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It’s Family Reunion Time! Wow Your Relatives With Penny Candy

We know firsthand the importance of family here at Blair Candy. We’ve been family-owned and operated for over 80 years and we continue to work with the next generation of the family to ensure we’re successful long into the future. Sure, all families may be somewhat dysfunctional, but at the end of the day, family bonds are unbreakable.

Family reunions are a great way to get the entire gang together, catch up on each other’s lives, and maybe even meet some brand new family members! Can’t decide what to bring to your family reunion, and don’t have much time to cook? Wow them with penny candy!

Just about everyone loves candy, and with our great prices on penny candy, you can afford to bring a variety of bulk candy options to ensure you have everyone’s favorites.

Unwrapped bulk candy is perfect for your family reunion. Simply purchase a few bags of assorted penny candy, including M&MsReese’s PiecesSpiced GumDrops, and whichever candy satisfies your sweet tooth. Then, tote the candy bags along with you, as well as a few plastic containers. Just transfer the candy into the plastic containers, and voila! You just brought quite the sugary surprise to your family reunion!

Sure, you can spend hours toiling over your stove whipping up a tasty, probably expensive dish, or you can simply bring penny candy to your family reunion. Sometimes the simplest of treats are best, and we’re betting the candy will be gone before you know it! Plus, your contribution shouldn’t cost you a fortune, and our penny candy is affordably priced to keep your budget intact.

Enjoy your family reunion this year by bringing Penny Candy with you. They’ll be impressed by your thoughtful idea, and so delighted you brought a scrumptious treat along!

Bring The Fruit Bowl To The Party – The Trolli Gummy Candy Fruit Bowl, That Is!

It’s always nice to bring a yummy treat to a summer cookout or party – it shows consideration for the host and adds a touch of delicious variety to the great foods already on the menu. Add a unique touch to summer parties by bringing along a fruit bowl – a Trolli Gummy Candy fruit bowl!

The Trolli candy company was born just after World War II, in 1948, in Germany, by Willy Mederer.  Unlike the gummy candy it’s famous for today, Trolli produced noodles and pasta. Production soon expanded to peppermint candies, and they began supplying candy shops around Germany with their candy creations.

Trolli continued to be a success, and the Trolli we know today was officially founded in 1975. Trolli is to gummy candy what Hershey is to candy bars – a recognizable household name and taste that is simply unparalleled.

Party and cookout guests will love that you had the creative imagination to bring a Trolli gummy candy fruit bowl with you to the party, filled with a mix of all the favorite Trolli varieties: Gummy Peach Rings Gummy Apple Rings Gummy Strawberry Creams, and of course, even tho they’re not fruit…. Gummy Worms, because what worm doesn’t like fruit?


To make your fruit bowl really eye-catching, purchase a pretty glass bowl for your Trolli gummy candy bowl – the more uniquely crafted the bowl is, the better! Be sure to bring a few extra bags of gummy candy along, as we have a feeling that the gummy fruit bowl will be gone quick.

Trolli Gummy Candy has an impressive history, and with gummy candy this amazing, you’ll earn kudos from the hostess and make for a fabulous party!

Cool Down And Turn Up The Fun With Summer Candy!

Ah, summertime. The sound of kids happily playing on the sidewalk, lawnmowers clipping the green grass, and plenty of sunshine and time spent outdoors! For parents, it also means having their little ones home on summer vacation, and the endless pursuit of searching for fun activities to ensure their kids aren’t a tad bored.

Summer Candy is a must to always have on hand in the summertime to keep your little ones far from the edge of boredom. Of course, you’ll want your children to also get their full of fruits and veggies, but a little sweet treat here and there certainly won’t hurt. Plus, it’s a simple snack when the neighborhood kids visit and are suddenly on the verge of famine!

We know you’re busy, so we’ve put together a few of our summer candy favorites for you and your kids!

Make It A Gummy Lunch
Gummy summer candy is so much fun. It’s so deliciously tasty, and Gummy PizzaGummy Mini Burgers, and Gummy Hot Dogs are just a delight to eat, and your kids will love how they resemble their favorite foods!


Summer Snack Bars
When the kids are hungry no ordinary snack will do, reach for a Reese’s Snack Bar!  These certainly will hit the spot and make for a great treat.  Each is packed with peanuts, peanut butter cream, and whole grain brown rice.

Serve Up Some Watermelon
Kids love watermelon, but it’s always so messy and such a hassle to clean up.  Treat your kids to a nostalgic summer candy favorite with a Giant Gummy Watermelon Slice It looks and tastes just like watermelon! You and your little ones will have a tasty snack without all that time-consuming watermelon clean-up!   Plus, these are GREAT birthday party favors.


Dip Into The Fun
What could be more fun than Fun Dip? Simply nothing! Fun Dip has been a summer candy favorite for ages, with both kids (and well, adults too), just having so much fun dipping that sweet candy stick into powdered sugar. Summer isn’t complete without enjoying some summer candy, so be sure you stock up on all the summer candy favorites for you and your kids!

Want more fun candy ideas?  Be sure to check out all our favorite road trip candy great for snacking on while heading to your next fun destination.

Grow Your Fan Base with our Favorite TikTok Candy

It seems like we’re spending a lot more time on our smartphones checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… and of course, TikTok!  Yes, watching TikTok videos can lead you down a path that can suck you in and make you realize you just wasted your lunch hour watching funny and crazy stunts.

If you’re a TikTok fan, you’ve probably seen some wild videos featuring some of the unique candy we sell – like a ghost pepper gummy or pickle flavored popsicles!  These far-out treats are TikTokker’s holy grail for creating content and building their fan base.

If you’re on the social media platform and are looking for the latest candy treats that are “out there” and can bring in the views, look no further.  In fact, we have a whole section devoted just to TikTok candy, but here are some of the latest ones that are sure to bring in the “likes.”

Candy Foam
Yes, you heard that right!  Foaming candy is all the rage and it comes in two delicious flavors – blueberry and apple.  Just squirt it in your mouth, have your camera rolling, and capture the moment.  Make it even more fun by gathering up a whole group and seeing who can get the most in their mouth.  Video gold!


Troll’s Ear Wax Candy
Trust us on this one… this candy tastes better than what the name implies.  Open up a package, squeeze the Troll’s head, and candy wax squirts out its ears!  It doesn’t get any better than this to create a fun and wacky TikTok video and have a sweet treat at the same time.


Electro Fusion Super Gel Candy
Here’s one that is sure to get views.  Gather up your friends and give them the opportunity to see just how much “sour” they can handle.  This Super Gel Candy has three different levels: sour, super sour, and ultra sour.  Squeeze each out of the pack and watch the expressions on their faces – just make sure the camera is rolling.

Looking for more new candy to try and share on social media, be sure to check out all our new candy arrivals.

Cheap Bulk Candy Is Perfect For Kid’s Birthday Party Favors!

“They grow up so fast!”  That’s why it’s important to make every one of your child’s birthdays extra special by throwing a fun birthday party!   Besides the memories and photos that you can look back on once they’re grown (and out of the house), they’ll be so excited that you took the time to make their birthday an all-out celebration!

Of course, one thing that no party can be without is birthday party favors. They’re a great way to thank everyone for coming to celebrate your little one’s big day. Yet, visiting your local party supply store and choosing favors can get costly, as if hosting the party wasn’t expensive enough!

That’s where we come in to help.  Kids (and adults) absolutely love candy, so it makes perfect sense to choose affordably priced candy for your child’s birthday party favors and we have an awesome selection of bulk candy that everyone will love.

Crafting party favors from cheap bulk candy doesn’t have to involve a huge time investment. Simply purchase fun favor bags from your local craft store, and then check out the different types of penny candy we have to find your favorites.  Hot tip time!  Some best-selling cheap birthday party candy includes –  Tootsie FrootiesTwizzler Singles, and Haribo Gummy Bears.

Unsure about which cheap bulk candy favorites your child and his or her birthday guests will love? Simply involve the birthday boy or girl in the choosing, making the birthday party preparations even more special!

Once our candy arrives on your doorstep, just fill up your favor bags with the delicious cheap bulk candy, and voila – your birthday party favors are ready to go.

On the day of your child’s birthday party, have your child hand out each favor bag when his or her guests are leaving. This makes for a great “thank you” and a true show of appreciation for coming to the big celebration. Just be sure to hand out the favor bags at the end of the party, or all of your guests will be snacking away before the party even starts!

Concession Stand Candy for Every Baseball Fan

Summer is almost here and with it comes little league games!  If you’re a parent in charge of your team’s concession stand, choosing the right candy and snacks to sell can be daunting.  After all, there are so many different varieties of concession candy available it’s hard to not say “gimme all of them!”

Whether old or new, there are some favorites that stand the test of time and are favorites every year.  So let’s dust off the bases and check out some baseball candy your concession stand or snack bar can’t do without.

Cracker Jack – This caramel-covered popcorn and peanut treat is as American as the sport itself.  You can probably remember sitting in the stands munching on this sweet treat while wondering what prize you’re going to pull out.  When it comes to baseball candy or snacks, Cracker Jack is a must-have.

Big League Chew – When you think of Big League Chew your mind probably goes right to baseball and this shredded gum packed into a pouch to resemble a big leaguer’s “chew.”  But did you know this chewing gum has another connection to baseball?  The first batch of Big League Chew rolled off the manufacturing line on February 6, 1979 – baseball legend Babe Ruth’s birthday!

Chocolate Baseballs Penny Candy – Here’s a treat that will score a home run with all your fans – chocolate baseballs!  These delicious milk chocolate individually wrapped treats are priced perfectly for you to buy and sell in bulk at your concession stand.  And since they’re an inexpensive candy, your fans will buy them by the handful.

David Sunflower Seeds – Just like Cracker Jack, sunflower seeds are closely associated with the sport of baseball.  Chewing on this salty snack in the stands or on the field has been a tradition for as long as the players have been knocking balls out of the park.  Stock your concession stand with a sampling of the three different flavors to satisfy hungry fans.

There you have it!  Our picks for favorite baseball candy and snacks that every concession stand should have on stand this year.  Need help in picking what to stock your snack bar with?  Just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to lend a hand.  After all, we’ve been helping little leagues and sports teams make money off concessions for over 80 years.

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