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Candy is Food and Food is Candy with these Unique Treats

We all know the four food groups – fruits and vegetables, meats and proteins, dairy, and grains, but around here we like to believe there’s a fifth, candy!  Sweet treats like chocolate bars, gummy candy, and licorice often get us through that afternoon slump at work, or give us an added boost of energy when that third cup of coffee wears off.

These days there’s no shortage of unique candy and more and more we’re seeing new treats arrive in our huge candy warehouse that resembles actual food and sometimes taste better than the real thing!  Let’s take a look at some sweet summer sensations that just hit our new candy page.

Giant Gummy Turkey Leg
If you’ve ever been to a fair or a theme park, chances are you’ve seen or eaten one of the giant turkey legs that make you wonder just how big the turkey was that it came from!  Now there’s a gummy version of this fun fair treat and it’s pretty big – about 8″ tall!  While it looks like the real thing and even comes on a stick, it doesn’t taste like turkey because this leg is cola flavored.

Gummy Cupcake
Cupcakes are all the rage.  From the frivolous and flavorful, to the fancy and fantastic, cupcakes are often times a work of art but they’re a lot of work.  These new gummy cupcakes are ready to eat right out of the package and look like something you took fresh from the oven.  Each gummy cupcakes measures approximately 4″ x 4″ so these are pretty good size.  While not available in chocolate or vanilla, these sweet treats come in cherry or blue raspberry.


Gummy Slice of Pie
Who doesn’t love pie?  Ok, there’s always one!  But hey, we bet you’re going to love these gummy pie slices that look just like the real thing and may even taste better than Aunt Helen’s Pumpkin Pie she always brings for Thanksgiving.  These gummy pie slices come in cherry or blue raspberry.

Gummy Breakfast Platter
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what if we said this gummy breakfast was good for any time of the day?  You’re in, right?  Bacon, a sunny side-up egg, and a waffle complete with a pad of butter complete this bountiful breakfast platter that’s so cute you may not want to eat it… but just try to resist and see how well that goes!

If we had you at “bacon” and now have a hankering for some, be sure to check out our selection of snack foods that include individual slices of bacon packed and ready to go on your next road trip or in your lunchbox.  Oh, and be sure to check out all the delicious gummy candy and find some new favorites today.

Three New Silly Summer Sweets to Check Out

The candy industry is always coming up with creative new treats to get our mouths watering.  Whether it’s mixing up flavors such as the new Blueberry Muffin Kit Kat bar which has become Internet famous, or just taking a simple ingredient and “plussing it” into something kids (and yes, adults too) will gobble up for Tik Tok fame!

This week, three new silly summer sweet treats arrived at our huge candy warehouse and we just wouldn’t wait to try them all out!

Sweet Shots
The first thing that came to mind when we saw these was that they would make an awesome addition to your Halloween party, or let’s face it… ANY party!  These “shots” are plastic syringes filled with delicious creamy flavors like chocolate, strawberry, watermelon, and blue raspberry.  Just push the plunger and unleash the flavor in your mouth, or get this…. in/on a scoop of ice cream…. a donut…. the list can go on and on and on.


Sour Spray Candy
Sour is all the rage this year, so why not come out with sour candy… in a can!  Yes, it sounds silly, but it’s so much fun.  Grab a can, spray some in your mouth and enjoy.  Take your candy spraying skills to the next level by getting a friend to try this sour treat while you record their reaction.  Post the video to your Tik Tok and entertain your followers.  Available in cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and tutti frutti.


Fizzlers Fizzing Candy
Move over Pop Rocks and make way for Fizzlers!  This new fizzing candy is all the rage not only for it’s delicious flavor but for all its fizzy fun.  It’s fun packaging looks just like a soda pop bottle but there’s no liquid!  Just open a pouch, pour some in your mouth and let the fizzing frenzy begin.  Fizzlers Fizzing Candy is fun for all ages and comes in blue raspberry, apple, and strawberry flavors.


Looking for more candy to have fun with this summer?  Be sure to check out our selection of TikTok candy and always keep an eye on our page full of new candy arrivals.

The Most Popular Chocolate Candy Is…

There’s a lot of candy to choose from, take it from us!  We have a huge candy warehouse full of gummy candy, snack foods, hard candy, and you guessed it… chocolate!

When it comes to chocolate we all have our favorites.  Whether you go for dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or even white chocolate, there’s no shortage of this fantastic treat to go around.  

Candy manufacturers have been creating some very unique chocolate treats such as Blueberry Muffin KitKat, which is fantastic by the way, or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with pretzels or potato chips inside.  But at the end of the day, we all like to go for that one old standby when our craving for chocolate hits – HERSHEY’S Kisses.

HERSHEY’S Kisses were the most popular chocolate candy by sales in 2021 and if you’re a fan, you know how irresistible they are when there’s a big bowl of them sitting on the table just staring at you!

Everyone is familiar with these silver-wrapped dollops of delightfully delicious chocolate, which is one reason why they’re so popular.  If you’re a baker, you’ve probably used them in a couple of different cookie recipes too!

The original HERSHEY’S Kisses are milk chocolate, but what helped skyrocket this classic treat was the different creative flavors that the Hershey company dreamed up for Kisses, including:

Strawberry Ice Cream Cone HERSHEY’S Kisses
Rolled out just in time for summer, this ice cream-inspired treat combines the flavor of Strawberry and cookies into a bite-sized treat that is oh so yummy.

While they’re “technically” Kisses, Hershey calls them Hugs because their famously delicious milk chocolate is “hugged” by equally delicious white creme for a fantastic flavor combination.

Of course, chocolate is popular around holidays and Hershey’s is no stranger to rolling out special HERSHEY’S Kisses for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas so be sure to keep a sharp lookout when these holidays roll around for special limited edition flavors.

Also, HERSHEY’S Kisses are perfect for candy buffets or special themed events where you’re looking for specific colors of Kisses in bulk for goodie bags or baskets.  We have HERSHEY’S Kisses in bulk for these occasions so be sure to check out all our bulk candy selections.


Chewy Candy is More Popular than Ever!

Gummy bears, Hi-Chew, Swedish Fish… they’re all chewy candy that we love to snack on – especially in the summer when it’s hot outside and chocolate truly does melt in your hands!  These gummy treats have been around for what seems like forever but believe it or not, right now chewy candy is hot, hot, hot!

The Sweet & Snacks Expo was held in Chicago in May 2022 and during one of the presentations, it was noted that while chocolate still accounts for the lion’s share of sweet sales, chewy candy accounts for 50% of sales in the non-chocolate category in the year 2021.

To put it into numbers… we spent $4.6 billion on chewy candy alone!  So it should come as no surprise that we’re going to see a lot of chewy, gummy candy arriving in our huge candy warehouse soon.

While we don’t wanna spill all the tea, we can tell you to be on the lookout for some new flavors of Laffy Taffy, a unique spin on Trolli gummy bears, and a really cool SweeTarts candy is right around the corner.

Until those arrive, here are some new chewy treats that you’re going to want to check out:

Nerds Gummy Clusters
The candy gods took two delicious treats and combined them into one to make these Nerds Gummy Clusters.  A deliciously chewy gummy is in the center of these Nerds encrusted candies so you not only get a sweet gummy treat you also get the crunchiness of the Nerds on the outside!

Cup O’Crazy Ramen Candy
Everyone is a fan of Cup O’Noodles, right?  Ok, well almost everyone.  But whether you like that salty staple found in every college kid’s dorm room or not, nobody can resist this gummy treat.  Pop open a cup of these “noodles” and get ready to enjoy some sinfully delicious gummy candy that doesn’t require adding water or using the microwave.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering… they’re fruit flavored!


Tangy Zangy Sour Chews
They’re tangy, zangy, sour, and chewy, so what’s not to love?  These new Tangy Zangy Sour Chews come in squares or twists in either berry or fruit flavors.  If you’re a fan of sour gummy candy, pick up a couple bags of these to give your mouth a pop of pucker-up flavor!


Take the Scorpion Pepper TikTok Challenge

Ready for some more TikTok challenge candy?  We thought so!  After our last post, we’re pretty confident that your TikTok fans want more.  So let’s recap… we introduced you to a game where one lucky (or unlucky) spin of the wheel can result in you chomping down on one super-spicy gummy bear, and then we told you to get your coin-flipping skills sharpened to avoid chowing down on edible black ants.

What could possibly be next?

Pucker Up! Sour Candy TikTok Challenge
We’re pretty fond of sour candy and rank Sour Patch Kids pretty high on our list of favorite gummy candy, but those kids have nothing on this sour TikTok challenge. It’s pretty safe to describe this level of sour as lip-puckering, cheek-sucking-in, cross-eye-inducing sour!  If you’re in, be sure to pick up this kit that contains two vials of really, really, sour candy that’s perfect for creating those face-bending moments that TikTok is perfect for!

Scorpion Pepper TikTok Challenge
Get ready to turn up the heat with this hot pepper TikTok challenge!  Scorpion peppers are one of the world’s HOTTEST peppers and it takes willpower to be able to eat one of these red-hot firecrackers.  Now since these peppers are so hot, they covered them with rich, delicious milk chocolate to take away just a tiny bit of heat and give it some great flavor.  Because nothing goes better with a super hot pepper than chocolate, right?  Get the camera ready, roll the dice, and you may roll your tastebuds into a level of heat they never experienced before.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There you have it, two more of our favorite TikTok challenge games.  If you’re looking for more ways to up your TikTok game, be sure to check out all our TikTok candy.  We’ll be looking for some of these on our feed, so get creating!

Super Hot Gummy Bear TikTok Challenge

Everyone loves a challenge, right?  In the age of social media the more crazy and “out there” these challenges can be, the more fun they are to watch on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and now more than ever – TikTok!

Just a quick search for “TikTok challenge” and you’ll be spending hours watching some really crazy (and fun) videos.

Now, you probably know where we’re going with this, right?  You betcha!  We’ve got some great ideas for your next TikTok challenge and our next couple of posts are going to highlight some of our favorites.  So let’s kick it off by turning up the heat!

Carolina Reaper Roulette TikTok Challenge Gummy Bears
Just the name “Carolina Reaper” probably has you sweating from the heat those peppers bring to your mouth, so you probably know where we’re going with this candy challenge.  This game comes with six gummy bears…. five of them are yummy and delicious while one, you guessed it, is hot, hot, hot!  Spin the roulette wheel, grab the gummy and see whether or not you were the lucky one to score the spiciest!  Be sure to have someone on hand to record the moment each person eats the gummy bear because the one who gets the spicy one will be TikTok famous in no time!

Ant-Eating TikTok Challenge Game
When you think “anteater” you’re probably thinking of the animal – but what if we told you this is a new TikTok challenge involving real black ants?  Well, yeah, you’d probably say we’re crazy but we’re not!  We’ve tasted chocolate-covered ants before, but these critters aren’t covered in that decadent, delicious cocoa delight.  Here’s how it works.  You’ll face off against your opponent in a coin-flipping game with the intent to get to the finish line first.  Don’t fall behind tho, because the loser has to face the Ant Eater Challenge – eating a bottle of edible black ants!  Hey, it’s protein, right?

Want more ideas for attracting even more subscribers to your TikTok channel?  Be sure to check out all our TikTok challenge candy and games and be sure to let your viewers know you got these fun ideas from the largest candy store online – Blair Candy!


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