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Green St. Patrick’s Day Candy is Perfect for Candy Buffets

When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around everyone will be “wearin’ the green” but if you’re planning on having a party on March 17th, make sure your guests are “snackin’ on the green” – candy that is!

Our huge candy warehouse is filled with treats in all different colors that are perfect for a candy buffet and we make it easy for you to find candy by color so you can color coordinate your sweet spread!  So with St. Patrick’s Day in mind, we’re sharing our favorite green candy you’re going to want to include in your festivities:

Green Apple Tootsie Frooties
Tootsie Rolls’ favorite cousin, Tootsie Frooties, are fruit-flavored Tootsies that are wildly popular and are perfect for candy buffets or even for tossing at your St. Patrick’s Day parade.  They’re individually wrapped and come in a delicious green apple flavor.


Green Lollipops
Don’t be a sucker and forget to invite lollipops to your party!  Green lollipops will add a splash of color to your candy buffet and will be a hit for kids and adults alike.  Now, these aren’t just any lollipops, these swirly-shaped pops look as good as they taste.  They are individually wrapped so they’re perfect for placing in a candy dish or decorative vase.


Green Rock Candy Sticks
Want to add a little nostalgia to your candy buffet!  Of course, you do and it’s easy by adding some of these classic candy treats.  Rock Candy Sticks have been a favorite treat for decades and these sugary, watermelon-flavored sticks will have people asking, “where did you get these from?”  Be sure to tell them Blair Candy!  Oh, they’re individually wrapped as well!

Green Apple Laffy Taffy
When it comes to delicious, chewy taffy, everyone’s favorite is Laffy Taffy.  Place a bowl full of these out on your candy buffet and watch your guest’s faces as they chew and pucker up at the same time thanks to the green apple flavor.  Each piece is individually wrapped and chances are you’re going to need more than one bag because nobody can have just one!

Those are our must-have treats we suggest you add to your candy grazing table, be sure to check out the rest of our St. Patrick’s Day candy to see what else you may want to include!


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