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Caramel Candy a Halloween and Fall Favorite

Halloween is a much-loved holiday here at BlairCandy, but what about the rest of Fall? Do we simply let it pass by as we fill all those Halloween candy orders and get our Halloween costumes ready?

Oh no! From the time the leaves start turning to when they create a gentle cover over the grass, we embrace every Autumn moment!  Along with traditions such as pumpkin carving, fall has certain flavors that are closely associated with the season.  For example, caramel is our favorite!  Sorry pumpkin spice, but when it comes to candy, caramel just goes so much better!

So if you’re like us and enjoy a bit of caramel with your fall activities, fill your shopping bag up with some of these favorite sweets:

Caramel Apple Lollipops
Besides a great candy to hand out for trick-or-treat night, lollipops make for a great snack while carving pumpkins, sitting out by the fire pit, or enjoying a quiet evening reading your favorite Halloween tale.  These Caramel Apple Lollipops come 20 to the pack and are one of our favorite flavor combinations.

Caramel Creams Candy Bars
You can’t discuss caramel candy without including a true classic – Caramel Creams.  This nostalgic treat is also known as Bulls-Eyes due to its unique look.  The center or “eye” of the candy is a sweet, soft creme that’s wrapped around a firm, yet chewy caramel.  This treat has been around for over a century and is a favorite of caramel candy lovers worldwide.


Caramel Tootsie Pops
Caramel Candy Tootsie Pops Lollipops are only available during the Fall season and they go fast!  We just love these, but we saved some for you, too. Plus, with only 60 calories per lollipop, you and your fellow pumpkin carvers are enjoying a snack that won’t do damage to your waistline.

The smooth, rich taste of caramel carries with it all the wonderful delights and scents of fall – pumpkin, vanilla, butternut squash, and the sweet smell of candy on Halloween night! Let us help you make this year’s pumpkin carving so caramelicious with all the different caramel candy choices we have online!

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