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One Favorite Valentine’s Day Candy Will Be Missing in 2022

Just as Santa is preparing the reindeer and tuning up his sleigh for his once-a-year midnight ride, the elves in our candy warehouse are getting ready for two more big holidays that are right around the corner.

Yes, as soon as all the Christmas treats are gone, we’ll be busy stocking every nook and cranny of our warehouse with delicious Valentine’s Day and Easter candy. Actually, we begin ordering candy for these holidays months in advance so we’re sure to have the best selection once the manufacturers start shipping.

Once the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve we begin getting ready for Valentine’s Day, the “sweetest” holiday of the year. While you may think boxed chocolates destined for someone’s sweetheart are the biggest seller, think again!

New and exciting Valentine’s Day candy debuts every year right alongside classics such as those boxes of chocolates we mentioned and of course conversation hearts that have been saying “I Love You” since 1901.

Unfortunately, one particular candy won’t be making an appearance this Valentine’s Day thanks to the ongoing supply chain, distribution, and labor issues that have been commonplace thanks to COVID-19.

Which one? Heart-shaped Marshmallow PEEPS.

Valentine's Day Marshmallow PEEPS

Yes, everyone’s favorite fluffy, marshmallow treat won’t be available for Valentine’s Day this year. Now before you start wondering about the fate of PEEPS come Easter time, have no fear! The manufacturer, Just Born, has assured us that all hands are on deck to make sure there are plenty of Easter PEEPS to go around.

In fact, they’re holding off on Valentine’s Day PEEPS in order to focus their efforts on making sure that PEEPS are in abundance for Easter. After all, Easter and PEEPS go hand-in-hand!

So while you’re getting ready to unwrap gifts, we’re getting ready for the next two big holidays for candy lovers! Stay tuned to see all that’s new as we turn the calendar to 2022.

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