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Three Tips For A Fun, Successful Candy Fundraiser!

Need to raise a bit of money for your new sports team, high school band trip, or assist a non-profit organization? It’s candy to the rescue!

Candy is a fundraising staple, and it’s easy to see why – it’s so much fun, inexpensive, and just about everyone out there agrees it’s delightfully delicious. Yet, you still need to make sure you’re attracting as many people over to your candy fundraising table as possible, so read on for our tried and true fundraising tips!

Choose The Right Candy – Nearly everyone loves candy, but not everyone loves the same candy. If your candy fundraiser is taking place within the walls of your high school or middle school, you’ll definitely want to choose novelty candy. Novelty candy is fun to look at, taste, and your classmates will be rushing over to you! Plus, you have a captive audience of Tik Tok users – and if you’ve even been on the social media app you know that trying out all kinds of different food items is wildly popular.  That’s why we have a whole area of our huge candy store dedicated to just Tik Tok candy!

If your fundraiser may attract candy lovers both young and old, add some of our nostalgic candy to the mix, too. This way, you’ll have something for everyone, and more money for your fundraiser!

Candy bars are a must at fundraisers and we make it even easier for you by offering a box of pre-priced World’s Finest Assorted Chocolate Bars.  They come 60 per case and you can sell them for $1 making you a sweet profit at the end of the day.

Advertise Your Candy Fundraiser – You have all the ingredients to a successful candy fundraiser: sweet bulk candy, a location for your fundraiser, and great friends to help you out. Don’t forget to advertise your fundraiser! Grab a few of your friends, brightly colored poster board and markers, and start spreading the word about your fundraiser. Be sure to list the cause you’re supporting, the % of proceeds that will go to the fundraiser, the different types of candy you’ll have at your fundraiser, and the location, time, and date.

Don’t Forget Candy Stand Supplies! You have all the delicious candy displayed on your fundraising table, but how will they take it home with them? Have Bulk Paper Bags on hand to give your customers for their candy purchases. They’ll have a big paper bag to fill, so they may even purchase more candy from you!

Need help selecting the right candy and supplies for your fundraiser?  We’ve been helping schools, churches, fire company, and all types of organizations for more than 80 years, just contact us with any questions you may have on how to make your next fundraiser a sweet success.

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