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Bulk Penny Candy Brings the Power to Make You Popular at Work

While we don’t typically advocate buying people things to make them like you more, in the workplace a well-placed candy dish can hold unspeakable power. It looks innocent enough sitting there, with a bounty of bulk penny candy nestled inside; an assortment of Tootsie Frooties and Rootbeer Barrels, perhaps?

Sure, Jawbreakers may have an intimidating name, but they aren’t really jaw breakers, they’re just a long-lasting candy favorite!

So how can bulk penny candy – the most wholesome, timeless of all candy ever – work its magic to win other people’s favor?

Simple just by being itself.

We often hear that the great things in life are achieved by being in the right place at the right time. That’s all fine and well, but it takes a lot of luck! That’s why it helps to take control of your destiny with bulk penny candy – to make the right place your desk. That way, no matter when the right time is, you’ll be there. Unless of course, you’re in the restroom or on lunch, but the odds are in your favor, let’s not break it down to the technicalities!

You may be wondering, “How exactly does bulk penny candy make my desk the right place and put the wonders of the world in the palm of my cubicle?” It relies on a simple truth – almost everyone loves candy. Your boss probably loves candy, as well as your boss’s boss. And the guy that actually knows how to fix the printer? Yeah, he loves candy, too. The lady that knows how to recover documents when you’ve accidentally deleted them? She loves candy. And where do candy-lovers like to go? They like to go where the candy is! And if you happen to ask ever-so-nicely for their help when they stop by for a few Butterscotch Candy Buttons, it just looks as though the universe landed them in your lap when you needed them most.

Funny how the universe works that way sometimes, isn’t it?

They may have ignored your email asking for help, or failed to answer the phone, but you can save yourself the hassle of appearing to be a needy coworker by simply asking for a few minutes and a favor when they stop by. And how can they say no?

They came to you!

You’re the Candy Queen or King! Everyone loves you! You make every day a little bit sweeter with your Goetze’s Caramel Creams and Jolly Ranchers.

Our plan may seem a tiny bit shady, but in fast-paced office environments, it can be downright tricky to get the help you need in a timely fashion. If bulk penny candy can make your day easier, why not let it work its wonders? And let us not forget the many other benefits of being the person people come to for a tiny treat. It can help you get to know your coworkers, allow for little conversations that break up busy days and help you keep up with company goings-on and gossip, and quite simply help you play a part in making someone’s day a little bit better.

All the other perks aside, those are some pretty great benefits, especially if they only cost a few pennies and bring something priceless – friendship.

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