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Chewy Candy is More Popular than Ever!

Gummy bears, Hi-Chew, Swedish Fish… they’re all chewy candy that we love to snack on – especially in the summer when it’s hot outside and chocolate truly does melt in your hands!  These gummy treats have been around for what seems like forever but believe it or not, right now chewy candy is hot, hot, hot!

The Sweet & Snacks Expo was held in Chicago in May 2022 and during one of the presentations, it was noted that while chocolate still accounts for the lion’s share of sweet sales, chewy candy accounts for 50% of sales in the non-chocolate category in the year 2021.

To put it into numbers… we spent $4.6 billion on chewy candy alone!  So it should come as no surprise that we’re going to see a lot of chewy, gummy candy arriving in our huge candy warehouse soon.

While we don’t wanna spill all the tea, we can tell you to be on the lookout for some new flavors of Laffy Taffy, a unique spin on Trolli gummy bears, and a really cool SweeTarts candy is right around the corner.

Until those arrive, here are some new chewy treats that you’re going to want to check out:

Nerds Gummy Clusters
The candy gods took two delicious treats and combined them into one to make these Nerds Gummy Clusters.  A deliciously chewy gummy is in the center of these Nerds encrusted candies so you not only get a sweet gummy treat you also get the crunchiness of the Nerds on the outside!

Cup O’Crazy Ramen Candy
Everyone is a fan of Cup O’Noodles, right?  Ok, well almost everyone.  But whether you like that salty staple found in every college kid’s dorm room or not, nobody can resist this gummy treat.  Pop open a cup of these “noodles” and get ready to enjoy some sinfully delicious gummy candy that doesn’t require adding water or using the microwave.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering… they’re fruit flavored!


Tangy Zangy Sour Chews
They’re tangy, zangy, sour, and chewy, so what’s not to love?  These new Tangy Zangy Sour Chews come in squares or twists in either berry or fruit flavors.  If you’re a fan of sour gummy candy, pick up a couple bags of these to give your mouth a pop of pucker-up flavor!


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