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Two Ways to Have Fun With Halloween PEEPS this Halloween Season

Marshmallow PEEPS are one of those classic treats that will simply never go out of style. You can’t help but love the cute gooeyness of them. Originally PEEPS were only produced for Easter, but due to their immense popularity and cult following they are now available for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and of course Halloween.

While you won’t find the classic peep shaped PEEP, Halloween ushers in a whole spooky line of Marshmallow PEEPS, including:

PEEPS Monsters
Everyone’s favorite green monster is now available as a delicious, marshmallow-ly Halloween treat.

PEEPS Ghosts
Boo!  Don’t let this ghost scare you, in fact this spook is sweet (and not to mention tasty!).

PEEPS Pumpkins
The symbol of Halloween could not be left out of being peep-ified!  These pumpkin PEEPS are a must for every Halloween gathering.

PEEPS Skulls
These friendly marshmallow skulls are perfect for your Day of the Dead celebration, or any spooky occasion.


Now that we have you craving Halloween PEEPS, here’s two ways to have fun with them besides just eating them on their own.

Halloween Party Cake
Hosting or attending a Halloween party? Create a Halloween-themed cake that will impress everyone! Simply buy or bake a sheet cake and cover it with chocolate icing. Grab some PEEPS and start decorating!  Use Pumpkin PEEPS to create a pumpkin patch that has some not-so-scary ghosts floating by.  Pick up some cake decorations at your local craft store to add some additional scenery such as tombstones, where a PEEPS Monster may be hiding, or some other spooky decorations to top your cake.

Microwave PEEPS Experiment
We’ve all wondered what exactly happens to marshmallow PEEPS when they’re put in a microwave. Get a few friends together for apple cider and pumpkin carving, and grab a few Pumpkin PEEPS. Put one inside a shallow bowl, pop them in the microwave, and turn it on for no more than 30 seconds. Take them out of the microwave, and prepare to see just how big one of these tiny pumpkins can get!

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