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Fan Favorite Concession Stand Snacks

We recently wrote about some fan-favorite concession stand candy, today we’re talking savory snacks! After all, watching your favorite little league team round the bases can work up an appetite. So when the spectators start lining up for a quick grab-and-go snack, you’ll want to have a selection that will drive up sales. So let’s take a look at some tried and true top sellers.

Van Holten’s Dill Pickles
The perfect healthy snack choice that everyone loves! Van Holten’s dill pickles are individually packaged and perfect for concession stands. Refrigerate them or keep them on ice to provide your customers with a cool, refreshing snack.

Amish Smokehouse Beef Sticks
These meaty snacks are always a crowd pleaser and one that’s pretty hard to resist. They don’t take up much counter space, making them perfect for placing right next to your cash register as an upsell or impulse buy. Available in mild, spicy, pepperoni, and honey beef, these beef sticks from Amish Smokehouse are a delicious snack.


Cracker Jack
Baseball and Cracker Jack go hand-in-hand and no concession stand is complete without stocking this nostalgic treat. Besides the delicious caramel-covered popcorn and peanuts that made this snack famous, each box still contains a prize! With a low price point, your fans will gobble these up.

Planters Peanuts
When your fans are craving a salty snack, break out the Planters! Individually packaged small bags of cashews and almonds hit the spot and go perfect with a cold bottle of water or pop. We recommend cashews and almonds as there are no shells that lead to extra cleanup once the game is over.

Everyone’s favorite 90’s snack is back and your fans can be one of the first to experience it once again! We bet you can remember dunking the vanilla cookies into the creamy vanilla frosting as a kid and now a whole new generation can experience it – right at your team’s next game.

Of course, these are just a few of the many concession stand snacks we have available. If you’re not sure what exactly to stock at your stand, contact us! With over 80 years of experience in the candy and snack industry, we know what can make you money and what fans are looking for.

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