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Creme Savers Hard Candies are Back!

A favorite hard candy has made a comeback after a ten-year absence and fans are super excited to get their hands on a bag or roll.

Creme Savers were discontinued back in 2011 and have returned to shelves, candy dishes, and yes… purses everywhere, but with a slight change.  The original Creme Savers came in fruit, tropical, and dessert flavor, however, since being reintroduced in September, they now come in Orange & Creme and Strawberry & Creme.

The new flavors are designed to attract a whole new fan base of these famous sweets your parents and grandparents enjoyed.

Along with new flavors, new packaging makes this classic hard candy easier tote around.  Each flavor is available in a 6.25oz bag – perfect for filling up that candy dish – and a 12 piece roll that’s easy to take along in a purse or pocket.  Of course, each piece of delicious candy is individually wrapped.

Speaking of hard candy, another classic has made a triumphant return.  Connoisseurs of Reed’s Butterscotch Candy were overjoyed to see it back in production once again.  

Around for over 100 years, Reed’s candies are right up there on our list of favorite classic candies and who can resist that delicious butterscotch flavor?

We know we can’t!

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