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Chocolate Christmas Candy Gifts For Everyone On Your Gift List

After doing all your homework and scoping out the best deals online, you’ve finally decided on the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Only problem? You’d still like to pick out an extra small gift for each of them, something extra “sweet” you know they’re going to love.  What is it?  Candy of course!

Chocolate Christmas Candy is a tasty gift that also just happens to be deliciously affordable, making it the perfect way to top off your holiday gift list. Here’s a list of our top picks:

The Grandparents: Grandma and Grandpa will love traditional Christmas candy favorites including Cella Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries and old-fashioned Thin Ribbon Candy.

Mom and Dad: Chocolate Christmas candy brings a dash of instant happiness to the stressful holidays, so be sure to gift your parent’s some chocolate favorites like delicious Candy Cane HERSHEY’S Kisses and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Santas.

Your Significant Other: The holidays are so full of magic and love, aren’t they? Shower your sweetie with some chocolate holiday sweets, including a Giant Hershey’s Kiss and Gardner’s Assorted Boxed Chocolates.

Your Little Ones: Gift your little Princes and Princesses (no matter how old they are!) with mouth-watering chocolate Christmas candy, such as Harry Potter Butterbeer Gummy Barrels, Elf on the Shelf Double Crisp Chocolate Bars, or a GIANT Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!

Your Relatives: Gifting your relatives and their families can be expensive, but you want to show them how much you care. This is where our personal size Christmas candy treat boxes come in handy!  They’re inexpensive, can be ordered in any quantity and are filled with an assortment of popular candy that everyone will love.  It’s the perfect gift when you have so many to buy for!

Chocolate Christmas Candy is that perfect “extra” gift for the holidays. After all, chocolate brings about a feeling of joy, which is something we all need during those busy holiday shopping days!

Festive Cookie Bar Treats to Tuck Inside Christmas Candy Boxes

There are plenty of people in our lives who we want to add to our holiday gift list, but let’s face it – our budgets aren’t unlimited!  If you have co-workers, neighbors, or friends to who you want to give a small gift, but need to do it “on the cheap” fire up the oven, it’s time to do some holiday baking!

Now before you start saying, “I’m not a baker!” read on, this recipe is pretty simple, quite delicious, and is sure to be a hit.  Best of all, it’s a sweet gift that fits in anyone’s budget and is sure to bring a smile to the recipient.  Plus, by putting your baked goods in one of our Christmas Candy Boxes, you won’t even have to splurge on gift wrap.

Ready?  Let’s get baking!

Image credit: Pillsbury

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, from Pillsbury

Makes 24 bars


· 1 roll of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough

· 1 cup peanut butter

· ½ cup vanilla frosting

· 1 teaspoon oil

· ¼ cup semisweet chocolate chips

· ¼ cup mini candy-coated milk chocolate baking bits

· Christmas Candy Boxes


1. Preheat your oven to 350. Press the cookie dough evenly in the bottom of a 13×9 inch pan. Bake 14-18 minutes, and then allow to cool.

2. In a medium bowl, mix peanut butter, frosting, and the oil until it’s blended well.

3. Evenly spread the peanut butter mix over the cookie dough crust. Meanwhile, place the chocolate chips in a small resealable plastic bag. Microwave for about 1-2 minutes until softened. Then, cut a very small hole in the bag, and squeeze to drizzle the chocolate over the peanut butter. Spread the chocolate baking bits over the top.

4. Let the mixture stand until completely cool – about an hour. Cut into 24 bars, place in Christmas candy boxes, and let the gifting begin!

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars are a scrumptious holiday treat, and we know all the wonderful people on your gift list will have their mouths watering when they open up their Christmas candy boxes. Be sure to put your own spin on them – think about making some with Hershey’s Kisses, Peppermint Patties, or Mini Peanut Butter cups – mmm!

Create the Ultimate Christmas Stocking with Christmas Candy

There are those holiday traditions that stick with us for generations – trimming the Christmas tree together, having to continually find new spots to hide the presents, and of course, filling Christmas stockings.

Whether you hang them from the mantle of your crackling fireplace or simply have them lined up under the Christmas tree, Christmas stockings are just meant to be filled with delicious Christmas Candy! After all, the big presents are under the tree, so the holiday stockings are the perfect place to stow delicious chocolate and fun holiday-themed treats.

If you’re looking to fill your own family’s Christmas stockings with some Christmas candy favorites, we’re here to share our directions on creating the ultimate holiday stocking!

First, gather up your supplies.  Here’s what we recommend (we taste-tested each one of these, so take our word for it!):

Use the shiny gold and silver markers to write the name of each family member on the stocking. Then, fill the stocking with the scrumptious Christmas candy you’ve chosen, as well as a few small gifts for each family member.

Stocking Stuffer Gummy Candy

Our family-owned business has been helping families celebrate the sweetest season of the year for three generations, so from all of us to you… happy holidays!

Candy Canes, Lollipops, and Gingerbread Houses: Perfect Props for Holiday Photos

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to get out your best ugly sweater and set the stage for family photos! Oh, we just heard that collective groan coming from the kids, but holiday photos are a tradition for many families and a great way to see just how much the kids have grown up over the years.

Whether you’re taking photos to be used for your holiday greeting card, or you’re snapping shots in front of the tree for use on Facebook, we have a few ways you can sweeten up those photos and have a tasty treat once the camera is put away.

First, make sure the tree is decorated, there are no burned-out bulbs, and the background looks just perfect.  Next, let’s get out some festive props… in the form of Christmas candy!

Candy Canes

Next to a decorated tree, the most recognizable symbol of the holidays is of course a candy cane!  People use candy canes as decorations on the tree, on garland used around the house, as a garnish for a mug of hot chocolate, or crumbled up and used in baking Christmas cookies.  So why not use them as a prop for some of your photos?  Have the kids pose as they hold candy canes, or take photos of them decorating the tree with them.  Then take some silly photos of everyone enjoying those candy canes – those pictures are sure to get some laughs and “likes!”

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses tend to capture the essence of the holidays, don’t they? They’re so much to create, and a photo of your kids all pitching in to build a gingerbread house will have you remembering your own childhood.  Add a touch of whimsy to your photos by saving one gingerbread house to eat and take pics of everyone enjoying this delicious holiday tradition.

Christmas Lollipops

Like candy canes, lollipops make a great prop for your Christmas photos, but we’re not talking just any lollipop here!  We have some fun lollis that are perfect for some lighthearted photos.  Our giant Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer lollipop is great prop for home photos or even taking along to the mall for a pic with Santa!  Looking for an even more unique Christmas lollipop?  How about one made from Marshmallow PEEPS?  Yes, everyone’s favorite marshmallow treat comes in lollipop form just for the holidays and with their festive colors, Marshmallow PEEPS Lollipops are guaranteed to fit right into your holiday pictures.

Candy canes, Christmas lollipops, and gingerbread houses are all holiday candies that capture the festive Christmas spirit and add that merry finishing touch to your family holiday photos. Your family will enjoy taking photos this year when they see what kind of delicious candy additions you have ready to be photographed and eaten after, of course!

America’s Favorite Movie Theatre Candy by State

When you go to the movies there is no way you’re walking into the theatre without stopping at the concession stand to pick up a big bucket of popcorn, a cold soda pop, and some candy, right?  We thought so!  After all, I think we all go to the movies just to have those fantastic snacks.

Cinemark, one of the nation’s largest theatre chains, has carefully watched what we eat when we go to the movies and has compiled a list of the most popular movie theatre candy by state.  Let’s take a look at their findings:

M&M’s – plain and peanut – is the most popular movie theatre candy, number one in 12 states.  The melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hands candy is perfect for snacking on during the film and is great for sharing.

Red Vines is a big hit on the west coast and we’ll admit, it is one of our favorite licorice candies right next to Twizzlers.  While the tastes of Red Vines and Twizzlers are distinctly different, there’s no doubt this sweet treat is a huge winner among moviegoers.

Speaking of Twizzlers, the strawberry licorice treat is a favorite in four states.  We’re surprised it isn’t a favorite in more because like Red Vines, Twizzlers are great for sharing and are better to chew on than your fingernails during those scary movies!

Reese’s Pieces gets some love in only two states.  The chocolate-peanut butter cousin to M&M’s is a delicious treat that we are huge fans of but then again, any candy with that delicious combination is a winner.

Nestle Buncha Crunch candy is the number-one seller in four states.  This chocolate treat is just like a Nestle Crunch bar but in bite-size pieces making it perfect for snacking and sharing.

Fans of Cookie Dough Bites will be happy to hear this delicious treat is number one in six states.  While it doesn’t specify which flavor moviegoers are munching on, Cookie Dough Bites are available in chocolate chip, fudge brownie, cookies and cream, peanut butter, birthday cake, and even gingerbread for the holiday season.

Rounding out the list of top-selling movie theatre candy are Sour Punch Straws, Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers (perfect for spooky movies) and Sweet Tart Ropes which is number one in Alaska!

Of course, you don’t have to go to the theatre to enjoy all these movie candy favorites.  We can ship all of them to you in movie theatre-size packs perfect for enjoying movie night at home.

Deck the Halls With Boughs Of Holly and Christmas Candy Canes!

The holidays truly are the most wonderful time of the year. From decking the tree with tinsel and pretty ornaments to wrapping presents in shiny wrapping paper, the Christmas season is a time to enjoy the company of family and friends, especially when it comes to holiday decorating.

Christmas Candy Canes are a sweet treat, but did you know they make great decorations as well? Being BIG candy lovers, our homes and offices are decorated from chimney-top to basement with Christmas candy canes, so read on for how you can incorporate them into your holiday decorating, too!

Trimming the Tree
Ornaments, tinsel, and garland are a must on a Christmas tree, but it’s time to add some fun! Choose Bob’s Original Christmas Candy Canes, get your family together, bake some cookies, and start decorating. Add them throughout the tree, and don’t be skimpy! Once Christmas day is over and Santa is back at the North Pole, invite the family over for dinner, and have the kids take the candy canes off the tree, and enjoy them as a dessert or dip them in hot cocoa for an extra special treat.

Gorgeous Garland
Silver garland looks elegant during the holidays, doesn’t it? Trim the stairs, as well as the mantle, or any areas you deem fit, with pretty silver garland. Hang some Skittles Candy Canes from the garland – the vibrant colors of the candy canes intermingled with the shimmering silver tinsel will make for a festive look for the holidays!

Holiday Themed Accents
Bob’s Peppermint Sticks lack the traditional “hook” of a candy cane but are just as wonderfully delicious as their original holiday candy cane counterparts. Pick up a few small glass jars or cheap (but pretty!) stemware at a local discount store, and display it on end tables throughout your home.

With a dash of creativity and festivity, you can find fun ways to decorate your home or apartment with Christmas Candy Canes this holiday season. Remember, the holidays are meant to be fun, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your Christmas candy cane décor this year!

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