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Take the Scorpion Pepper TikTok Challenge

Ready for some more TikTok challenge candy?  We thought so!  After our last post, we’re pretty confident that your TikTok fans want more.  So let’s recap… we introduced you to a game where one lucky (or unlucky) spin of the wheel can result in you chomping down on one super-spicy gummy bear, and then we told you to get your coin-flipping skills sharpened to avoid chowing down on edible black ants.

What could possibly be next?

Pucker Up! Sour Candy TikTok Challenge
We’re pretty fond of sour candy and rank Sour Patch Kids pretty high on our list of favorite gummy candy, but those kids have nothing on this sour TikTok challenge. It’s pretty safe to describe this level of sour as lip-puckering, cheek-sucking-in, cross-eye-inducing sour!  If you’re in, be sure to pick up this kit that contains two vials of really, really, sour candy that’s perfect for creating those face-bending moments that TikTok is perfect for!

Scorpion Pepper TikTok Challenge
Get ready to turn up the heat with this hot pepper TikTok challenge!  Scorpion peppers are one of the world’s HOTTEST peppers and it takes willpower to be able to eat one of these red-hot firecrackers.  Now since these peppers are so hot, they covered them with rich, delicious milk chocolate to take away just a tiny bit of heat and give it some great flavor.  Because nothing goes better with a super hot pepper than chocolate, right?  Get the camera ready, roll the dice, and you may roll your tastebuds into a level of heat they never experienced before.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There you have it, two more of our favorite TikTok challenge games.  If you’re looking for more ways to up your TikTok game, be sure to check out all our TikTok candy.  We’ll be looking for some of these on our feed, so get creating!

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