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Candy Toys & Treats Perfect for Kids this Summer

It seems like half of the battle of summer is keeping the kids busy. Being bored is never a great time, but two things usually perk them up: candy and new toys. Candy toys solve both of these problems and lead to hours of enjoyment. These are great as treats for being good, send along with them to share at camp, or to use as party favors for a summer birthday. Here are a few that we thing will really be a big hit:

Candy Blox
Think Legos but in candy form!  Yes, this carton of Candy Blox has four different size blocks that kids can build things with.  When they’re all done being creative, guess what?  They can eat their candy creation!  Be sure to pick up a couple of cartons because this is going to be one of their favorite summertime activities.

Harry Potter Jelly Slugs
Kids love to play in the dirt and find critters that are living underneath!  While some may find slugs a little on the yucky side, we’ve got ones that you’re kids are going to love – the candy kind!  These Harry Potter Jelly Slugs are gummy candies that come in delicious flavors and they don’t even have to know how to cast a spell to enjoy one or two.

Camp Survival Box
If you’re sending the kids off to summer camp, don’t forget to pack some of their favorite treats!  We’ve put together a great assortment – over 50 pieces – of hand-picked, kid-approved sweets that will make them the envy of the mess hall.  Great for gifting, so be sure to pick up a box or two for all the kids in your family.

Blair Candy has these and plenty of other candy toys for them to enjoy and play with. Shop now to keep kids busy all summer long!

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