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Best Parade Candy 2021 Edition!

With COVID-19 restrictions easing up around the country, this summer is shaping up to be one full of fun, surprises, and plenty of outdoor activities. There’s one activity we’re all looking forward to – neighborhood festivals and bazaars! These events usually kick off with a big parade to get everyone hyped up and in a festive mood.

If you’re planning a parade for your fire company, church, neighborhood association, or other organization, you already know that engaging spectators along the parade route is a must. The sweetest way to do it is to toss candy into the crowd.

Think about how exciting it was for you, as a child, to try to catch a piece of bubble gum or a Tootsie Roll as they were thrown from fire engines. Of course, you always sought out the Mayor as he was the one who handed out giant lollipops!

Candy and parades go hand-in-hand and this year everyone in the neighborhood is even more deserving of a sweet treat, so we’re highlighting some of our favorite parade candy that you can purchase in bulk to toss on your route.

Tootsie Frooties
Here’s a giant 4lb bag of everyone’s favorite chewy candy. Just how many Tootsies are there? How about more than 550! This bag contains an assortment of the most popular flavors which include green apple, strawberry, grape, pink lemonade, passion fruit, blue raspberry, fruit punch and lemon lime.



Sweetarts Twists
It doesn’t get any bigger than this! 30 whopping pounds of Sweetarts are in this mega box that is perfect for tossing at your parade. In fact, one of our customers reviewed this item and said, “We bought these for a parade. They worked great. Good quality. It is amazing how heavy 30lb of Sweetarts are.” Now you can’t go wrong with a review like that!

Jolly Rancher
Nobody can resist the delicious flavors of Jolly Rancher hard candies and they’re perfect for parades. This 5lb bag contains more than 375 pieces in an assortment of flavors that include watermelon, apple, cherry, grape, and blue raspberry.

Double Bubble Bubble Gum
No article about parade candy would be complete without talking about bubble gum. Our favorite for parades is Double Bubble and we have it in a big tub that contains 300 pieces of gum in the original Double Bubble flavor as well as watermelon, apple, and grape.

Now here’s a hint when it comes to selecting parade candy. Chocolate melts! You’re going to want to avoid tossing out miniature candy bars or any type of candy that can melt in the heat. While our huge candy warehouse is climate controlled, once orders leave our warehouse they are transported in non-airconditioned delivery trucks. Chocolate and the summer heat aren’t really the best of friends. So choose your parade candy wisely and feel free to contact us for suggestions and how we can make your parade a huge success!

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