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Must Have Disposable Concession Stand Supplies

When it comes to stocking your concession stand this spring and summer, it’s not all about what candy and snacks you need to have on hand for your hungry fans. If you’re selling grab-and-go food items, you also need to stock up on disposables.

Due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever that your snack bar customers are treated to a clean, hygienic environment when picking up their food. So we’re sharing some items that are absolutely essential:

Face Coverings
Face masks are still required in many venues and locales and you should follow guidance for your location for compliance. However, it’s recommended that all workers behind your concession stand counter wear some type of approved facial covering. Disposable face masks are your best bet as they can quickly be replaced when soiled or wet during a hot day working in the sun. We are stocking both youth and adult-size face masks available in 25 and 50 packs.

Hand Sanitizer
We all know the importance of washing our hands and using sanitizer when a sink isn’t available. Concession stand operators should keep hand sanitizer easily available for use by both employees and customers. We’re stocking bottles of hand sanitizer that can be placed at your cash register or order counter that customers can use when ordering and picking up their food. If you have tables or a counter for eating, we recommend placing a few bottles around for your customers to use.

Now let’s talk about some disposable serving items. There’s some nice profit to be made off of hot “ballpark” food and serving it up quickly and in an easy-to-consume way will make your hungry fans satisfied.

Hot Dog Trays
Baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie – the summer trio! Hot dogs are a quick and easy way to feed all your fans. Serve ‘em up in either a foam hot dot container that is designed to be closed up to keep the hot dog warm while it travels from your concession stand to the bleachers or for a more cost-effective solution, a simple paper hot dog tray fits the bill and allows your fans to easily top their dog with their favorites without fumbling.

Hot Dog Trays

Nacho Trays
Who can resist nachos and cheese? Nobody! And with a huge profit margin, nachos are a no-brainer for your concession stand. Make it easy for your fans to carry their nachos back to their seat with this disposable plastic tray that holds the perfect portions of chips and cheese.

Nacho Trays

French Fry Trays
Whether you’re frying or baking them, they go perfect with a hot dog! We’re talking French fries and your fans will be lining up for them. Give them a big helping of the starchy fan favorite and make it easy for them to add ketchup, nacho cheese, or even vinegar to their snack by serving your fries in these disposable paper trays.

French Fry Boats

Need help in deciding what food, snacks, and supplies to stock in your little league or sports concession stand? Feel free to contact us! We’ve been in business for over 80 years and have the knowledge to help you hit a home run with snack bar sales this season!

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