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Must Have Concession Candy for Fun and Profits!

It’s almost time for baseball and soccer games, and setting up that concession candy stand!  Yes, we know that manning the concession candy booth is always fun, but it’s no easy task.  From giving it a good cleaning from being vacant over the winter to making sure all the equipment is in working order, and then ordering all the food and snacks you plan on selling.

We’ve been supplying fundraisers and sports teams with Concession Candy for years, so we know what it takes to create an exceptional (and profitable!) concession candy stand.  We’ve put together a handy list of what we recommend ordering right off the bat to stock your stand.  The items we picked are hot sellers every year and the supplies are must-haves for every stand!

Sour Patch Kids – Everyone loves this mouth-puckering candy and kids and adults buy them up every season.  From snack size bags to individually wrapped singles, all the way to 5lb bags for selling in bulk, don’t open your stand without these sour sweets.

Mini Swedish Fish – A classic penny candy is always a concession candy favorite.  These are also available in multiple packaging options from the standard snack size pack, to individually wrapped fish, to big bulk boxes.  Don’t sleep on the fish, they will help you swim to profitability!

Gummy Mini Burgers and Gummy Mini Hot Dogs – While you may be grilling up some of the best burgers and dogs in the neighborhood, you can also have a sweet treat available for your fans in the form of these best-selling gummy treats.

Tootsie Pops – Let’s talk Tootsie Pops for a minute.  These are a fan favorite and we’ve got the best deal ever for your concession stand.  We sell Tootsie Pops in a whopping 39 pound box that contains almost 1,000 pops.  When you run the numbers, you won’t believe how inexpensive these lollipops are and how quickly you can rake in the profits.

Fun Dip – One of the most popular concession candy picks is always a ton of for kids and adults.  This season, don’t dip on the Dip!

Satellite Wafers – Everything old is new again and this classic penny candy is an other-worldly concession candy delight!  Parents will love sharing this nostalgic candy with a new generation of fans, so make it happen at your snack bar!

Combo’s Snacks-  These stuffed snacks aren’t just for lunchboxes, they are a snack bar must-have.  Tasty and delicious, they’re perfect for pairing with an ice-cold soda.

David Sunflower Seeds – No concession stand should be without these.  They’re so delicious for snacking in the grandstands and are the official seed of baseball and softball!

Disposable Gloves – Great for ensuring your snacks are tasty and sanitary.

Paper Hot Dog Trays and Paper French Fry Trays – must-have supplies if you are selling these hot food items at your snack bar.

White Paper Bags – Wonderful for encouraging people to stock up on their favorite candy and snacks before leaving.

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