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Christmas PEEPS are Here! Check out the 2021 Lineup

It’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas here at Blair Candy! Our huge candy warehouse is getting packed with more and more Christmas candy every day. Just as fast as it comes in, it goes right out as many candy lovers wait a whole year for their favorites to arrive and stock up as soon as they’re available.

One of those favorites is, of course, PEEPS! While you may associate Marshmallow PEEPS with Easter – after all that’s the holiday that “hatched” these fluffy faves – the lineup for Christmas PEEPS is just as sweet.

This year, we’re excited to see the return of some classic PEEPS flavors as well as some new arrivals which our raving fans will surely want to add to their shopping carts.

Let’s take a look:

PEEPS Holiday Vanilla Creme Flavored PEEPS Pop
What’s better than PEEPS on a stick? If you said, “nothing” you’re correct. This PEEPS version of a lollipop has special seasonal colored chicks in a delicious vanilla creme flavor that’s scrumptious!

You can’t celebrate Christmas without a tree – a PEEPS Tree that is! These marshmallow trees are decked out with festive garland and are almost just too cute to eat, but you know temptation will strike and you’ll be done with that three-pack before you can say “Rudolph.”

PEEPS Gingerbread Men
Everyone’s favorite man-turned cookie is now a PEEP. These marshmallow gingerbread men are flavored just like your favorite Christmas cookie but a lot fluffier.

PEEPS Snowmen
Frosty as a PEEP? Well, not quite. The season’s favorite snowman is busy helping Santa, so a reasonable facsimile from the North Pole was brought in to model for these delicious and adorable-looking PEEPS.

PEEPS Stockings
Don’t hang these up by the chimney with care but you’re free to snack on as many as you want. These red stocking-shaped PEEPS aren’t hiding gifts inside, but they are packed with that fantastic marshmallow flavor you crave all year long.

Candy Cane PEEPS
What’s a lineup of PEEPS without a PEEP? Exactly! That’s why the classic PEEPS shape is here this holiday season with a flavor everyone loves and closely associates with Christmas – candy cane!

Well, there it is. Our lineup of Christmas PEEPS that are sure to sell out quickly this year, so be sure to stock up on your favorites today. Of course, if you miss out on Christmas, there’s always Easter!

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