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Grenades Gum is the Bomb!

Around here we take candy seriously!  After all, our family has been in the candy business for over 80 years.  Over the course of those eight decades, we’ve eaten a lot of chocolate, sucked on a ton of mints, and chewed lots and lots of gum.

We get in a lot of new candy, snacks, and gum each week and while we don’t get the chance to sample it all right away, we couldn’t resist trying out one line of gum, in particular, the moment pallets of it arrived in our huge candy warehouse.

Grenades Gum is well… a gum that is pretty explosive!  (See what we did there?)

It bills itself as a “2-stage” chewing gum because it actually has two layers of flavor.  There’s an outer shell that is packed, well more like SUPER-loaded with flavor that leads you to the second layer of flavor that’s still powerful but tame.

Grenades Gum’s claim to fame revolves around flavor and one of the most popular, and intense, flavors is mint.  Mint Grenades are sooooo powerful that bad breath won’t stand a chance and neither will your sinuses.  In fact, a quick search on TikTok will reveal several videos of people’s first reactions to Mint Grenade Gum and they are… well, check them out for yourself!

How they pack so much flavor into a piece of gum is pure science and more than likely derived by some mad scientist with a goal set for making the most intense form of chewing gum known to man.

Mint aside, Grenades Gum is also available in other flavors such as spearmint or grape, or if you like sour – and we mean REALLY sour – go for the Sour Citrus Acid flavor, and don’t forget we warned you!

To be honest, Grenades Gum may not be your everyday chewing gum like say, Beemans or Trident Cinnamon but it’s great if you’re looking for the most flavorful and fun gum on the planet or you’re looking to boost your fan base on TikTok by trying to catch all your unsuspecting friend’s reactions on that first chew.

Pick up a bag of each flavor and find out which one is your flavor-fave and once you get those reaction videos uploaded, be sure to check out the rest of our TikTok famous candy to add even more to your channel!

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