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Let Hershey’s Holiday Shapes Be Your Christmas Candy in Bulk this Year

Christmas time tends to bring out the creative part in all of us.  Whether whipping up some decadent holiday desserts, planning a fun New Year’s Eve party or experimenting in the kitchen with the latest recipes off Tik Tok for a family gathering, there’s no shortage of ways for you to get creative during the holidays.

Here at Blair Candy, each year we see the candy manufacturers get more and more creative with their own creations.  Whether it’s adding new seasonal flavors to popular candy like Candy Cane Marshmallow PEEPS, or transforming a classic Kit Kat into a minty treat made with dark chocolate.

Our friends at Hershey’s are getting into the holiday spirit this year by dressing up some of their own popular chocolate treats and giving you the opportunity to sample them all in a special bag of “Hershey’s Holiday Shapes.”

This 31-ounce bag of goodies features all your favorites including York Peppermint Patty Snowflakes, delicious Hershey chocolate Santas, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Trees in both white and milk chocolate.  This holiday-themed bag is simply too much fun!

Now, what to do with such scrumptious Hershey candy at the holidays?

Your options are pretty much endless. Make up your own little Halloween-esque candy-filled goodie bags to hand out to family and friends. Unwrap a bunch of the candies and place them in covered bowls for visitors in your home, or make up a Christmas candy buffet composed of all Hershey holiday treats. Or (and you knew we’d suggest this) just buy this bag and eat all the candy yourself throughout the holiday season! Hey, it still feels like Christmas into New Year’s Day!

Having a bigger party that you need Christmas candy for?  Be sure to check out our candy-by-color for setting up a unique candy buffet, or browse our Christmas parade candy perfect for schools and other organizations needing candy in bulk.

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