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A Trio of New Concession Stand Snacks to Make Your Sales Soar

With little league season starting up soon, we’re here to help you hit a home run at your concession stand! So far, we’ve written about how ice cream has a great profit margin and the creative ways you can “top off” the sale with our selection of ice cream toppings. We’ve also shared must-have fan-favorite candy, snacks, and of course snack bar supplies.

Today we’re touching three new, unique items that are sure to make your cash register ring! Let’s start off with an amusement park and county fair favorite…

Cotton Candy
No need to invest in equipment, supplies, and training with our ready-to-sell cotton candy! Plus, the unique names, flavors, and bright colors attract attention and become an almost instant sale. We stock nearly two dozen flavors of ready-to-eat cotton candy including churro, root beer, pickle, pizza, and even bacon!

Jositos Wild Fire Chili & Lime Corn Chips
There’s a new player in the game-day snack lineup! New for the season is Jositos corn chips that combine a bit of heat with a hint of lime. Pair them with a cold drink and your fans will be chillin’ in the stands while the game (and their mouth) heats up!


Your fans are going to absolutely love these S’moresles candy treats. The delicious taste of s’mores is now bite-sized! Each of these graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate-coated pieces are packed in a concession stand size box – that’s perfect for sharing.

Keep in mind that when choosing candy to sell at your concession stand, we recommend keeping the weather and temperature in mind. Chocolate and candy that can melt do not hold up well in transit and with most concession stands not being air-conditioned, you don’t want to be throwing away melted candy.

Need help in deciding what to carry at your snack bar this season? We can help! We’ve been in the business for over 80 years and help leagues, fire departments, schools, and other organizations stock their stands with products that sell. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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