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Halloween Candy For Vampires, Zombies, Mad Scientists, and More!

It’s pretty easy to guess that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We just love the spooky spirit this holiday conjures up, as well as how much Halloween Candy we get to “taste test!”  It’s also one of our busiest times and our huge candy warehouse is packed full of all kinds of spooky and fun treats.

With so much Halloween candy at our disposal, we couldn’t help but think about adding some to Halloween costumes, and we’re here to share what we think will make the perfect costume accessory!

Fearful Wax Fangs
Have a spooky Halloween costume in mind, such as Dracula or a scary monster of your creation? Let your costume come alive with Wax Fangs Halloween Candy! Those costume shop plastic fangs don’t always taste too good in your mouth, whereas our Halloween candy wax fangs have a cherry flavor and come in a box of 24, so you can keep on enjoying them all Halloween night long!

Zealous Zombies
Recently risen from the dead? Then a Halloween zombie like you will surely need Halloween candy like Gummy Worms encircling your neck and coming out of your pockets! Plus, we bet you’ll be a little hungry after all those years underground, so be sure to grab some Gummy Body Parts to munch on all night!

The Mad Scientist
Halloween brings out the madness in all of us, even the science inclined!  If you’re going as a mad scientist this year, be sure to live the part!  Our Mad Science Mini Chews come in a beaker and look like something you whipped up in your lab before heading out for the night.  Complete the look by showing off your smarts by handing out some Gummy Brains!

Halloween is one ghoulishly great holiday and we’re proud to bring you devilishly delicious Halloween Candy at prices that are anything but terrifying! We’ll be adding more Halloween candy as October 31st grows closer, so continue to check back!

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