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International Candy Spotlight: Favorites from the United Kingdom

Are you ready for a vacation? I know all of us here in our huge candy warehouse are ready to travel now that summer is here. But in case your vacation plans are still on hold or aren’t finalized yet, we’re here to take you on an international journey via candy!

Besides stocking all of the brands of candy you know and love that are available here in the United States, we carry a whole selection of candy and snacks from around the world.

Today, we’re going to travel virtually to the United Kingdom and explore some of their delicious, not to mention unique, candy and snacks.

You’re probably familiar with the United States version of Smarties – the sugary, sweet, tablet-like candy that comes in a roll. Stateside they are one of the most popular candies, especially at Halloween. However, the UK version of Smarties is far different! These candies come in a tube and feature a chocolate center covered in a candy shell. Sound familiar? Of course… these Smarties are pretty similar to M&Ms.

Flake Chocolate Bar
Every now and then someone notices something weird and a lightbulb goes off! That happens to be the case with the Flake bar, which was created by chance. Back in 1920, a Cadbury candy maker noticed excess chocolate falling from molds during a manufacturing process. This excess chocolate was piling up into thin layers and when cooled turned into a unique, unintentional bar of delicious chocolate. The Flake bar has been around for over a century and is as sweet as ever! Now you can try this fantastic chocolate bar made in a manufacturing process so top-secret, only a few people are privy to it.

Lion Bar
Here’s a unique candy bar straight from the UK. The Lion bar combines a wafer (think something along the lines of a Kit Kat) and crisp cereal (think Rice Krispies) molded together then covered with rich, milk chocolate. This British treat has been around since 1974 and gets its name from what the candy bar looks like then you split it in half… a lion’s mane!

Rowntrees Fruit Gums
When we talk about gummy candy here in the United States we immediately think of gummy bears and gummy worms – soft, chewy candy. While the name of this candy implies “gummy,” they’re actually more like a Ju Ju Fruit. Originally introduced in 1893, the gums were round and were packaged in a tube. Since 2020, they now come in small bags and they lost their round shape. They are now shaped like each of the fruit flavors they represent. So how do they compare to our version of gummy candy? You’ll find these have a bit of a more firm texture but are packed with flavor!

There you have it! Some of our favorite candies from the UK. All of our international candy is imported directly to us and is stocked in our candy warehouse ready to ship to you without delay! Be sure to stay tuned for another trip to a foreign land to explore the sweet delights that await from overseas!

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