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The Most Popular Junk Food By State

From a glazed donut with our coffee in the morning to a candy bar in the afternoon, and a slice of pie after dinner, we certainly love our sweets! America’s fascination with junk food goes beyond just grabbing something quick to eat on the run.

A recent survey conducted by used packing equipment seller, Bid-On-Equipment, revealed that 49% of us reach for a sweet snack for its taste, while 87% of those surveyed saying they get a craving for junk food multiple times a day.

So what is the go-to snack when the cravings kick in?

Donuts and pies top the list – and why wouldn’t they!

Analyzing Google search data, the folks behind the survey figured out what the most popular junk food is by state:

State Junk Food
Alabama Sweet Potato Pies
Alaska Russian Tea Cakes
Arizona Doughnuts
Arkansas Small Cake
California Doughnuts
Colorado Doughnuts
Connecticut Crazy Doughnuts
Delaware Smith Island Cake
D.C. Doughnuts
Florida Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream
Georgia Sweet Potato Pies
Hawaii Pumpkin Crunch
Idaho Apple Crumble
Illinois Doughnuts
Indiana Doughnuts
Iowa Apple Crumble
Kansas Small Cake
Kentucky Oreo Balls
Louisiana King Cake
Maine Whoopie Pies
Maryland Smith Island Cake
Massachusetts Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
Michigan Apple Crumble
Minnesota Apple Crumble
Mississippi Sweet Potato Pies
Missouri Sweet Pies
Montana Chicken Pot Pies
Nebraska Cheeseburger
Nevada Doughnuts
New Hampshire Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
New Jersey Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
New Mexico Chantilly Cake
New York Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream
North Carolina Sweet Potato Pies
North Dakota Apple Crumble
Ohio Cassata Cake
Oklahoma Doughnuts
Oregon Tillamook Ice Cream
Pennsylvania Maple Doughnut
Rhode Island Honey Dew Doughnuts
South Carolina Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
South Dakota Apple Crumble
Tennessee Goo Goo Clusters
Texas Doughnuts
Utah Doughnuts
Vermont Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
Virginia Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
Washington Doughnuts
West Virginia Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Wisconsin Apple Crumble
Wyoming Cake Mix Cookies

So what do you think? Does your state’s most popular junk food match up with your favorite snack? If not, have no fear, we’ve got plenty of snack foods for you to choose from and you don’t have to leave your home state to get them!

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