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Concession Stand Candy for Every Baseball Fan

Summer is almost here and with it comes little league games!  If you’re a parent in charge of your team’s concession stand, choosing the right candy and snacks to sell can be daunting.  After all, there are so many different varieties of concession candy available it’s hard to not say “gimme all of them!”

Whether old or new, there are some favorites that stand the test of time and are favorites every year.  So let’s dust off the bases and check out some baseball candy your concession stand or snack bar can’t do without.

Cracker Jack – This caramel-covered popcorn and peanut treat is as American as the sport itself.  You can probably remember sitting in the stands munching on this sweet treat while wondering what prize you’re going to pull out.  When it comes to baseball candy or snacks, Cracker Jack is a must-have.

Big League Chew – When you think of Big League Chew your mind probably goes right to baseball and this shredded gum packed into a pouch to resemble a big leaguer’s “chew.”  But did you know this chewing gum has another connection to baseball?  The first batch of Big League Chew rolled off the manufacturing line on February 6, 1979 – baseball legend Babe Ruth’s birthday!

Chocolate Baseballs Penny Candy – Here’s a treat that will score a home run with all your fans – chocolate baseballs!  These delicious milk chocolate individually wrapped treats are priced perfectly for you to buy and sell in bulk at your concession stand.  And since they’re an inexpensive candy, your fans will buy them by the handful.

David Sunflower Seeds – Just like Cracker Jack, sunflower seeds are closely associated with the sport of baseball.  Chewing on this salty snack in the stands or on the field has been a tradition for as long as the players have been knocking balls out of the park.  Stock your concession stand with a sampling of the three different flavors to satisfy hungry fans.

There you have it!  Our picks for favorite baseball candy and snacks that every concession stand should have on stand this year.  Need help in picking what to stock your snack bar with?  Just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to lend a hand.  After all, we’ve been helping little leagues and sports teams make money off concessions for over 80 years.

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