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Hosting Easter Dinner? Why Not Create the Ultimate Easter Dessert Buffet

Candy buffets and dessert buffets have become so popular at special occasions from baby showers right down to Easter dinner! Easter is known for being a (food and) treat-filled holiday, so a candy and dessert buffet is the perfect complement to a delicious, home-cooked Easter dinner.

Bulk Jelly Beans, chocolate peanut butter eggs, and chocolate bunnies are all must-haves for your Easter candy buffet, so read on for your ultimate Easter candy buffet checklist!

[ ] Fruit Flavored Just Born Jelly Beans Easter is all about the classics and when it comes to jelly beans, the fruit flavored variety from Just Born (who also makes delicious Easter PEEPS) is a hands-down customer favorite year after year.  This 5lb bag of bulk jelly beans will lure your family and friends to the buffet table with their vibrant colors and delicious flavor which will keep them coming back for more.

[ ] Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs We can’t image anyone who doesn’t love Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs! Be sure to choose at least one or two for each guest so everyone gets their fill of this chocolate peanut butter deliciousness.  And don’t think on skipping this one, as no Easter Candy Buffet would be complete without this fan favorite!

[ ] Foil Wrapped Chocolate Easter Eggs – Remember these from your Easter basket when you were a kid? Of course, you do!  This is exactly why these are a must-have for your Easter candy buffet.  Nobody can resist grabbing a handful of these milk chocolate Easter eggs.  This gigantic 30-pound box will even have enough for you to send home with your guests for snacking on the next day.

[ ] HERSHEY’S Chocolate Bunnies What’s Easter without a chocolate rabbit!  Your candy buffet would not be complete without adding these individually wrapped HERSHEY’S Chocolate Bunnies to your sweet display.

[ ] HERSHEY’s Vanilla Frosting Kisses Everyone loves HERSHEY’S Kisses, but this Easter kick up your candy buffet a notch by adding not regular milk chocolate Kisses, but new Vanilla Frosting Kisses!  Yes, the classic HERSHEY’s Kiss is filled with a creamy vanilla frosting that is so yummy, a handful of these may qualify for dessert.

So there’s our top picks for your Easter candy buffet.  No matter what the occasion, be sure to stop by and see all the candy buffet candy we have available as well as our great selection of Easter candy to fill up those baskets.

Chocolate PEEPS are a Sweet Easter Candy Treat

Some people will say that PEEPS are the best thing to ever happen to Easter candy. So, does that mean that chocolate PEEPS are the best thing to happen to chocolate Easter candy?

We certainly think so.

But hold on!  We’re not crazy… there actually are chocolate PEEPS and if you haven’t tried the delicious mashup of marshmallow, chocolate, and your favorite Easter treat you don’t know what you’re missing.

If you’re looking for the ultimate chocolate to PEEPS ratio, look no further than these milk chocolate dipped PEEPS.  A whole PEEP has been dipped in silky smooth, delicious chocolate that will leave you wanting more after just one bite.  Each one is individually packaged so they’re perfect for putting in Easter baskets or handing out along the Easter parade route.

Now, if you’re looking for a traditional Easter PEEP with just a touch of chocolate, we’ve got you covered!  PEEPS Delights are, well… delightful as they have the perfect balance of chocolate and marshmallow as just the bottom of the PEEP is dipped in that same delicious milk chocolate.

We know there may be a few of you out there who may not want a chocolate-dipped PEEP but want some of that chocolate flavor.  Don’t fret – Chocolate Pudding PEEPS are here to save the day!  These marshmallow bunnies are chocolate flavored and sure to become one of your favorite PEEPS flavors pretty darn quick.

While we’re talking chocolate in this article, we can’t let you leave without reminding you that we have a full line of Easter PEEPS in other flavors such as Hot Tamale and even Cotton Candy in addition to the classic chicks and bunnies that have become synonymous with Easter.

Nostalgic Candy from the ’70s that’s Still Popular Today

Ah, the 70’s! The decade that brought us bell-bottom pants, disco music, and All In The Family also introduced us to some unique candy that, believe it or not, is still around today! While candy manufacturers are constantly creating new confectionary delights for us to snack on, these way-out sweets from the “Me Decade” still satisfy our sugar cravings.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites!

Charms Blow Pops
While lollipops were first introduced over a hundred years ago, the most famous pop didn’t arrive until 1973 when the Charms Candy Company introduced the Blow Pop. This lollipop features a candy shell wrapped around a delicious piece of bubble gum that we bet you can taste right now! How popular is this sweet treat? Charms says Blow Pops remains their best-selling item of all time.

Bottle Caps
Here’s a candy you either loved or hated. Bottle Caps came on the scene in 1972 and are considered a “tablet” candy that has their ingredients (aka sweet stuff) compressed into a custom shape. In the case of Bottle Caps, that shape was… well, a bottle cap! Similar to Smarties, Bottle Caps were originally sold in soda flavors with a bit of a fizz to them when you chewed them. Today, Bottle Caps are no longer cap-shaped but still come in cola, root beer, cherry, grape, and orange flavors you grew up with.

Pop Rocks
Ok, we know you heard the rumor about a kid named Mikey who starred in a cereal commercial and supposedly met an untimely demise due to Pop Rocks. That was way before the Internet was around to dispel crazy rumors! And no, nothing happened to the kid, but it did get all of us curious about these fizzing candies back in the ’70s and ’80s. Pop Rocks made their debut back in 1975 and were little rock-like candies that when placed in your mouth fizzed and popped and made all of us wonder just how they do it. Pop Rocks are still around today, just like Cher.


Everlasting Gobstopper
Willy Wonka turned us all on to the Everlasting Gobstopper in the hit movie back in 1971, but it took a few more years for the silver-screen candy to make its in-store debut. Everlasting Gobstoppers hit the shelves in 1976, although normal gobstoppers, or jawbreakers as some called them, were around for a while. But the Everlasting Gobstopper was special – it lasted longer than those other kinds and we flocked to the candy store to buy them by the sack full. And we still do today!


Let’s go back to 1978 when a delicious candy with a funny name was introduced – Whatchamacallit! This candy bar features a peanut butter crisp covered in chocolate that we all ran to the store to get just because it had a funny name. Well, it was new and we all like to try new stuff. Anyway, the Whatchamacallit bar never really got the attention it deserved and was one of those candy bars that continue to live in obscurity, but, are still made and enjoyed.

We hope you enjoyed this sweet trip down memory lane to reminisce about our favorite nostalgic candy from the 1970s!

Create A Conversation Hearts Candy Frame This Valentine’s Day!

We just love Valentine’s Day, but let’s face it, between taking your sweetheart out for dinner and all those gifts you bought, it can get pretty pricey. But one gift you can give is one your sweetie will love.  Why?  Because it’s made by…. YOU!  This easy-to-make craft is filled with sentimental value and shows that you care enough to have taken the time to create a meaningful gift that is so very special.

Now, because we’re candy people, our gift has to include candy and for this craft, we’re using Conversation Hearts. They’re the perfect ingredients to create a super cute Valentine’s Day photo frame that’s easy to make and you’ll even have some candy leftover for snacking while you’re putting it together!

Preschool Inspirations gave us the idea to share this sweet frame, so let’s see what we need to begin creating:

  • 4 Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Conversation hearts
  • Glue Gun
  • Glossy Mod Podge (this is a sticky glue that will hold the hearts to the frame)
  • Cheap paintbrush
  • Disposable plate or something similar
  • Magnets or string to display your frame
  • A cover for your work surface to keep the mod podge off of it

Now that we have all that we need to get crafting, let’s put our Conversation Hearts Picture Frame together:

  1. Glue the craft sticks together using the glue gun
  2. Put some Mod Podge on a plate and use the paintbrush to “paint” the craft sticks with it
  3. Stick the Conversation Hearts to the frame
  4. Let the frame sit for a few minutes until the hearts are firmly in place
  5. Once the hearts are secure, paint the frame and hearts with more Mod Podge to give it a glossy finish
  6. When everything is dry, add a photo as well as some magnets or string to the back of the frame so it can be hung and displayed

Photo credit: Preschool Inspirations

If you’re not as crafty as you want to be, or just can’t seem to find any Mod Podge at your local craft store, you can simply use the hot glue from your glue gun to secure the Conversation Hearts to your picture frame.

Of course, no Valentine’s Day is complete without giving your sweetheart some sweets, so be sure to shop our Valentine’s Day candy selection to pick up some seasonal favorites.


Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Candy For Your Child’s Classmates

We love holidays that are deep in tradition – especially fun ones!  Valentine’s Day is one of them and it’s right around the corner.  Here at, we happily remember Valentine’s Day in school and giving each other those cartoon-style valentines with cute messages on them. Even better were the valentines accompanied by Valentine’s Day Candy we just couldn’t get enough of.

If you have kids, it’s time to keep that tradition alive and we’re here to help you out with our favorite affordable Valentine’s Day candy that they can pass out with their Valentines:

Conversation Hearts – Conversation Hearts are one of the most-loved Valentine’s Day candy selections. Simply have your child hand out a conversation heart box with each valentine, or write a sweet message on each box, and voila insta-valentine!

HERSHEY’S Kisses – Valentine’s Day and chocolate are a pairing made in holiday heaven, and what better chocolate to hand out than HERSHEY’S Kisses?  Specially packed and individually wrapped in red, pink, and silver foil for Valentine’s Day, Kisses are perfect for handing out, giving a bag to your child’s teacher, or placing in a bowl or basket for everyone in the class to enjoy.


Valentine Heart Lollipops  – We’re a “sucker” for a good lollipop, and we “love” themed pops for holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  World-famous Charms Heart Shaped Lollipops are gussied up and ready to be handed out with a Valentine card.  Your child can even write who they’re for and who they’re from on the wrapper.  With 25 in each bag, there’s more than enough for everyone in the class.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts – The way to win anyone’s heart is to shower them with… chocolate and peanut butter, right?  Well, maybe not, but as candy lovers we know that it’s hard to resist the combination of those two ingredients and chocolate and peanut butter is always better when it’s from Reese’s!  These individually wrapped  bite-size heart-shaped chocolates are a sweet way to show your friendship.

Traditions are meant to be kept, and we hope children are giving each other valentines for years to come. Sure, the cartoons and characters on the valentines may change, but extending friendship and goodwill to classmates only creates a wonderful tradition your child can continue to pass on. Accompanying your child’s valentines with some sweet Valentine’s Day Candy only adds an extra touch of love, and we can all use a bit of that!

Toxic Waste Slime Lickers are a MEGA Hit!

It’s no secret that one of the hottest, weirdest, Tik Tok-kiest candies of 2021 was the Toxic Waste Slime Licker. Yes, you read that right!

These roll-it-on-your-tongue candies were red hot last year. Why? Well, they’re a bit unique for sure and kids were becoming Tik Tok sensations recording their reactions in video fashion as they tasted the crazy candy with the slime-like consistency.

Here’s how they work. Toxic Waste Slime Licker candy comes in a dispenser with a roller ball dispensing top that is used to roll the candy on your tongue. The sour flavor of the candy and the pucker-up face you get after tasting it make for a great social media video!

When the candy because a hit online, brick-and-mortar stores were selling out quickly, while our huge candy warehouse was shipping them out by the case making them one of our top sellers in 2021.

New for 2022, is the MEGA Size Toxic Waste Slime Licker! Having this sour candy in a bigger size means more licks, more puckers, and even more fun videos.

The original size Toxic Waste Slime Licker is still available along with the new MEGA size available in Blue Raspberry and Strawberry. Each box contains an assortment of each flavor for ultimate licking satisfaction.

While the name of this popular candy isn’t the most pretty, the candy itself is pretty darn good! If you like a sour candy that packs a punch and is probably the most unique you will ever find, pick up a box today and get ready to make your own video and share it on social media.

You never know, you may become the next Tik Tok candy star!

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