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Super Hot Gummy Bear TikTok Challenge

Everyone loves a challenge, right?  In the age of social media the more crazy and “out there” these challenges can be, the more fun they are to watch on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and now more than ever – TikTok!

Just a quick search for “TikTok challenge” and you’ll be spending hours watching some really crazy (and fun) videos.

Now, you probably know where we’re going with this, right?  You betcha!  We’ve got some great ideas for your next TikTok challenge and our next couple of posts are going to highlight some of our favorites.  So let’s kick it off by turning up the heat!

Carolina Reaper Roulette TikTok Challenge Gummy Bears
Just the name “Carolina Reaper” probably has you sweating from the heat those peppers bring to your mouth, so you probably know where we’re going with this candy challenge.  This game comes with six gummy bears…. five of them are yummy and delicious while one, you guessed it, is hot, hot, hot!  Spin the roulette wheel, grab the gummy and see whether or not you were the lucky one to score the spiciest!  Be sure to have someone on hand to record the moment each person eats the gummy bear because the one who gets the spicy one will be TikTok famous in no time!

Ant-Eating TikTok Challenge Game
When you think “anteater” you’re probably thinking of the animal – but what if we told you this is a new TikTok challenge involving real black ants?  Well, yeah, you’d probably say we’re crazy but we’re not!  We’ve tasted chocolate-covered ants before, but these critters aren’t covered in that decadent, delicious cocoa delight.  Here’s how it works.  You’ll face off against your opponent in a coin-flipping game with the intent to get to the finish line first.  Don’t fall behind tho, because the loser has to face the Ant Eater Challenge – eating a bottle of edible black ants!  Hey, it’s protein, right?

Want more ideas for attracting even more subscribers to your TikTok channel?  Be sure to check out all our TikTok challenge candy and games and be sure to let your viewers know you got these fun ideas from the largest candy store online – Blair Candy!


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