,” solid chocolate rabbits, chocolate crosses, and of course, the quintessential Easter treat – Marshmallow PEEPS.

I’m sure you can remember when you were a youngster the excitement you had waking up Easter morning looking for that woven basket lined with “grass” overflowing with plastic eggs that hide bite-size candy treats inside.

Ah, the memories!

Today, busy families may not have the time to go out and shop for Easter candy or may find their local grocery store doesn’t have a wide selection. Many of our customers have even asked if we could make them an Easter basket and ship it to them or send a basket as a gift.

Well, we heard you! We worked with the head Bunny himself to come up with a box full of Easter candy that we call Bunny Bites! It’s chock full of all kinds of fantastic Easter goodies, some made only once a year, that’s the perfect gift for kids of all ages.

Bunny Bites Easter candy gift box from

Bunny Bites Easter candy gift box from

Our Bunny Bites box contains nearly 50 pieces of brand name candy such as Cadbury Eggs, Milka Oreo Eggs, bunny lollipops, Easter Pez, Mike & Ike jelly beans, solid milk chocolate rabbits, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, Twizzler Easter Treats, PEEPS, Fun Dip, Tootsie Roll eggs, bubble gum eggs, mini egg lollipops, Hershey’s Mini Easter Bars, Zitner Butter Krak Egg, Trolli Gummi Eggs and more.

Bunny Bites Easter candy gift box from

Bunny Bites Easter candy gift box from

These boxes full of Easter candy make great gifts to send to loved ones near and far – or are great for filling your own baskets. We hand select and pack each one individually so candy choices vary from box to box, but each piece is individually wrapped and guaranteed fresh.

If you’re giving our Bunny Bites box as a gift, we can even include a gift note to let the recipient know who sent them this sweet present. Be sure to order one for everyone in your family – including yourself!

Fun, Easy to Make Chocolate Christmas Tree Treats

The holidays are the perfect time of year to show off your creative skills – especially if you like spending time in the kitchen baking and making treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers.

Cookies, cupcakes, pies, and sweets make great gifts and always are always welcome in the office breakroom.  If you have children, making these treats together as a family activity can be the start of an annual holiday tradition.

One easy to make treat that’s fun for the whole family to make is Christmas Tree Pretzels. Like snowflakes, each one is unique and how you decorate each tree is up to you!

Photo credit:

Let’s dig into the recipe that can be found here at

  • – 1 bag of mini pretzel sticks that you can pick up at any grocery store
  • – 1 bag of candy melts that we sell in red, green, brown and white
  • – 3-5 tbsp coconut oil
  • – 1 container of Christmas sprinkles or any sprinkle of your choice including these rainbow sprinkles we sell in bulk if you want to make a lot of these to give away as gifts
  • – 1 cookie sheet lined with parchment paper
  • – 1 squeeze bottle with a number 2 tip Sugarbelle line from Michaels

Once you gather all your ingredients, it’s time to have fun!

  • – Using a double boiler, melt the candy melts and coconut and mix until smooth
  • – Carefully scoop the melted candy melt into the decorating bottle
  • – Place about 10 pretzel sticks onto the parchment paper
  • – Using the squeeze bottle, pipe the details of a Christmas tree onto the pretzel
  • – Sprinkle some Christmas sprinkles onto the chocolate
  • – Allow to harden for 2 hours before carefully removing from parchment paper and enjoying!

The photos our friends at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons posted show just how neat these treats are, but don’t worry if yours don’t look as perfect!  There’s nothing wrong with a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree the first time around! Plus, the best part about these treats is that you can make each one unique right down to the color since we have different colors of candy melts you can use.

Photo credit:

Here’s all the ingredients you can purchase right now from Blair Candy:

Chocolate Melting Wafers – Click image to purchase

Green candy melting wafers, click image to purchase

Red candy melting wafers, click image to purchase

White candy melting wafers, click image to purchase

Bulk rainbow sprinkles, click image to purchase

If you made some of these treats yourself, be sure to share pictures on our Facebook page!

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Candy and Advent Calendar

It’s almost time for everyone’s favorite elf to make his annual appearance bringing joy and laughter to kids (and admit it, adults as well!) around the world.

The elf we’re talking about is none other than the Elf on the Shelf who first appeared in a children’s book in 2005.  Since then, the little guy has become a huge hit and a social media sensation as he helps kids count down the days until Santa arrives.

We all know the Elf on the Shelf helps Santa maintain the “naughty and nice list” so in turn we have to treat him well so we keep in the good graces of the man with all the toys!

This Christmas, we have some new Elf on the Shelf items that are sure to be hit and like most of our Christmas candy and advent calendars, sell out quickly.  

Elf on the Shelf Advent Calendar

This isn’t just your ordinary Advent calendar!  This one features the main elf himself and comes with…. chocolate!  It’s a sweet way to add a bit of whimsy to the traditional Advent calendar and kids will love counting down the days until Christmas while enjoying the 24 pieces of milk chocolate and the fun-cut included with the calendar.

Elf on the Shelf Chocolate Elves

We all know that the Elf on the Shelf loves to leave little gifts and treats for good boys and girls, and these mini chocolate elves are perfect for that!  We won’t tell if you save a few for yourself as well, because we know these sweet treats are pretty irresistible.

Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas
If you’re looking for some creative inspiration on how you can start an Elf on the Shelf tradition in your family, or are stuck for ideas this Christmas, click here for some funny and creative ideas from Country Living Magazine.




Hearts Are Your Best Bet for Valentine’s Day Candy in Bulk This Year

A Bag of Reese’s Pink Peanut Butter Hearts |

Hearts are ubiquitous on Valentine’s Day. We all know that. The day is one of love, romance, gifts, and candy. You know you’re going to see heart-shaped candy around on Valentine’s Day. More on that later. At the moment, we’re wondering: do you know why Valentine’s Day is a day of love? Let us tell you!

Valentine’s Day likely grew out of the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. This mid-February celebration observed the coming of springtime and honored life and love in general. Centuries later, the Roman Catholic Church converted this day into St. Valentine’s Day. Yet people’s observance of the day as one of love continued on. Valentine’s Day is what we were then left with.

To do our part for this ancient holiday, let us draw your attention to some Valentine’s Day candy in bulk that has been shaped into lovely hearts. These will make great gifts to that special someone this year. Reese’s pink Peanut Butter Hearts are one candy we’d recommend. They’re delicious Reese’s candy, so there’s no going wrong there. Another candy is Peeps hearts, available in several delicious flavors. These heart-shaped marshmallow candies melt in your mouth – absolutely delectable! On top of those, jelly hearts by Jolly Ranchers are also sweet little things and are available in packs to pass out to friends, family, and classmates.

So when you bite into some of your heart-shaped Valentine’s Day candy in bulk this February, we hope you remember exactly how we got here. Browse all Valentine’s Day candy now at!

Candy in Bulk Is the Way to Go This Valentine’s Day

Brach’s Tiny Conversation Hearts for Valentine’s Day |

At Blair Candy, it’s no surprise that we’re a fan of bulk and wholesale candy. We love that we’re able to sell you large quantities of candy at affordable prices. It’s really a win-win for you: you get more candy for your money and don’t have to break the bank for it. Furthermore, if you’re a business owner, you likely love candy in bulk because it’s an affordable option for stocking your concession shelves.

Bulk candy is also a great option if you’re just one person who needs to buy holiday candy for a bunch of other people. In the context of Valentine’s Day, we’re thinking of how your child might need a lot of Valentine’s Day candy for his or her classmates. Or perhaps you just have a really large circle of family and friends and want to be able to surprise each of them with a sufficient amount of chocolates or other candy for each holiday.

For example, in the photo above, you can see a two-pound bag of tiny conversation hearts from Brach’s. Sure, that’s a lot of little Valentine’s Day hearts, but you’ll love having so many delicious little candies bearing messages such as “Hug Me” and “Love You.” Or you can distribute these hearts into little baggies and hand them out that way. You’ve certainly got enough to work with when you’ve got candy in bulk!

For Valentine’s Day, you have lots of choices for bulk candy. Interested in seeing them all? Head over to!

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Should Be a Major Part of Every February 14

Plate of Gardner’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Meltaways |

There are a lot of clich’s associated with each holiday: you know, those things that everyone tends to expect, that you’ve seen or heard about a thousand times. And we’ll bet you know what those are. Think about Halloween clichés: you’ve got ghosts, skeletons, and witches. Christmas: snowmen, reindeer, and Santas everywhere. The same goes for Easter, with Easter bunnies, eggs, and spring chicks.

The thing is, we’re not complaining about these things. In fact, we love them here! There’s nothing like a gummi eyeball in October or Santa in December. And in January and February for Valentine’s Day, you know you want to see flowers and chocolate. We’ll let you handle the flower bouquets, but we’ve definitely got the romantic boxes of chocolate for that special someone in your life.

In the Valentine’s Day chocolate department, we’d like to direct you to Gardner’s peanut butter meltaways. Nothing says “I love you” more than a wonderfully sweet box of chocolates, especially ones this tasty. Each of these scrumptious squares is a milk chocolate shell encasing creamy peanut butter. Seriously, how could you refuse?

Luckily, we’ve got boxes of Gardner’s peanut butter meltaways in multiple sizes for your convenience, as well as Gardner’s assorted chocolates, meltaways, and chocolate-covered nuts. Any of these can be a lovely gift for him or her this Valentine’s Day.

Browse all our Valentine’s Day chocolate right now on!

For Your Perfect Wedding Candy, Go for Wrapped or Unwrapped Bulk and Buffet Candy

Pile of Assorted Jelly Belly Bulk Jelly Beans |

One thing we pride ourselves on here at Blair Candy is our stock of bulk and buffet candy, which our customers have used for a ton of different events and occasions over the years. Now, we understand it’s January and it’s freezing outside (for many of us!), but in the interest of staying on the positive side of things, let’s look forward to spring, when people love to get married. If you’re planning a wedding yourself, and need some diverse wedding candy for the reception, Blair Candy has a ton of sweets that you may find useful!

We could go on and on listing these candies, but here are some highlights of our many bulk buffet candies:

Broadway licorice sticks. Available in numerous colors, including pink, blue, and black! These are great if you’re going for color themes.
Jelly Belly jelly beans. As you may know, jelly beans from Jelly Belly come in a variety of colors and flavors. You can get assorted rainbow colors, orange, brown, green…have your pick!
Gummi rings. These are fun because they come in multiple colors. Blue and white, green and white, and red and white are just some of the options you have with these delicious, sugar-coated little guys!

And of course, don’t forget about candied chocolate balls, available in many colors that surely will give you enough to choose from for your wedding reception. The point here is, if you want to give yourself some ideas for the wedding candy you need, head over to!

Red Lollipops and Other Candy Are Made to Be Your Valentine’s Day Candy in Bulk This Year

Red Strawberry Rock Candy Sticks in a Tub |

No matter how old you are now, you’ve probably got memories of lollipops from your childhood, or even in recent memory (hey, who doesn’t love a lollipop?). Lollipops are fun and delicious, and you can usually find a flavor for everybody in a group. Now that it’s January, we understand that a lot of children will be gearing up for lollipop fundraisers at their schools. And at this time of year, we say: why not theme these lollipops in Valentine’s Day colors to prepare people for February 14?

If you love that plan as much as we do, then may we suggest some red lollipops and other assorted colored candy? In this case, we first want to talk about the red rock candy sticks pictured above. These slender lollipops come in a 36-count canister and would be great for January fundraisers or just for passing out to classmates on Valentine’s Day.

Other red and pink Valentine’s Day candy in bulk you can get from us includes lite pink and white whirly pops, colored candied chocolate balls, and Frooties in red colors such as cherry limeade, fruit punch, strawberry, and watermelon.

All of this is really just a small sample of the red and pink candies we have that would be perfect as Valentine’s Day candy in bulk. For all our lollipop and Valentine’s Day selections, visit!

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