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Jerky is one of the Most Popular Snacks

When it comes to snack food, what’s the first thing you think of?

Potato chips, right?

Well, we love ourselves a can of Pringles too and there’s no doubt why potato chips are the number one snack food, but guess what’s the second most popular snack in America?


As more and more of us are becoming health-conscious, meat snacks such as jerky have taken over the number two slot in the snack food category.  Beef jerky is packed with protein and whether you’re eating meat snacks to get that extra dose of protein in your diet or you just love the taste, there’s no doubt these snacks are hot!

Around half of all Americans are now snacking on beef jerky and other meat snacks and here at Blair Candy, we’re seeing more and more variety arrive in our huge candy warehouse each week.  Here are some of our favorite jerky and meat-based snacks:

Bacon on the Go!
Yes, bacon is now considered a snack food, and who can resist it? Bacon on the Go is available in several different flavors from habanero hot to raspberry chipotle and just plain sweet.  Each thick-cut strip of bacon is individually packaged making it the perfect meat snack to take along on your summer adventures to the beach, the campground or just to toss in your lunchbox for an afternoon snack.

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky
When it comes to beef jerky, the most popular has to be Jack Link’s!  Known for their delicious original flavor, they’ve introduced several other flavors including the equally delicious teriyaki and peppered jerky.  With 19 grams of protein, Jack Link’s are one snack that really packs a protein punch.

Buffalo Bill’s Ole Smokies
Ole Smokies Beef Sticks are just the right size for snacking and have just the perfect bit of smoke flavor to make these a hit.  Available in several flavors, these meat snacks are also perfect for concession stands because they are packed in 2.5-pound bags which have about 50 sticks each.  That’s just around enough to last about ten minutes when we open a bag here in the lunchroom!

Slim Jim
No list of our favorite meaty snacks would be complete without a nod to the original – the one we can never resist – Slim Jim!  These favorite beef sticks have been around for almost 100 years and get this – over a half-million Slim Jims are made every year.  That means we’re eating a lot of these jerky sticks.  If we have to decide which Slim Jim is our favorite, there’s no doubt we’re going to say it’s the Original Giant Slim Jim because… well, there’s just more to enjoy.

There you have it, some of our favorite jerky snacks!  But if you’re not a meat-eater and are looking for other snacks to pack along in your lunch box or your top desk drawer, be sure to check out our huge selection of snack foods – you’ll definitely find some of your favorites and maybe even find some new ones.

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