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Increase Employee Satisfaction With Snack Bar Candy

The current economic climate has made it necessary for businesses to be exceptionally careful with their spending.  Employees are often working more hours to cover labor shortages, and even the most well-meaning employer may not be able to grant wage increases as often as they would like.  Plus, many businesses are just starting to welcome team members back into offices after working from home during the pandemic.

Now more than ever, it’s so crucial for businesses to work to better the work environment, and supplying employees with some favorite Snack Bar Candy is the perfect way to put a smile on your team members’ faces!

Here are a few ideas for giving your employees some “sweet” rewards!

Snack Bar Candy Stand
A snack bar candy stand is one way to incentivize your employees and there’s no doubt they will love it! Depending on your business’s budget, you can allow your employees to have free candy, or charge a very low price – think penny candy! Send your team members a survey so they can join in on deciding which sweets will be in your candy stand!

Snack Bar Candy Bucks
Transform an ordinary snack bar candy stand into a way to reward your employees for their hard work. Give them “candy bucks” whenever they go above and beyond, share creative ideas, and perform challenging duties. Showing appreciation for your employees goes a long way in boosting employee morale, and keeping your employees!

A Stress-Free Snack Bar
A snack bar also stands as the “water cooler” in modern-day offices. You’ll of course want to ensure your team members don’t spend all day at the snack bar candy stand but allow your employees to take a few minutes here and there to choose their favorite candy, chat with their colleagues, and gain some much-needed stress relief. Team members often chat about work on their breaks, so some nice idea-sharing may even be in store!

We know you’re a business on a budget, and have plenty of cheap candy to help you stay on track and ensure your business is successful for years to come. Start rewarding your employees for their hard work and make your business a sweet place to work!

Three Tips For A Fun, Successful Candy Fundraiser!

Need to raise a bit of money for your new sports team, high school band trip, or assist a non-profit organization? It’s candy to the rescue!

Candy is a fundraising staple, and it’s easy to see why – it’s so much fun, inexpensive, and just about everyone out there agrees it’s delightfully delicious. Yet, you still need to make sure you’re attracting as many people over to your candy fundraising table as possible, so read on for our tried and true fundraising tips!

Choose The Right Candy – Nearly everyone loves candy, but not everyone loves the same candy. If your candy fundraiser is taking place within the walls of your high school or middle school, you’ll definitely want to choose novelty candy. Novelty candy is fun to look at, taste, and your classmates will be rushing over to you! Plus, you have a captive audience of Tik Tok users – and if you’ve even been on the social media app you know that trying out all kinds of different food items is wildly popular.  That’s why we have a whole area of our huge candy store dedicated to just Tik Tok candy!

If your fundraiser may attract candy lovers both young and old, add some of our nostalgic candy to the mix, too. This way, you’ll have something for everyone, and more money for your fundraiser!

Candy bars are a must at fundraisers and we make it even easier for you by offering a box of pre-priced World’s Finest Assorted Chocolate Bars.  They come 60 per case and you can sell them for $1 making you a sweet profit at the end of the day.

Advertise Your Candy Fundraiser – You have all the ingredients to a successful candy fundraiser: sweet bulk candy, a location for your fundraiser, and great friends to help you out. Don’t forget to advertise your fundraiser! Grab a few of your friends, brightly colored poster board and markers, and start spreading the word about your fundraiser. Be sure to list the cause you’re supporting, the % of proceeds that will go to the fundraiser, the different types of candy you’ll have at your fundraiser, and the location, time, and date.

Don’t Forget Candy Stand Supplies! You have all the delicious candy displayed on your fundraising table, but how will they take it home with them? Have Bulk Paper Bags on hand to give your customers for their candy purchases. They’ll have a big paper bag to fill, so they may even purchase more candy from you!

Need help selecting the right candy and supplies for your fundraiser?  We’ve been helping schools, churches, fire company, and all types of organizations for more than 80 years, just contact us with any questions you may have on how to make your next fundraiser a sweet success.

Must Have Concession Candy for Fun and Profits!

It’s almost time for baseball and soccer games, and setting up that concession candy stand!  Yes, we know that manning the concession candy booth is always fun, but it’s no easy task.  From giving it a good cleaning from being vacant over the winter to making sure all the equipment is in working order, and then ordering all the food and snacks you plan on selling.

We’ve been supplying fundraisers and sports teams with Concession Candy for years, so we know what it takes to create an exceptional (and profitable!) concession candy stand.  We’ve put together a handy list of what we recommend ordering right off the bat to stock your stand.  The items we picked are hot sellers every year and the supplies are must-haves for every stand!

Sour Patch Kids – Everyone loves this mouth-puckering candy and kids and adults buy them up every season.  From snack size bags to individually wrapped singles, all the way to 5lb bags for selling in bulk, don’t open your stand without these sour sweets.

Mini Swedish Fish – A classic penny candy is always a concession candy favorite.  These are also available in multiple packaging options from the standard snack size pack, to individually wrapped fish, to big bulk boxes.  Don’t sleep on the fish, they will help you swim to profitability!

Gummy Mini Burgers and Gummy Mini Hot Dogs – While you may be grilling up some of the best burgers and dogs in the neighborhood, you can also have a sweet treat available for your fans in the form of these best-selling gummy treats.

Tootsie Pops – Let’s talk Tootsie Pops for a minute.  These are a fan favorite and we’ve got the best deal ever for your concession stand.  We sell Tootsie Pops in a whopping 39 pound box that contains almost 1,000 pops.  When you run the numbers, you won’t believe how inexpensive these lollipops are and how quickly you can rake in the profits.

Fun Dip – One of the most popular concession candy picks is always a ton of for kids and adults.  This season, don’t dip on the Dip!

Satellite Wafers – Everything old is new again and this classic penny candy is an other-worldly concession candy delight!  Parents will love sharing this nostalgic candy with a new generation of fans, so make it happen at your snack bar!

Combo’s Snacks-  These stuffed snacks aren’t just for lunchboxes, they are a snack bar must-have.  Tasty and delicious, they’re perfect for pairing with an ice-cold soda.

David Sunflower Seeds – No concession stand should be without these.  They’re so delicious for snacking in the grandstands and are the official seed of baseball and softball!

Disposable Gloves – Great for ensuring your snacks are tasty and sanitary.

Paper Hot Dog Trays and Paper French Fry Trays – must-have supplies if you are selling these hot food items at your snack bar.

White Paper Bags – Wonderful for encouraging people to stock up on their favorite candy and snacks before leaving.

Create A Wedding Candy Buffet With Cheap Wedding Candy!

Weddings are getting more expensive and you want to ensure that you and your partner have enough money left over to have a beautiful honeymoon and a happy future together!   One way to save money on your wedding is to have a wedding candy buffet that doubles as wedding favors for your guests.

A wedding candy buffet is so much more memorable, and we’re betting that nearly all of your guests will love the sweet taste of delicious candy more than a monogrammed pack of matches or coffee mugs they may never use.

Our selection of Cheap Wedding Candy is a match made in heaven for your wedding and your wallet.  From choosing candy by color to match a theme, or just providing a great selection of bulk candy for your guests to graze, here are some top picks that you’ll want to have as part of your candy buffet.

Hershey’s Kisses are an absolute must for your wedding candy buffet.  After all, kisses shouldn’t just be limited to the happy couple!  There are so many different flavors of HERSHEY’s Kisses from Lava Cake to the original, you’ll have plenty of options and colors to choose from.

Jordan Almonds are a classic wedding favor, and there’s nothing like keeping a bit of tradition in your wedding. No matter how modern your taste buds are, Jordan almonds have been one of the most popular cheap wedding candy choices for years.  We have them available in both classic white and assorted pastels.

You and your husband will have exchanged rings by the time your guests are enjoying your wedding candy buffet, so why not treat them to their very own rings? Ring Pops, we mean! We all remember Ring Pops from our youth, and we know your guests will have so much fun with this cheap wedding candy choice, with maybe even a few faux proposals occurring during your reception!  What makes these so much fun, is that they also light up making them perfect for the dance floor.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect cheap wedding candy for your candy buffet, be sure to also purchase White Paper Bags for your guests to carry their candy in!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs Rock Our Recipe Book

We must admit, Reese’s peanut butter eggs are definitely one of our favorite chocolate Easter candy choices. As far as we are concerned, peanut butter and chocolate go together better than Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

Reese’s peanut butter eggs aren’t just egg-shaped versions of Reese’s peanut butter cups… something is different; in fact, some things are different. Better, in our opinion. The peanut butter is just a little bit more prevalent, just slightly more crumbly, a tad saltier… Maybe it’s some magic courtesy of the Easter bunny or just our imagination, but no matter what we want Reese’s peanut butter eggs in our Easter baskets!

Besides eating these delicious bites of Easter candy right out of the package, there are some other creative (and crazy) confection concoctions that can take this favorite treat to a whole new level:

Last time you were at the county fair, you probably had some deep-fried Oreos, but has anyone ever tried doing so with Reese’s peanut butter eggs? Well, they’ve deep-dried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, so why not  batter up and deep fry Reese’s peanut butter eggs?

Image credit:

Speaking of battered goodness, how about some Reese’s peanut butter pancakes for Easter breakfast? We say, if peanut butter cups can do it, peanut butter eggs can, too!

Image credit:

Do I smell cookies? We have seen some attempt and succeed at baking cookies made with Reese’s peanut butter eggs. It’s pretty much like a peanut butter egg wearing a cookie coat. Mmmmmmm…

How about a Reese’s-peanut-butter-eggs-and-banana sandwich? Elvis would be proud.  (OK, our mouths are watering now!)

We are all fans of homemade peanut butter tandy cake. Can you imagine if Reese’s peanut butter eggs were worked into that recipe? We would have to call it a peanut butter dandy cake!

Opposites attract with salty and sweet, and that’s the big reason why Reese’s peanut butter eggs work so well. So, let’s up the ante and take it one step further. We just love chocolate-covered popcorn, pretzels, and chips, so has anyone tried melting down some peanut butter eggs to create a coating like none other for our favorite salty snacks?!

We can’t take much more of this delightful, dessert-ful daydreaming. It’s time for a peanut butter egg. Or two.

Easter PEEPS Cookie Coop & Dunkin’ Jelly Beans are Hot!

Holidays are always special here at our huge candy warehouse.  Why?  Because we get to be one of the first to sample the seasonal treats that the candy manufacturers roll out just once a year.  Whether it’s a new candy for Easter or a fan favorite that returns every Halloween, we look forward to the arrival of these sweet treats.

While Easter is typically jelly bean season, everyone knows these sugary delights are popular year-round.  But right now there’s plenty of excitement surrounding a new bean – the Dunkin’ Iced Coffee Flavored Jelly Beans that have just arrived.

Yes, fans of the coffee chain’s delicious iced coffee can now enjoy the flavor in the perfect Easter treat.  Each bag of Dunkin’ Jelly Beans contains an assortment of toasted coconut, butter pecan, French vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel latte beans.

Which one will be your favorite flavor?

These jelly beans are around for a limited time, so be sure to pick up a few bags.

One favorite activity at Christmas time is gathering the family together and building a gingerbread house.  Whether you build them from scratch whipping up a homemade batch of gingerbread or using a premade kit, it’s a tradition for many families.

This year, you can start a new tradition for Easter by building a PEEPS Cookie Coop!  Yes, everyone’s favorite marshmallow treat is available in a fun kit where you put together your own sugar cookie chicken coop!  Each one of these kits contains 5 PEEPS Chicks, icing, assorted candy, sugar cookie panels for the coop, and 4 chicken-shaped cookies for decorating.

Be sure to order one of these kits for every member of the family to see who has the best-decorated coop!

Once all the Easter candy is eaten, our sights are set on the next big holiday which is just a few months away, believe it or not, Halloween!  We can’t wait to see what spooky seasonal candies will be arriving for one of the biggest candy holidays of the year.

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