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Popcorn Balls are a Sought After Treat for Halloween and Christmas

Every year around this time we start getting flooded with emails and calls asking if popcorn balls are in stock.  These delicious treats are only made a couple of times a year, and our fans want to ensure they are the first to grab a box while they’re at the peak of freshness!

Popcorn balls were first introduced way back in 1861 and gained popularity in the 1950s at, you guessed it… Halloween parties!  The 50s were a time when homemade treats were served rather than the packaged ones that are common today.  So chances are if you were invited to a Halloween party back then, the host or hostess probably served up a batch of homemade popcorn balls.

Our Halloween and Christmas popcorn balls come from one of our favorite manufacturers, Kathy Kaye, who only manufactures one thing: popcorn treats.  Their popcorn balls have just the right balance of sweet and salty plus that characteristic crunch we love once we take that first bite.

So while our supply of Halloween popcorn balls is starting to dwindle, we’re getting ready to make way for a fresh batch of Christmas ones to arrive real soon.  So be sure to keep a close eye out for their arrival, as like all seasonal treats and candy, once they’re gone, they won’t be back until next year!

Creepy Gummy Halloween Candy for Scary Fun

Halloween is a time for light-hearted, scary fun and we all know that candy plays a huge part in all types of Halloween celebrations.  From trick-or-treating and Halloween parades, to a spooky gathering at home with all your ghoulish friends enjoying a delicious candy buffet.

Now you may be thinking, what kind of candy would I use for a Halloween candy buffet?  The creepiest of course!  Imagine your guests seeing a big bowl of eyeballs staring at them – not real ones of course, but delicious, gummy ones.  Let’s take a look at some of our top picks for a spooky Halloween candy buffet.

Gummy Brains
Be sure to have plenty of these gummy brains at your Halloween party to keep all the zombies well fed.  With over 150 pieces of delicious tangy, fruit-flavored brains to be devoured, there are sure to be extras for your “living” guests.

Gummy Eyeballs
Quit looking at me!  Oh, wait… these are just some creepy gummy eyeballs, not the real thing.  Open up a few bags of these peepers and watch your guests devour them without batting an eye.

Gummy Spiders
Spiders are definitely nightmare fuel, but don’t worry these long-legged critters are sweet as can be.  Watch in ghoulish delight as your guests fish spider after spider out of a bowl and devour them one by one.


Gummy Body Parts
Did someone lose a finger?  Is that an ear?  Yep!  Let your party guests enjoy a delectable selection of carefully sourced spare body parts.  Don’t worry, we didn’t scavage around the morgue for real body parts, these are the gummy variety and a spooky treat for all.


Gummy Worms
Of course, no list of creepy Halloween candy would be complete without the quintessential spooky treat – gummy worms!  Eat them one by one, use as an ice cream topping, or enjoy one as a “chaser” for the gummy spider you just devoured.

Be sure to check out all our Halloween candy for trick-or-treating or whatever celebration you plan on having this year, we’re sure you’ll find some treats to scare up a good time!

Our Most Popular Bulk Halloween Candy

It’s no surprise bulk chocolate candy is a hot seller this time of year.  With plenty of trick-or-treaters out on Halloween, you don’t want to be turning your porch light off early because you ran out of candy, so buying candy in bulk is a must to remain on the “good neighbor” list!

When it comes to buying bulk Halloween candy, you want to make sure you pick all-time favorites, so we’re here to help make sure your house gets five-star ratings for the best candy this Halloween.  You won’t go wrong by selecting your candy from our top ten list:

1. Tootsie Rolls –
This classic bulk chocolate candy tops Halloween candy lists, with trick-or-treaters just loving their chocolate flavor, and parents loving how budget-friendly it is!

2. Mini Hershey’s Bars –
Mmm, imagine opening up your Halloween pumpkin pail and seeing a Hershey’s almond bar inside. Instant happiness.

3. Nestle Crunch Bars –
This crunchy bulk chocolate candy is full of delight and a much sought-after bulk Halloween candy.

4. Nerds –
Love nerds? Then you’re certainly a smart cookie, as Wonka Nerds are full of bursting flavors and so fun in our Nerds Rope!

5. Smarties–
Who doesn’t love a smartie-pants?  Smarties are a beloved Halloween favorite year after year and their sugary goodness makes them a top pick.

6. Candy Corn –
No Halloween candy list can be complete without candy corn! Although bulk chocolate candy steals the show, candy corn will always remain fond in our Halloween hearts.

7. Snickers Candy Bars –
Fun size Snickers candy bars are appropriately named – they bring sudden joy to anyone who enjoys this bulk chocolate candy! It’s another much-loved Halloween candy, so be sure you have extra bags on hand!

8. Baby Ruth Bars –
Oh baby, isn’t this bulk chocolate candy just devilishly good? We think so too, and with most Halloweeners having an intense Baby Ruth craving, you’d better get the full-size candy bar box no snack sizes are allowed here!

9. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups –
All of us here at love the traditional  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and no trick-or-treat bucket should be without one or two of these in it.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have certainly earned themselves a place in Halloween candy history so eat up!

10. Almond Joy –
Like Baby Ruth bars, it’s always best to go with the full-size Almond Joy candy bars, or else you’ll be seeing trick-or-treaters coming back for more Almond Joy bars again and again throughout Halloween night! We couldn’t agree more with this bulk chocolate candy choice coconut, almonds, and milk chocolate is a force to be reckoned with.


There you have it!  Our top 10 choices for bulk Halloween candy that will sure earn you props from your visitors Halloween night.

Two Ways to Have Fun With Halloween PEEPS this Halloween Season

Marshmallow PEEPS are one of those classic treats that will simply never go out of style. You can’t help but love the cute gooeyness of them. Originally PEEPS were only produced for Easter, but due to their immense popularity and cult following they are now available for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and of course Halloween.

While you won’t find the classic peep shaped PEEP, Halloween ushers in a whole spooky line of Marshmallow PEEPS, including:

PEEPS Monsters
Everyone’s favorite green monster is now available as a delicious, marshmallow-ly Halloween treat.

PEEPS Ghosts
Boo!  Don’t let this ghost scare you, in fact this spook is sweet (and not to mention tasty!).

PEEPS Pumpkins
The symbol of Halloween could not be left out of being peep-ified!  These pumpkin PEEPS are a must for every Halloween gathering.

PEEPS Skulls
These friendly marshmallow skulls are perfect for your Day of the Dead celebration, or any spooky occasion.


Now that we have you craving Halloween PEEPS, here’s two ways to have fun with them besides just eating them on their own.

Halloween Party Cake
Hosting or attending a Halloween party? Create a Halloween-themed cake that will impress everyone! Simply buy or bake a sheet cake and cover it with chocolate icing. Grab some PEEPS and start decorating!  Use Pumpkin PEEPS to create a pumpkin patch that has some not-so-scary ghosts floating by.  Pick up some cake decorations at your local craft store to add some additional scenery such as tombstones, where a PEEPS Monster may be hiding, or some other spooky decorations to top your cake.

Microwave PEEPS Experiment
We’ve all wondered what exactly happens to marshmallow PEEPS when they’re put in a microwave. Get a few friends together for apple cider and pumpkin carving, and grab a few Pumpkin PEEPS. Put one inside a shallow bowl, pop them in the microwave, and turn it on for no more than 30 seconds. Take them out of the microwave, and prepare to see just how big one of these tiny pumpkins can get!

Caramel Candy a Halloween and Fall Favorite

Halloween is a much-loved holiday here at BlairCandy, but what about the rest of Fall? Do we simply let it pass by as we fill all those Halloween candy orders and get our Halloween costumes ready?

Oh no! From the time the leaves start turning to when they create a gentle cover over the grass, we embrace every Autumn moment!  Along with traditions such as pumpkin carving, fall has certain flavors that are closely associated with the season.  For example, caramel is our favorite!  Sorry pumpkin spice, but when it comes to candy, caramel just goes so much better!

So if you’re like us and enjoy a bit of caramel with your fall activities, fill your shopping bag up with some of these favorite sweets:

Caramel Apple Lollipops
Besides a great candy to hand out for trick-or-treat night, lollipops make for a great snack while carving pumpkins, sitting out by the fire pit, or enjoying a quiet evening reading your favorite Halloween tale.  These Caramel Apple Lollipops come 20 to the pack and are one of our favorite flavor combinations.

Caramel Creams Candy Bars
You can’t discuss caramel candy without including a true classic – Caramel Creams.  This nostalgic treat is also known as Bulls-Eyes due to its unique look.  The center or “eye” of the candy is a sweet, soft creme that’s wrapped around a firm, yet chewy caramel.  This treat has been around for over a century and is a favorite of caramel candy lovers worldwide.


Caramel Tootsie Pops
Caramel Candy Tootsie Pops Lollipops are only available during the Fall season and they go fast!  We just love these, but we saved some for you, too. Plus, with only 60 calories per lollipop, you and your fellow pumpkin carvers are enjoying a snack that won’t do damage to your waistline.

The smooth, rich taste of caramel carries with it all the wonderful delights and scents of fall – pumpkin, vanilla, butternut squash, and the sweet smell of candy on Halloween night! Let us help you make this year’s pumpkin carving so caramelicious with all the different caramel candy choices we have online!

Fun Size Candy Bars the Perfect Halloween Treat

Fun Size Candy Bars, the miniature versions of our favorite regular-sized candy bars, are a Halloween favorite. We all remember racing home after a night of trick-or-treating and dumping our treat bags on the kitchen table to see what kind of fun-size candy bars were nestled inside.

Knowing that our parents loved these treats as well, we always let them have a few of our snack-size candy bars – after all, they helped us create those Halloween costumes that earned us all that candy! Fun size candy bars are just about a universal Halloween candy favorite, but here are some of our favorites that we always look forward to on Halloween night:

Fun Size M&M’s Candy
M&M’s have been a favorite for years, and it was so easy to open a pack of mini M&M’s as we went from house to house and indulged in some chocolate deliciousness along the way. Of course, we always loved the house that gave us a bag of the original AND a bag of Mini M&M’s Peanut Snacks.

Milky Way Fun Size Candy Bars
What’s better than chocolate? The creamy caramel and delicious nougat inside a Milky Way bar, that’s what! Biting into a Milky Way bar brings about a taste that is both playful and luxurious, they’re a candy bar that will remain on our list of favorite fun-size candy bars for generations to come.

Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
Oh Snickers, could you be any more amazing? Snickers are a versatile candy bar that’s so delicious both frozen (trust us, try it!) and warm, making it an all-year-round candy bar winner! The fun-size candy bar version of Snickers features that scrumptious classic Snickers taste, but you’ll need to scarf them up before mom and dad get to them!

Reese’s Snack Size Peanut Butter Cups: When we’re craving chocolate, we’re usually actually craving a Reese’s. Reese’s show why chocolate and peanut butter are a match made in heaven, and together, taste simply sinful. Finding a Reese’s fun-size candy bar in our treat bag was an automatic win, and you can be sure we’d be returning back to that house next year!

Of course, these are only a few of the many snack-size candy bars we have available.  Be sure to check out all our Halloween candy to see what else we have!

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