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Creepy Gummy Halloween Candy for Scary Fun

Halloween is a time for light-hearted, scary fun and we all know that candy plays a huge part in all types of Halloween celebrations.  From trick-or-treating and Halloween parades, to a spooky gathering at home with all your ghoulish friends enjoying a delicious candy buffet.

Now you may be thinking, what kind of candy would I use for a Halloween candy buffet?  The creepiest of course!  Imagine your guests seeing a big bowl of eyeballs staring at them – not real ones of course, but delicious, gummy ones.  Let’s take a look at some of our top picks for a spooky Halloween candy buffet.

Gummy Brains
Be sure to have plenty of these gummy brains at your Halloween party to keep all the zombies well fed.  With over 150 pieces of delicious tangy, fruit-flavored brains to be devoured, there are sure to be extras for your “living” guests.

Gummy Eyeballs
Quit looking at me!  Oh, wait… these are just some creepy gummy eyeballs, not the real thing.  Open up a few bags of these peepers and watch your guests devour them without batting an eye.

Gummy Spiders
Spiders are definitely nightmare fuel, but don’t worry these long-legged critters are sweet as can be.  Watch in ghoulish delight as your guests fish spider after spider out of a bowl and devour them one by one.


Gummy Body Parts
Did someone lose a finger?  Is that an ear?  Yep!  Let your party guests enjoy a delectable selection of carefully sourced spare body parts.  Don’t worry, we didn’t scavage around the morgue for real body parts, these are the gummy variety and a spooky treat for all.


Gummy Worms
Of course, no list of creepy Halloween candy would be complete without the quintessential spooky treat – gummy worms!  Eat them one by one, use as an ice cream topping, or enjoy one as a “chaser” for the gummy spider you just devoured.

Be sure to check out all our Halloween candy for trick-or-treating or whatever celebration you plan on having this year, we’re sure you’ll find some treats to scare up a good time!

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