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Candy Fundraisers

Baseball Candy Favorites that Cover All Your Bases!

Every sport has its own special equipment and every sport’s concession stand has to stock its own selection of special snacks. Baseball and candy go hand-in-hand just like those treats in the popular song – peanuts and Cracker Jacks!  But your concession stand is not complete with peanuts and Cracker Jacks alone, though they are considered necessities.

Wondering what other concession stand candy to stock? Consider these heavy-hitting fan favorites:…

Big League Chew – Perfect for the Big Leagues, the Little Leagues, and all the leagues in between, Big League Chew is possibly the most iconic, with its immediately recognizable pouch and fun shredded shape. There is no cure for the temptation to pack as much as possible into your mouth as possible, so be sure to stock your baseball candy stand full of this fruity favorite – fans will be back for seconds!

Warheads Sour Taffy – Taffy is one of those treats that just shouts “summer!”  Add in a baseball game and you’ve got the perfect candy to have at your team’s concession stand.  These individually wrapped treats have the Warheads flavor kids love with an extra dash of sour that makes them irresistible!

Fun Dip – Your baseball candy selection will never strike out with Fun Dip in the starting lineup! Kids and adults will pack their pockets full of this powdery favorite before settling in for the game.  Available in a low-cost convenient 48-pack that allows you to sell this treat and make a nice profit.

Nik L Nips Wax Bottles – You might remember this baseball candy favorite from your childhood and believe it or not, it is still popular today and is a top-selling nostalgic candy treat.  Easy to sell, and awesomely affordable, fans and players will be lining up for Nik L Nips all season long!

Three Tips For A Fun, Successful Candy Fundraiser!

Need to raise a bit of money for your new sports team, high school band trip, or assist a non-profit organization? It’s candy to the rescue!

Candy is a fundraising staple, and it’s easy to see why – it’s so much fun, inexpensive, and just about everyone out there agrees it’s delightfully delicious. Yet, you still need to make sure you’re attracting as many people over to your candy fundraising table as possible, so read on for our tried and true fundraising tips!

Choose The Right Candy – Nearly everyone loves candy, but not everyone loves the same candy. If your candy fundraiser is taking place within the walls of your high school or middle school, you’ll definitely want to choose novelty candy. Novelty candy is fun to look at, taste, and your classmates will be rushing over to you! Plus, you have a captive audience of Tik Tok users – and if you’ve even been on the social media app you know that trying out all kinds of different food items is wildly popular.  That’s why we have a whole area of our huge candy store dedicated to just Tik Tok candy!

If your fundraiser may attract candy lovers both young and old, add some of our nostalgic candy to the mix, too. This way, you’ll have something for everyone, and more money for your fundraiser!

Candy bars are a must at fundraisers and we make it even easier for you by offering a box of pre-priced World’s Finest Assorted Chocolate Bars.  They come 60 per case and you can sell them for $1 making you a sweet profit at the end of the day.

Advertise Your Candy Fundraiser – You have all the ingredients to a successful candy fundraiser: sweet bulk candy, a location for your fundraiser, and great friends to help you out. Don’t forget to advertise your fundraiser! Grab a few of your friends, brightly colored poster board and markers, and start spreading the word about your fundraiser. Be sure to list the cause you’re supporting, the % of proceeds that will go to the fundraiser, the different types of candy you’ll have at your fundraiser, and the location, time, and date.

Don’t Forget Candy Stand Supplies! You have all the delicious candy displayed on your fundraising table, but how will they take it home with them? Have Bulk Paper Bags on hand to give your customers for their candy purchases. They’ll have a big paper bag to fill, so they may even purchase more candy from you!

Need help selecting the right candy and supplies for your fundraiser?  We’ve been helping schools, churches, fire company, and all types of organizations for more than 80 years, just contact us with any questions you may have on how to make your next fundraiser a sweet success.

Hit a Home Run with these Concession Stand Favorites

Are you ready to knock your concession stand sales out of the park this summer? We thought so! Selling the most popular snacks and treats at your little league’s concession stand is key to ringing in big profits.

Of course one of the most popular items is bubble gum and there’s no brand that’s more closely associated with baseball than Big League Chew. This shredded bubble gum has been a big hit since it was first introduced in the 1980s and has sold over 800 million “pouches” worldwide.

While still available in its original flavor – “Outta’ Here Original” – additional flavors have been added over the years including grape, cotton candy, sour apple, and more. Plus, there’s even a special edition package of original flavor featuring a girl ball player!

New this year are two tasty snacks that are sure to be a home run with your fans – Slim Jim Fire Fries and Slim Jim Pork Rinds. Fire Fries are potato snacks shaped like, well you guessed it, French fries and are available in either Buffalo or Inferno flavors.

Slim Jim Pork Rinds, or chicharrones, are a flavorful, crunchy snack that is available in either Squealin’ Hot or BBQ. These light and airy snacks will quickly become a hot seller at your concession stand.

We would be remiss if we didn’t forget two baseball classics – peanuts and Cracker Jack! After all, no ball game would be complete without snacking on these two favorites.

Planters have a great selection of nuts in individual snack size packs including cashews, “Heat” peanuts, smoked almonds, and pistachios which are perfect for satisfying a craving for a salty snack on a hot summer day.

You’ll score extra points by having bags of Cracker Jack available for your fans because let’s be honest… nobody can resist the temptation of this salty and sweet treat, which is why it’s been a mainstay of baseball games for over a century. Plus, they still have a prize in every pack!

Need help selecting concession stand candy and snacks?  Don’t worry, we’re here to help you avoid striking out. Feel free to contact us to discuss what’s best to fill your racks so you’ll hit a homer all season long!

Does your order come to $150? You could qualify for our wholesale program!

With over 76 years of Wholesale experience, you’ll be in sweet hands buying from our family owned and operated company! We’re not just a candy store giving you a discount; we’re a true distributor of wholesale candy.

Our wholesale candy prices are much cheaper than any coupon discount we offer to the public. Ordering in bulk is great for supporting concession stands, fundraisers, small stores and more. Plus, you can conveniently make your wholesale purchases online just as you would make a standard purchase. To register for our wholesale program, apply here today!

5 Tips To Whip Your Concession Candy Stand Into Sweet Success

Ladies and gents, we’ve got the concession candy fundraising tips to make even Donald Trump proud. Sure, your concession candy stand may not rake in the millions, but if your goal is to raise money for the team or for a worthy cause, we know you certainly want to raise as many dollars as possible! We’ve supplied many a Little League team and school sports team with affordable concession candy – you know, Now and Later taffy, Swedish Gummy Fish, Tootsie Frooties – the works! We’ve got the experience and inside info on how you can ramp up concession candy sales.

#1: Market The Sports Game.

The first step to getting more candy sales is…getting more people to the game! Outside of parents and friends of the players, few people often know what the Little League or sports game schedule is – so how can they come buy your concession candy? Make posters advertising the team’s schedule and promoting the next game and ask the coach or players to get permission from the school to hang them around. Tell your co-workers, and ask the players to tell all their friends and families. The more people, the merrier – in fundraising!

#2: Can You Eat One Piece of Candy? They Can’t Either.

Eating just one scoop of Gummy Dolphins is pretty much impossible, right? Give each person who attends the game a raffle ticket that they can redeem for one piece or scoop of concession candy. It’s a great way to get them coming over to the stand, and chances are high that they’ll buy more.

#3: Explain What The Fundraiser Is For.

People typically feel more compelled to buy when they know their purchase is going towards a worthy cause. Post flyers around the candy stand explaining exactly what the money is going towards, and what it can help, buy, or do.

#4: Variety Is The Spice (And Sweet) Of Life.

Think outside the concession candy basics. Think Razzles, Pop Rocks, Cotton Candy Lollipops, and Sour Patch Kids for an added dash of variety to your concession stand!

#5: Make Your Concession Stand Mobile.

When you think of a major league ball game, chances are the call for “Peaaaanuttttsss” comes to mind. Add this same much-loved element to Little League and sports games by having trusted parents or school board members walk around with candy to sell. Simply place various candy varieties in a flat box, with tags noting their price. Gotta perfect that “Gummmmy Fishhhhh” call!

Good luck with your concession candy stand fundraising! As always, we do our best to keep our bulk concession candy affordable so you can get as much profit from your candy stand as possible. Do you have any tips for making your concession candy stand a homerun?

Concession Candy Favorites are MVPs at Blair Candy: Part 2 – The Salty Snacks!

In our last post here on the Blair Candy Blog we highlighted 5 of our most timeless, tasty, popular sweet picks from our concession candy selections. But for as fantastic as each of those sugary must-haves may be, sports fans cannot live on candy alone! Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you stock your stand with vegetables and fiber bars – we haven’t lost our minds! We just want to remind you before you hit that order button that salty snacks are also a concession stand hit. So without further ado, we present you with 5 favorites that are sure to fly off the shelf faster than the ball off the bat…

David Sunflower Seeds – You’d have a tricky time finding a well-stocked concession stand that doesn’t offer this classic snack. When I was a kid they were only available in ‘Regular’, or at the very least that’s the only variety I ever plopped my pennies down for. Today, BBQ, Nacho and Ranch flavors have been added to the sunflower seed family, and I can’t help but think that if they were brothers and sisters they would get along famously! Each is delicious in its own way, but when the bases are loaded and my excited energy is at its peak, I’m a ‘Regular’ girl reaching for a handful of the comforting classic!

Shredded Beef Jerky – I carried a pack of shredded beef jerky so often as a child that it’s a wonder my jeans never developed a worn circle where it sat! To this day it’s one of my favorite salty snacks, and works well as a protein-packed pick-me-up for long days at the office. But it’s at the baseball game that shredded beef jerky looks most at home, in the hands of the fans on the bleachers who will always root for the home team no matter that season’s score.

Planters Heat Peanuts – Something about sports brings out the fiery snacker in all of us, and Planters Heat peanuts
are one of the best ways we know to satisfy your spicy tooth! With Planters, you always know your getting the best peanuts on the planet – their name didn’t become synonymous with ‘peanut’ without good reason! You also know they won’t be gathering dust on the concession stand shelf as they’re a time-tested treat that never gets picked last.

Indian Salted Pumpkin Seeds – If David Sunflower Seeds have a best friend, it surely lives inside this familiar red paper pack. For serious salt-lovers only, Indian pumpkin seeds are as close as it gets to pumpkin seed perfection outside of roasting and salting them yourself straight from the pumpkin. I still remember my salt-pursed lips as a kid, which always gave away the fact that I’d eaten two packs! Much like the shredded beef jerky mentioned above, pumpkin seeds are also naturally high in protein, giving you some extra oomph to get through the game!

Combos – Whether you bite them in half and eat the filling first, or enjoy Combos in one satisfying crunch, there are enough tempting flavors to keep your taste buds happy all season long. Blair Candy makes it easy to offer your players and fans the Combos they like best with 18-packs filled with the flavors (and quantities of each) that you choose. Pick from Cheddar, Nacho, Pepperoni Pizza, Pizza Pretzel, Cheddar Cracker, Salsa and Jalapeno. And don’t worry – there’s no wrong choice! 🙂

Concession Candy Favorites are MVPs at Blair Candy: Part 1 – The Sweet Snacks!

As baseball teams across the country lace up their cleats once again and take to the field for that most American of all sports, also gets our starting lineup ready! We offer concession candy all year round, but when spring breaks we make sure our shelves are filled with our star players. Whatever spring sport you’ll be stocking the concession stand for, we’re confident you’ll find your flavorful favorites in our selection! We also offer a great selection of concession stand supplies at great prices, including hot dog containers, French fry paper trays, straws, plastic nacho trays and raffle tickets!

Not sure what to offer at your stand this year? While we offer 100s of candy choices that would make a great fit for concession stands, there are a few that we consider must-haves – the candies that no concession stand would be complete without! And with that, we present 5 of our All Stars…

Big League Chew – This pouch of juicy perfection has been a favorite since it hit the stands, and its fans have never looked back. To chew it is to love it, with its unique form and mouth-watering deliciousness. Plus…it’s just plain fun!

Laffy Taffy and Laffy Taffy Ropes – It should be known by all who were once a kid that taffy at the concession stand is an absolute must! When my friends and I would go to local games to see our friends play, we would let the taffy sit on the metal bleacher for 5-10 minutes in the sun before we opened it up. Softening Laffy Taffy was, as far as we were concerned, precisely what the sun and metal bleachers were made for. When you peeled back that wrapper, it was sweet candy strings of amazingness stuck to the wrapper, and a warm piece of wonderful in the middle. Sure, it was messy. But somehow that never really bothered us. At all.

Ring Pops – Just as tasty as they ever were, there’s something special about Ring Pops that only a few other candies can capture in my memory. The moment I slip the open-backed band onto my pinkie, I’m instantly taken back to a particular moment in my childhood, the moment of my first or at least favorite Ring Pop, sitting and smiling on my front porch on a sunny summer day while the neighbor kids and I dug into our brown paper bags, a fresh haul from the corner candy store. I think it has something to do with Ring Pops being something you taste and wear – they appeal to multiple senses, making them last longer in your mind, tying them for eternity to ‘where you were’ when you had your first one. When you sell them at your concession stand, consider that each Ring Pop you sell just might be the one that kid remembers the most! I’ve eaten hundreds of Ring Pops in my life, but that one on the front porch of my childhood home is the one I remember best, and the one that makes me smile every time and keeps me coming back for more.

Fun Dip – While the kids you’re selling this longtime concession candy favorite to might only know it as Fun Dip, you might remember it the way I do – as Lik-m-aid! And that little white candy stick inside, which just might be the best candy ever and SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO BE SOLD ON ITS OWN (Yes, I’m talking to you Wonka…please!!!), well that white candy stick was the Lick-a-stick! Or, as old school Lik-m-aid Fun Dip came with 3 packs of sugar and two candy sticks, they were Lik-a-stix. Ringing a bell? I hope so! Whether you remember them as Lik-m-aid, or they’ve always just been Fun Dip, this is one of the best concession candy choices of all time, and we don’t think that will be changing any time soon!

Looking For A Fresh Fundraiser Idea? Turn Up The Theme!

Are candy bars delicious? Ummm…Yes! And as a fundraising idea, candy bars can be considered a safe bet for some solid sales. However, separating yourself from your fellow fundraising competition may take something a bit more creative than a candy bar, especially if you’ll be taking to the fundraising field on a hot summer day! Luckily, there are tons of terrific tasty treats that are better friends with the sun than chocolate, and allow for you to turn up the tap on a theme that ties into your fundraiser. We’ve put together a few ideas below, but we’d love to hear feedback from you on what kinds of candy you think would hit the theme sweet spot for other fundraisers. 🙂

A Sweet Stick of Sports! – Whether your fundraiser benefits football, baseball, basketball or soccer, our Sport Lollipops make a smart selection. A giant jelly lollipop made of pure deliciousness, these can easily bring in $2 apiece, leaving you with a sizable profit, and your supporters with a belly full of yum!

Awesome For Animal Charities! – There’s no questioning that there are many furry friends among us that need help and shelter, and thankfully, there are also many organizations to look after and treat these animals when they need it most. However, caring for all the Fidos and Fluffys can be an expensive endeavor, and ongoing fundraisers are often essential. offers a few cute and clever candies that would be purrrfect for such fundraisers, including our paw-dorable Candy Dog Bowl and Bones!

Raising Money For Renovations! – Maybe your local rec center could use a fresh coat of paint, or perhaps your neighborhood playground is in need of some equipment repairs. Whatever community project is in need of some funds to keep bringing the fun, a can of Bubble Gum is up to the task! Well, the gum itself can’t help with the work, but it can help you raise the cash you need for supplies. Consider a fun slogan such as, “Give A Helping Hand – Grab A Handful!”, and offer a suggested donation amount. Even a dollar will cover more than the cost in gum, and chances are people will be even more generous when the project benefits the community as a whole.

Keeping Candy Fundraisers Affordable And Fun!

It’s no secret that the economy isn’t enjoying its shiniest times, and economic downturns leave many organizations turning to fundraisers to keep afloat. Add to those organizations all the others that run fundraisers regularly regardless of economic hardship, such as smaller clubs and sporting teams, and you have quite a few people hoping you’ll donate some of your spare cash to their pizza, candy bar, or scented candle offerings. The problem? Money is a bit tighter for everyone else, too – potential customers included. So what can you do to help your fundraiser stand out and bring in the bucks? Three simple things: Keep It Cheap – Be Creative – Offer Something Different.

Keep It Cheap: Many candy fundraisers focus on chocolate bars, and honestly, who can blame them?! Chocolate is delicious, and most people love it, but chocolate does have a few drawbacks. For one – it easily melts. And for another – it’s more expensive than most candy. If you combine the two, and add in the Spring and Summer weather, you have the potential to lose a lot of money on your hands if you aren’t careful! But there are other options, of course, including Penny Candy. We recommend choosing a varied mix of candies, including several colors, types, and flavors, and filling clear sandwich bags or Penny Candy Bags with a small handful or so of an assorted mix of each.  Charging just a dollar a bag, you can give supporters a flavorful mix of 30 or 40 treats and still make a sizable profit!

Be Creative: If you’ll be selling your fundraising candy from a booth or table, consider presentation. Set the stage for success! Even if you just have a colorful sign and tablecloth, it will draw people in to see what you’ve got. If you’re working with the penny candy bags mentioned above, consider lining them up neatly in rows across the table with a large smiley face drawn on each bag in colored marker or crayons. Tape a penny to the bottom of a few bags and let people know if they pick that bag, they’ll get an extra treat, whether it’s 2 bags for the price of 1, or a special candy you bought just for winners, like a Giant Gummy Bear. Keep people interested, play fun music, make your table lively, approachable, and profitable!

Offer Something Different:  Consider who your fundraiser will attract when choosing your candy menu. Will there be more adults than children there? If so, a Nostalgic Candy table might work best. We all remember the candies we loved growing up, and many of them are very difficult to find. works to bring as many of these sweet treats to you as possible, and if you can bring them to others, you’ll not only get a donation, but could really make someone’s day as well. You can even break your nostalgic candy out into categories on the table and separate them with signs such as, “Children of the 60s”, “Children of the 70s” and “Children of the 80s”. Whatever makes most sense for the occasion and guests!

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