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Popcorn Balls are a Sought After Treat for Halloween and Christmas

Every year around this time we start getting flooded with emails and calls asking if popcorn balls are in stock.  These delicious treats are only made a couple of times a year, and our fans want to ensure they are the first to grab a box while they’re at the peak of freshness!

Popcorn balls were first introduced way back in 1861 and gained popularity in the 1950s at, you guessed it… Halloween parties!  The 50s were a time when homemade treats were served rather than the packaged ones that are common today.  So chances are if you were invited to a Halloween party back then, the host or hostess probably served up a batch of homemade popcorn balls.

Our Halloween and Christmas popcorn balls come from one of our favorite manufacturers, Kathy Kaye, who only manufactures one thing: popcorn treats.  Their popcorn balls have just the right balance of sweet and salty plus that characteristic crunch we love once we take that first bite.

So while our supply of Halloween popcorn balls is starting to dwindle, we’re getting ready to make way for a fresh batch of Christmas ones to arrive real soon.  So be sure to keep a close eye out for their arrival, as like all seasonal treats and candy, once they’re gone, they won’t be back until next year!

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