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Four People On Your Gift List Who Would Love A Christmas Candy Box!

As the jingle bells are ringing and the wrapping paper is sparkling, our days are becoming increasingly busy during the holiday season. There are gifts to be bought, people to see, and places to visit. It’s easy to forget some of the special people on your gift list  – the people you greatly appreciate, but only see from time to time. We’re here to help you remember them on your gift list this year, and we have the so-delicious (and oh so affordable!) Personal Size Christmas Candy Boxes to gift them with!

Our Christmas Chocolate Candy Gift Boxes are the perfect thank you gift and they’re an inexpensive way for you to show your appreciation.  Available in either a Santa or religious theme box, each contains a great selection of favorite candy treats that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Your Child’s Boy or Girl Scout Leader
A scout leader has the innate ability to keep your child’s attention while occupying them with fun and educational activities. Your child may moan over his or her homework, but you can be sure he or she will be ready to go to boy scout or girl scout meetings each week! Many scout troops cancel meetings during the holiday season, so it’s easy to forget to gift your child’s scout leader. This year, keep a few Christmas candy boxes on hand, and gift one to the scout leader – she or he will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Your Mailman, UPS, FedEx, and Amazon Delivery Person
Next time your online order arrives at your front door, surprise the delivery person with a small gesture of thanks by handing him or her one of our personal size candy gift boxes.  They’ll appreciate the gesture and will certainly appreciate the sweet treats inside that are perfect for their afternoon snack while on the road delivering all those packages!

Your Religious Leader
Do you attend regular religious services? Your religious leader puts a great deal of time and effort each week into creating an inspirational service, while continually extending all of himself or herself into bettering your local community. Gifting this person with a Christmas chocolate box is a thoughtful, meaningful gesture that will not be lost on him or her.

Your Child’s School Bus Driver
Doesn’t driving around all day and getting paid for it sound like a dream job? Now add forty “enthusiastic” kids to the mix and dicey winter driving conditions, and it becomes one of the most difficult jobs out there. Your child’s school bus driver has to be quite responsible and ensure your kids get to school on time, and for that, we think he or she deserves the delectable treats inside a Christmas chocolate box. It’s a small gift that really goes far in showing how much you appreciate one of the people who has your child’s safety in mind.

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