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The Top Selling Easter Candy

Next to Halloween, the holiday most associated with candy is none other than Easter. After all, Peter Cottontail wouldn’t want to fill all those Easter baskets with anything other than sweet treats!

We all have our favorites – from solid chocolate rabbits and jelly beans, to the ever popular marshmallow PEEPS. Every year we are asked the question, “what is the most popular Easter candy?”

Well, here’s our list:

5. Solid Chocolate Rabbits – Believe it or not, the first chocolate rabbit was created in Germany way back in 1890. Since then, chocolate bunnies have been an Easter staple. Whether you’re looking for solid, hollow, milk, dark, or white chocolate, there’s a chocolate rabbit waiting to be placed in your Easter basket!

4. Jelly Beans – These delicious sugary treats are a year-round favorite, but we sell more of them at Easter than any other time of the year. Why? Well, their egg-shape (even though they’re beans) are closely associated with the holiday and make the perfect treat for placing in Easter baskets and inside plastic eggs for Easter egg hunts.

Assorted Jelly Beans in Bulk |

3. Cadbury Cream Egg – 2021 marks an important year for this delicious Easter treat! The Cadbury Creme Egg first appeared in 1971 and now dominates the market with approximately 500 million being made each year. So when you buy some for your Easter basket, be sure to say “Happy 50th Birthday” to this delicious chocolate egg.

2. Zitner’s Butter Krak Egg – For nearly a century Zitner has been making chocolate and they’re best known for their delicious chocolate Easter eggs. While their peanut butter and cocoanut cream eggs are big sellers, the unique Butter Krak Egg outsells them both. This unique chocolate egg has a dark chocolate shell that you need to “Krak” thru to reach the coconut center.

And the number one selling Easter candy:

Marshmallow PEEPS! Yes, these cult-favorites are the best selling Easter candy every year and we expect 2021 to be even bigger for these bright colored marshmallow treats. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PEEPS was unable to produce their Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s PEEPS, but ramped up production for the 2021 Easter season.

Peeps Marshmallow Candy |

Fans from around the world have been waiting patiently for Easter so they could get their PEEPS fix and now is the perfect time to stock up. Easter PEEPS are available in so many different varieties this year, you have to check them all out! From new flavors and products to the classic chick and bunny PEEPS, Easter wouldn’t be the same without this sweet treat.

There you have it, did your favorite Easter candy make the list?

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