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10 Festive Ways to Incorporate Christmas Candy Canes Into Your Holiday Decor

Christmas Candy Canes are one of our favorite holiday sweets here at BlairCandy after all, they are one of the most recognizable symbols of the holiday season.  With most Christmas candy canes being so inexpensive, especially when you buy them in bulk, they’re the perfect holiday item to incorporate into your holiday decorating and goodies, and we have our top ten fun ideas for adding Christmas candy canes into your holiday mix.

1. Put together a “welcome bowl” for your home. Fill a bowl with Christmas Candy Canes and Holiday Chocolates for visiting guests to your home!

2. Create a festive candy cane vase using a mason jar, our favorite peppermint sticks, a rubber band, and ribbon!  It’s a simple craft and will look great on your holiday table.  Find instructions here.

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3. Up the “wow” factor when wrapping holiday gifts by affixing a Christmas candy cane to each gift with with these cute gift tags.  Find instructions here.

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4. Create a Christmas heart ornament for the loved ones in your life. Glue a meaningful photo to a piece of heavy cardboard, and frame the photo with two Christmas candy canes arranged to face each other to form a heart. Cut the cardboard so that only the candy canes and photo are showing. Attach a ribbon to the top so the recipient can hang it from their tree.  Find instructions here.

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5. Making Christmas cupcakes? Take a cue from the above tip, and add two Mini Christmas Candy Canes to the top of each cupcake, facing each other, to form a heart shape.  Find a delicious recipe for chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow fluff icing here.

6. Who needs a spoon to swirl their hot chocolate or coffee when they can use a holiday candy cane or peppermint stick? Using a candy cane as a stirrer adds a refreshing peppermint taste to your coffee and hot cocoa.

7. Tie a pretty ribbon around a candy cane, and hang it in your car for a holiday-themed and so pretty car air freshener.

8. Candleholders make the perfect decoration for your holiday table. Use candy canes to form a holder and place a fragrant bayberry or similar candle in the middle.  Finish them off with a colorful ribbon and voila!  They’re simple to make by following the instructions here.

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9. Use candy canes to create placeholders for your holiday dinners. Snap ends off three candy canes to make differing lengths. Attach candy canes together so that two face forward (these will hold the card) and one faces backward for balance (similar to an easel) with hot-glue.

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10. Of course, we couldn’t finish our list without putting the most popular place to use candy canes – on your Christmas tree!  Be sure to pick up a box or two of the most popular Bobs Candy Canes as they are the perfect ones to adorn your tree.

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