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Whipping Up The Perfect Halloween Treat Bag With Popular Halloween Candy

The Halloween treat bag is simply magical. Filled with so many delicious delights, it’s a wonder we don’t make Halloween an everyday event. After all, if a simple candy treat bag can incite this much happiness in kids and adults alike, imagine what it could do if Halloween lasted more than one fantastical night each year?! That’s exactly why your Halloween candy treat bags must be absolute perfection.

No pressure!

Well, with our Halloween candy expertise and having the most popular Halloween candy lining our online shelves, we know you’ll fill your treat bags with only the best Halloween treats this year.  Sure, having a bowl of Halloween candy for your trick-or-treaters to pick from might be easier, but there’s nothing like opening a treat bag as a kid and discovering what’s inside!

Get your family together and start creating!

The ultimate Halloween treat bag should be filled with the following popular Halloween candy:

Fun Size Candy Bars: A Halloween treat bag should contain no less than three snack-size candy bars. These miniature chocolate wonders are perfect for snacking on while walking from house to house, and if the kids are feeling generous, are great for giving to Mom and Dad as thanks for helping to create awesome Halloween costumes. Pretty easy to see why they’re one of our favorite popular Halloween candy picks!

Spider Rings: The Halloween treat bag doesn’t have to be entirely candy, actually. Spider Rings and a pair of Wax Lips make Halloween even more fun, and the photos of your little ones wearing them will be so cute. Just imagine Little Miss Princess all decked out in these spooky accessories.

Halloween Lollipops: Lollipops are a Halloween treat bag staple. Yet, you can’t choose just any lollipops they need to be one of everyone’s favorite lollipops, be Halloween themed, and they need to be memorable. Of course, we’re talking about Charms Halloween Blow Pops!  These creepy treats come in special flavors just for trick-or-treat time and are sure to be a hit.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins: Yum! The chocolate-peanut butter deliciousness of Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins feels otherworldly, and a clear popular Halloween candy choice! Reese’s are a must in a Halloween treat bag, and pumpkin-shaped Reese’s are even better.

Chocolate Eyeballs: Every little ghost or goblin will admit they love to discover chocolate eyeballs in their Halloween treat bag! Chocolate eyeballs are a new popular Halloween candy, with their creepy outside and delicious inside making them anything but an eyesore!  This bag features different flavors including chocolate/peanut butter, chocolate/caramel, and chocolate/fudge.

Need more Halloween candy ideas?  Our huge candy warehouse is stocked with everything to make your home the most sought-after Halloween treat destination!

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